Woman “Paid” to Rape Boy

Back in May I posted about a woman who posed as a health worker and raped a boy at knifepoint. Well, the verdict is in. The rapist pleaded guilty to second-degree rape. Her sentence: six months.

Marilyn Rosario, 34, was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years probation… Rosario was initially charged with first-degree rape after the boy claimed Rosario came to his home and posed as a health department worker who was there to talk to him about sexually transmitted diseases, then raped and robbed him.

Worse yet, this rapist had the audacity to claim that the boy paid her to have sex at knifepoint. So the court not only ruled that for violently raping a child with a lethal weapon this rapist would have to serve a tenuous six months (most likely only four months) in jail, but she also has to repay the $9.

Of course, no news network will touch this case despite the utter ridiculousness of the sentence. Six months for raping a child at knifepoint? It is difficult to decide what is more astonishing: the total slap on the wrist or that the judge bought her “intellectually challenged […] motivated by her addiction to cocaine” feminist clap-trap defense.

In many states, the laws allow for weak sentencing of sex offenders, especially child sex offenders. This could be a case of a judge simply playing with the law, which has happened in several states as of late. Perhaps County Court Judge Stephen Lindley thinks that this boy was lucky to be initiated so young. Maybe he feels the boy should understand the consequences of “prostitution.” Who knows.

Now I realize this female rapist has supporters. I know she probably has a real drug problem and was abused or raped as a child or has Post Trauma *insert lame excuse* Syndrome and I should be more sensitive to her problems. She needs “help,” not prison. However, given the woman’s clear intent—the deception, the assault, the robbery—it is impossible to pretend that gender did not play a role in letting this child rapist walk.

And let us be perfectly clear, this rapist did walk. Six months is in jail (not prison) is frankly a cakewalk. She will be released by the end of this year. The ten-years probation means nothing. How many female rapists have violated probation to contact their victims again? And given what this woman has done and her penchant for deception, what exactly is probation going to do to protect that 13-year-old boy? Better yet, what the hell is he going to do with $9? How does that fix the damage done to him?

Ironically, the same people who helped design the laws that allowed this rapist to walk will be the first to jump down that boy’s throat if he ever shows the slightest inkling of distrust towards women. Even the normal response of being wary of people who remind him of his rapist will have him labeled a misogynist. These are the same people who would be pounding their chests had the genders been reversed. These are the same people who continuously state that they wish to “stop the violence.” Yet not only has it not been stopped, it has not even been punished.

Is this really the kind of society we want to live in? One where it is deemed acceptable to rape a child and literally serve less time than people who write bad checks? It is not just that some people should be outraged by this sort of legal idiocy. All people should be outraged.

Unfortunately, no one really cares.



21 thoughts on “Woman “Paid” to Rape Boy

  1. Well, I care.

    And this is an absolute scandal!

    And she and her lawyer had the nerve to say he paid her for it.


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  4. I cannot believe that you link a feminist site on your blog…

    I have had discussions many moons ago with the feminist Wendy and her refusal to remove the offending “feminist” title….

    I am not overjoyed that you do so.

  5. The reason I link there is because despite her use of the word “feminist” Wendy has done and continues to do a lot to further the issues of the men’s movement. Granted, Wendy and I do not get along at all. However, I still think many of the articles posted on her site are good articles that help bring light to numerous issues men face.

  6. I was abused 3 x by different women as a child I do not think its as uncommon as people make it out to be. I think women are just as capable of abusing children as men.

    Society has to trust someone and they know that if you can’t trust women then who can you trust. Also boys have been portrayed as the aggressors in sex and women as the fairer sex.

    End of the day this had led to what you describe. Women who have abused children and gotten away with a 3 year probation order or less not even put on the sex offenders register and can easily get jobs in schools or day care.

  7. Stephen, I am sorry to hear about your abuse. It is something that no one should experience, particularly a child.

  8. If god forbid someone did that to a love one o child of mine, the bitch best hope that the police got to her first and put her away for a very very long way, where she would be most safe from my hands.

    I feel compasion for any rape victim, female or male, but for a child, words cannot express the outrage I have to learn of this. If this story is true, this judge himself should be ass raped for his utter stupidity and worthlessness to administer genuine justice. He or she has made a mockery of this serious case and sends the message that rape a child and make up a preposterous story and get away with it.

  9. What you all don’t know is that the real story behind what happened is quite different from what the boy alleged. You wouldn’t know that because you were not in court for any of the proceedigns, as I was. What really happened here is that the boy, who I beleive was 15 years old, perhaps 16, propositioned the defendant (who was a prostitute) and offered her money for sex. He saw the defendant outside of his house and the two went inside. They negotiated a price ($9) and the sexual encounter took place. A dispute over the pay later arose, and the police were called to the scene. There was no knife and no robbery. And the defendant did not pose as a health care worker. The defendant was obviously wrong to accept the boy’s offer of sex for money, and that’s why she was convicted of a felony with jail time. But the boy was exactly without some degree of responsibility himself.

    If the boy was actually raped at knifepoint and then robbed, the district attorney would never have agreed to the sentence imposed by the judge here. And the judge would never have imposed such a sentence. Remember, this was a plea bargained sentence that was agreed to by the DA, who, in this jurisdiction, is no pushover.

  10. Steve, if you have a link to an article or published account demonstrating what you state then I will amend the post.

  11. Steve,
    Have you ever hired a prostitute? $9 wont get you a decent meal .. even at McDonalds! Where in the world do you get off believing that story?
    Heck if it was a gigolo .. could he “service” a 16 year old girl and then claim that she paid him to do that? lets say.. $9? or maybe $2, or $2000 or $2 million for that matter? And get a six month sentence in any court of law??

  12. I would suspect that Steve simply made the claim as an attempt to dismiss the fact that this woman violently raped a child and then got away with it. Quite a few people have trouble accepting that women can and do behave in this manner. However, the absence of any article demonstrating Steve’s claim is fairly good evidence that Steve simply made it up.

  13. Come on steve…. we all know your lying.

    You say the boy was 16? Well i seem to recall seeing pictures of him and he damn sure doesn’t look 16.

    Another obvious lie here is that no prostitute would give you ANYTHING for 9$, i dont care who you are.

    Congrats to you tho for justifying a child rape. A man would have gotten 10-20 years for this, yet she isn’t going to serve any more than 4 or 5 months!

  14. What Steve is trying to say is that it is perfectly justifiably for a woman to rape a boy. Maybe he’s is the rapist woman’s lawyer…or some pro-feminazi extremist.

  15. Hmm. I’m just passing by because this page and site caught my attention while searching for something different.

    Excellent work TS.

    Regarding the topic I must find my self reminded of the german law and it’s strange criterion of assesment for economic crimes vs. almost anything else.
    Over here it’s pretty much the same with sexual abuse perpetrators.
    Only difference: Men get away with ridiculous sentences as well as women. At least if it’s their first or second sentence.

    If not, they may spend quite a couple years in prison.
    If they are released, and it was their first or second insentencement, no one really cares what they do.

    However, it is interesting to see that there are more and more cases with female perpetrators of sexual abuse.
    Even if there are more males who report this crime, in my opinion, the changes in society and male/female rolemodel have some influence on the number of female offenders.

    As a child of 8 or 9 years, I myself was only interested in girls who were at least teenagers, and later when I was the teen, the interesting girls were at least 20+ years.
    There were some good reasons for me to create this search pattern.
    On the one hand I was pretty precocious and had little to no use of the topics my agemates were concerned with, on the other hand I simply preferred (and still do) tall women.

    In consideration of this, my own experience, conjointly (or is it “by mutual consent”?) sexual activity or relationships between adolescents (in this context appr. 9 yr. to 16 yr., where the latter is the german minimum legal age for any relationship) and older persons should be judged less strictly. I can’t see there any relation to rape as long as all participants really had the power of decision.
    Yes, I’m aware of the fact that many physiological, psychological and cultural aspect must be taken into consideration for this “power of decision” but that’s maybe a little to OT.

    So, what created the unrealistic picture of accused persons and especially women?
    One thing for sure is the rolemodel and therewith the culture. The emotional distance to other people and less strong interpersonal contacts are a logical reason for the high number of unrecorded cases.
    Sadly true emotional distance is nowadays considered a must have.
    To commit such a crime one must be somehow mental ill because there is obviously an unability to act thoughtful in the real world, and/or lack of development of interpersonal skills and competence. The diagnosis of paraphilic disorder is only the end of some process and thus it’s crucial to pay attention to such a process since rapists obviously don’t fall from the sky all of a sudden.

    This 9$ thing is an interesting fact. The prosecuting lawyer should have turned this to “the boy was forced to hand out his money at knifepoint” and thus it’s some sort of larceny with aggravated assault and maybe even approving the victims death. AFAIK this would be violent felony offense (at least in germany) and combined with sexual abuse it wont result in less than 3 years.

    But without keeping this criminal under observation any sentence is rather worthless. Preventive detention might also be a solution in some cases but here in germany they make rarely use of it because of the very high costs that inmates causes. That’s something between 700€ up to 1600€ per day…

    Oh, and finally two german court proceedings that I studied lately wich are almost as ridiculous as the 9$ repay:

    1) Someone was accused and convicted for 9 cases of bank robbery. There were no human victims at all, “only” intimidation with a pickaxe. He has aggregated a total of about 1.8 million €.
    Sentence: 14 yrs. imprisonment and following preventive detention.

    2) Similar as above case. One Person, 9 cases of bank robbery, no deadly violence. The weapons were a pickaxe and a pistol to intimidate the employees. Sentence: max. 15 yrs. with the option of early release.

    The max. sentence for rape is 6 yrs. (for adults as well as adolescents) if there was heavy violence included.
    For rape with murder and murder in general it’s max 15 yrs. or 13 yrs. for adolescents.

  16. Since the comment “awaits moderation” an addendum:

    There’s a current case where the sentence is awaited for next week.

    In 1990 A 55 yr. old Father sexually abused his son.
    He stated that he developed a homosexual orientation after his divorce.
    Because it was his first delinquency in this sphere he got away with only a probation period. Nothing else.
    Some time after this he became HIV positive.

    In Spring 2007 he abused again an 14 yr. old boy (who was mentally at the state of an 6 yr. old) that he came in contact with through his friend, who for his part gave private lessons.
    He abused him two times and transmitted the HI virus to him. The abuse became known due to the infection of the 14 yr. old.

    Now he is accused of sexual abuse (again) in two cases, wrongful detention and grievous bodily harm.
    Sentence: up to 15 years. However, the court discusses preventive detention and it’s very likely that they will agree to this sanction.
    The judge in this case is a female but I think that is not relevant.

    I forgot to mention that for all mentioned cases acces to documents is available at the regional court of Munich.
    For the last lawsuit that is still going on it will be after it’s done. (A few weeks).
    The documents are available in german only. Sry.

  17. That’s fucking sick. Who could possibly let someone get away with that sort of behaviour? Just because she’s a woman? How shitting blind are they? Damn it.

    As for Steve – I really want to believe you. Apart from the absurd suggestion that she would accept $9 for sex what you say makes intuitive sense. (possibly, if she wanted the sex anyway she would take the money anyway for a small contribution to the cocaine, but that’s highly unlikely)
    If there was no knife and no rape at knife point, then the sentence makes far more sense…. but where’s the evidence? Surely someone has some evidence? Are court records public?

    Apart from that, if you’re lying… what the fuck is wrong with you? Someone got raped and you feel entitled to go onto blogs and just make shit up about them… because what? Their gender? You’re a lying shitweasel with no empathy who is actively spreading misinformation that may well hinder people’s understanding that older female on male child rape is often overlooked and underpunished, and for that I hope bad things happen to you. Not rape, even scum like you don’t deserve that. I hope all your hair falls out. Then you get psoriasis all over your body, and eczema on you psoriasis.

    Ender, the policy here is that you are not allowed to personally attack posters — TS

  18. Sorry, didn’t realise you ran this place like FC – should have checked. That post rather riled me though.

    Sometimes the onus of civility is heavy.

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