Oprah: Female Teachers, Young Boys, Secret Sex at School Part 1

Yesterday Oprah aired a show about female sexual predators. I must say I was rather shocked that she did the show given that the victims are little boys. But the shock did not last long. While Oprah’s attempt at bring the issue to the forefront should be applauded, once the show was over I was left feeling that Oprah sympathized more with these child rapists, having presented these women as victims, and not the boys.

On the occasions where I have watched her show, Oprah has never presented the rapist’s story first. It has always been about the victim. But on this show she did. We met convicted child rapist Lisa Zuniga Duran who thought she was “in love” with her teenage student. She raped her 13-year-old student 30 times before she eventually became pregnant and was subsequently arrested. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail, 10 years probation and also required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

A slap on the wrist by anyone’s standards.

Watching the first segment was like watching any other Oprah show. Duran poured out her heart about how she was “…in a place in my life where I was really starved emotionally” and was “…desperate and he did give me attention… I just wanted to be loved and I saw him on my own level.” That sounds like typical pedophile talk, but Duran disagreed stating, “I don’t think I’m a pedophile.”

Of course not.

Duran failed explain just why she is not a pedophile. She stated that she goes to therapy twice a week and has learned that what she did was wrong, but like most female child rapists, Duran fails to ever acknowledge that this attraction is a part of her that will never go away. Instead of taking full responsibility for what she did, she hides behind scripted trite written by a skilled defense attorney. “I can talk about this now because I understand my thinking now at that time,” she says. “There’s no excuse for that. But I also want to say I’m not in that mindset anymore.”

It’s okay to roll your eyes. I did. After reading literature about pedophilia and rape, I have never come across anything that remotely suggested that it is a mindset. Actually, strike that. I have never come across anything not written by a feminist that remotely suggested pedophilia and rape is a mindset.

After two commercials we finally got to hear from the victim. His story was chilling and starkly different from the “we were in love” masturbatory fantasy Duran presented. Andrew spoke about how Duran used his crush on her to slowly build his trust over a period of months before finally moving in on him. It was reminder to people just how predatory women can be when they want to. But the most credit has to be given to Andrew’s parents, particularly his father Paul. He did not mince words and did not attempt to spare Duran’s feelings. He called her what she is: a rapist. Of course, Oprah, ever sympathetic to women, asked Duran if she thought she was a rapist. Obviously she did not, though she did say that was what she was found guilty of. Probably the best line from the show was Paul’s comment about female child rapists. “They want to molest our children, and they don’t want to be accountable for it.”

And he could not be more right. Female child rapists are far less likely than men to accept responsibility for their crimes. They instead hide behind “love” and “relationships” and their own “trauma,” milking the sympathies of people who either do not know any better or simply do not care. And we witnessed that on Oprah’s show. What reason does anyone have to listen to child rapists justify their actions? Oprah would never have a male child rapist on her show justifying what he did and let him slide. So why do it with these women? Why allow Duran to portray herself as the ultimate victim and not once call her on it?

In almost every case where a woman has raped a child, the first thing she cries is “mental illness.” And as a society we accept that as an excuse. We accept it so wholeheartedly that we will even buy Duran’s “emotionally starved” mumbo jumbo. Yes, some of these women do have mental illnesses. So do some of the men who rape children. But that does not stop us from locking them up. We simply cannot accept the “it’s not my fault” line from these rapists just because they are women. Until we start holding these women responsible and handing out tough sentences, more and more women will use the victim-card to excuse their actions and walk right out of the court room to do it again to another boy.

And then they will get on Oprah and cry.


9 thoughts on “Oprah: Female Teachers, Young Boys, Secret Sex at School Part 1

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  2. I know a grandmother who got residence of her grandchildren, by lying about her own daughter abusing the children.

    Grandmother failed all assesments, but social workers placed the children with her, knowing she was mentally ill and a prostitute, on drugs, making porn etc.

    This grandmother abused all the children, allowed her sons to rape them, drug them too.

    Then she sold her grand daughter to her own punters for£30 a time.

    So, in that family, the abuse continued down through each generation, and when the mother tried to break free, the grandmother set her up, got the grandchildren and abused them.

    This was all done with the help of social workers, who documented it all for 6 years and did nothing.

    Pretty obvious then that abuse is rewarded by the system.

  3. You are welcome, but may I suggest giving him the link to malesurvivor.org. It is an online community for boys and men who have been sexually abused. Many licensed therapists also visit the site. It is a good place for him to start at if he is uncomfortable with talking openly about it in person.

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  5. FYI, Oprah is planning another show. While she hasn’t been perfect at all, she’s put the spotlight on this issue like really no one else in mass media hasn’t she?

    The Oprah Winfrey Show is working on a program that will be filmed in October specifically for men who were sexually abused as children. Our aim is to address the issue unlike we’ve ever done before. Oprah is passionate about helping America understand the pain, shame and stigma that goes along with being molested. And she’d also like to help the hundreds of thousands of men in this country heal. We’d like to bring together 300 men who have been molested with the intention of discussing the issues as a group.

    He goes on to say that if there is sufficient participation so that the show may go forward they will fly all participants to Chicago for the taping.

    If you are interested in participating in this program please send an email to our contact person with the Oprah show:


  6. “Yes, some of these women do have mental illnesses. So do some of the men who rape children.”

    You do know that pedophilia is a mental illness right? The bullshit about “It’s a sexual orientation” is plain wrong, they are sick, men and women.

    Psycopaths are also sick, that doesn’t excuse them for what they do or mean we have to try to do something other than locking them in a place they could not hurtt people. It is about the welfare of society in general and pedophiles threaten the future generations, that’s why they must be taken away from said society.

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