Duking It Out

For the most part I have avoided discussing the Duke case. The sentiments that surrounds the case, particularly those from the ‘guilty because they are rich, white males’ camp. carries too much animosity and projected anger to have a rational discussion. Rather than jump in head first, I tried to remain as objective as possible, despite the increasing evidence that the accuser lied and used her race and gender to bolster support from politically-motivated activists.

Now with Nifong’s misconduct out in the open and completely irrefutable, there is less need to remain silent. What amazes me is that many still cling to the notion that the players are racist and sexist, though none are willing to admit the same of the accuser, Nifong or the legions of self-interested hate-mongers that leeched this case for all it was worth. They persist in portraying the accuser as a victim, whether of the players or of Nifong himself. Unsurprisingly, none of those supporters, be they feminists or civil rights activists, have called for the accuser to be arrested and charged with making a false report.

In the grandest irony (if such a travesty of justice can be called ‘grand’), the reason why this case progressed as it did is because Nifong did what feminists and CRAs wanted.

Not only did Nifong hide exculpatory evidence from the defense, fail to interview the accuser and coddle hate-mongering activists, he trashed the players in the media, labeling them “racists” and “rapists.” CRAs routinely protest such abuses of the courts and prosecutors. Had any or all these players been black, one would hardly expect the response to be dead silence. Yet, in spite of all the evidence of Nifong deliberating trying to undermine the players’ rights, not one single CRA has come to their support. None of them call for the accuser to be arrested, for her to be imprisoned, nor has anyone offered the two players still in school a scholarship for the hardships they have faced.

This case also demonstrates the inherent flaws of believing rape accusations at face value and failing to conduct any investigation or give any credence to the accused’s claims of innocence. It shows the affects of the inane feminist positions that ‘women do not lie’ and ‘men are guilty.’ And one should take note that the only saving grace for the players was the DNA evidence. Had this woman made this claim and there had been no evidence, these young men would still face rape charges and be wholly unable to defend themselves, particularly given that rape shield laws bar defendants from questioning the accuser’s credibility, effectively forcing them to prove they did not do it.

On this much I agree with the accusser’s supporters. This case does demonstrate the sexism, racism and class-ism that exists in our society. It demonstrates that if you are the right race, the right gender and lack a high social status, you can make any number of wild accusations and people will support you. They will come to your aid, offer you money and threaten and attack those you accuse. And when it is discovered that you have misled them, they will ignore it and still treat you like a victim–a victim of those you misled. And those who remain skeptical or worse yet objective will be labeled racist, sexist and rape apologists.

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