Police: Woman, boy had sex at shelter

A 26-year-old woman was arrested on charges that she had sex with a 12-year-old boy while they were both living at a domestic violence shelter.that she had sex with a 12-year-old boy while they were both living at a domestic violence shelter.

Bullock was originally charged with two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, one count of sexual abuse and one count of child molestation, Prieto said.

I truly wish this was a shock to me, but it is not. How sad is it that this boy was raped in DV shelter. Not only does he have to deal with all the baggage of being raped by a woman and that he’s going to have to filter his experience through the fact that the shelter was supposed to be a “safe” place, but he also has to manage with the fact that this shelter impeded the arrest of his abuser for two months because the shelter was protecting her.

The boy had been staying with his mother at the shelter for about a week when his mother left him Oct. 29 in the care of another resident while she went out, said Tucson police Detective Monica Prieto of the child sexual abuse unit.

Bullock was not arrested until Dec. 13 when she was found at a Child Protective Services office, where she was visiting her two children, Prieto said.

Not so surprisingly, the shelter has nothing to say other than:

On Wednesday, the center’s program director, Julie Johnston, would not comment on the incident. She would say only that the center “adheres to federal and state confidentiality laws that protect survivors of domestic violence.”

I must give Ms. Johnston credit. That was a rather well-contrived cop-out. I suppose that the confidentiality of survivors of domestic violence must somehow outweigh the rights of children to be protected from (alledged) sex offenders. I would think that the same laws that apply to teachers, doctors, coaches, and other people who work with and volunteer around children would also apply to DV shelters, but I could be wrong.

This does raise rather disturbing questions. How often do DV shelters protect the identities of female abusers (sexual, physical, or otherwise), and how common is this policy?


6 thoughts on “Police: Woman, boy had sex at shelter

  1. In Australia, there are some places where single mothers cannot get the single mother’s pension without going to regular group counciling meetings at the DV shelter. How insane can you get? Even if they are not victims, they are threatened with having their pension suspended and having to pay it back unless they come up with good enough stories. If they themselves are the instigators they are not allowed to reveal that under threat of penalty.

    Of course at these meetings are pathological liars and mentally unstable women who tell the most ridiculous stories because they are insane, just want attention or want the financial rewards – free hotel accomodation, free child care, free food, free clothing, free money.

    So even the women who go to these meetings knowing they are filled with liars and nutcases cannot help but get influenced on the unconcious level to distrust and fear men.

    The DV industry is a financial windfall for some people and an opportunity to spread pathological hatred of men.

    I wonder how many female victims there really are? For every female I hear on the news is a victim of DV, I personally know a violent female or a liar, or a crazy women.

    In one case, the women claimed her husband was beating her, yet in public and private she continually abused him and hit him and he did NOTHING. Not once did I see him retaliate or even raise his voice, yet she would claim he was violent. Also she claims to talk to ghosts and to have been kidnapped by aliens.

  2. This is a terrible story. Sadly it is predictable though; DV shelters are little more than feminist recruitment centres, places where females can do no wrong and males can do no right.

  3. i’m not sure just how many of the women in dv shelters are actually victims.i would assume most are, but the problem is that it is rarely checked. many women who are in shelters are there from emotional/physchological abuse. while it does happen, it’s virtually impossible to prove. even instances of physical and sexual assault can be hard to prove if the person waits long enough.

    it’s fair to assume that most of the women are telling the truth and allow them it. but i also think it is absolutely idiotic to protect abusive women because of some political agenda.

    i asked a feminist on another blog who works at a dv shelter just what their policy was on abusive women. she said that they were not tolerated and were generally asked to leave. when i asked whether the shelter allowed them to leave before of after they reported the women, she said both, and then tried to backtrack to say that most of the women weren’t “really” abusive, and the authorities were already aware of those that were.

    what else can be said other than dv shelters are probably not as safe as they are claimed to be. and it’s extremely likely that some are harboring and protecting known physical/sexual abusers because of their gender.

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