Weekend News Links

Debra LaFave: The Case against Female Sexual Predators. It’s sad that an article like this even needs to be written. We shouldn’t still be at the stage where we’re questioning whether or not it’s okay to sexually assault a 14 year old boy.

However… It looks like the same does not hold true for 17 year old girls. So if I understand this correctly, 14 year old boys can consent to sex, but not 17 year old girls?

Yet another 8 year old boy is accused of sexual harrassment. Perhaps the school did this just to get noticed because it really does come off as trivial. And since when did passing love notes needs disciplinary action?

Los Angeles County authorities are investigating allegations that a group of juvenile inmates repeatedly sexually assaulted a 12-year-old inmate in a holding room at the Compton courthouse while Probation Department guards were supposed to be watching the boys.

Police still have no real leads on the missing Wisconsin boys. While this case is getting some cable news coverage, would be nice if they showed pictures of the boys when they reported on this case (that means you MSNBC).

Woman says she was controlled for 10 years. At least this woman had the courage to speak about her experiences.

Female teacher accused of assaulting female student. I would have posted this earlier, but it seems the unwillingness to dicuss female-female rape is still in bloom.

And in the shell shocked section: Mom and son charged with planting drugs on mom’s archrival. So this woman hated her neighbor so much that she had her 14 year old son plant drugs on the neighbor’s son. Clearly mom was not bright enough to realize that her son could now be charged with a felony too. Of course, now she’s taking responsibility and is sorry.


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