Bulletin Board v.10

An Important Win–Bill to Deprive Noncustodial Parents of Access to Their Kids’ School Records Pulled off Floor of CA. Assembly — Policy consultant Michael Robinson of the California Alliance for Families and Children reports that AB 164, a bill which would have denied thousands of California noncustodial parents the right to receive their children’s school records, has been pulled off the floor of the California Assembly.

Another Win–Anti-Male Texas DV Bill Dies — According to Andrea Haughton, Legislative Aide to Representative Gary Elkins, “HB 3958 died.” The deadline for house bills to be considered in second reading on the floor passed without the bill being considered.

Assault on the spirit of our constitution — However, the Constitutional Court says that if a penis anally penetrates your nine-year-old son “without his consent”, it is not rape — you can only have the perpetrator convicted of the lesser crime of indecent assault. In the decision of Masiya v Director of Public Prosecutions and Others, the Constitutional Court held last week that “it is evident from the history of the law of rape that the object of the criminalisation of rape was to perpetuate stereotypes, male dominance and power”.

DNA tests, new law could help some men escape child support payments — He is hoping Florida’s new “paternity fraud” law, enacted last June, will help his case. It relieves men of support payments if they can prove they are not a child’s biological father. The law, however, applies to future support and does not allow men to recoup money already paid. It also requires that a man be substantially up-to-date on payments.

Falsely accused paedophiles were actually victims of credit card fraud — More than 7,000 – including rock star Pete Townshend – were said to have downloaded child-porn images from a U.S. website. But an investigation has found that many of those charged as part of the police inquiry codenamed Operation Ore were innocent and their card details had been used illegally.

Experts say violence against men does happen — Men as abuse victims might run against the typical stereotype of domestic violence. However, the recent shooting death of a Casper man, whose girlfriend has been charged with his murder, brought the issue to light. Crime statistics show that about 4,100 Wyoming men were victims of domestic violence during the past five years.

Gender violence not against women alone — Some women think they are innocent and do not in anyway harass or commit any violence against fellow women or men, which is in itself misguided. Violence is not a “female folk” affair and can never be said to target only women or girls unless society is pretending about the magnitude of the problem in Kenya.

Ruling ’keeps male rape invisible’ — Male-on-male rape would be kept invisible by yesterday’s Constitutional Court ruling, according to a rights group… The court refused to find that non-consensual anal penetration of a man was rape. Non-consensual, penile penetration of a woman, whether anal or vaginal, however constituted rape, the court ruled. (NOTE: The article contains a rare instance of feminists considering males potential victims of rape)

Shocking case of child abuse uncovered by accident — The shocking story of little Ondra is reminiscent of the fate of the abducted Austrian girl Natasha Kampusch. He was kept locked up in a tiny windowless space, lying naked with bound hands and feet, regularly deprived of food and water and was made to eat his own vomit. Except he was not being tortured by a stranger, but by his own mother, who had two other children in her care and was moreover studying child psychology in view of working with disabled children.

Study: Vitamins Tied to Prostate Cancer — There’s more worrisome news about vitamins: Taking too many may increase men’s risk of dying from prostate cancer. The study, being published Wednesday, doesn’t settle the issue. But it is the biggest yet to suggest high-dose multivitamins may harm the prostate, and the latest chapter in the confusing quest to tell whether taking various vitamins really helps a variety of conditions _ or is a waste of money, or worse.

Teen reveals shocking tale of minister’s sex abuse: Church allegedly knew of charges for two years — A Boston minister is under investigation by the Suffolk district attorney for allegedly molesting a teenager who belonged to his congregation – an accusation known by certain church officials and fellow clergy that nevertheless went unreported to prosecutors for nearly two years until the boy threatened to kill himself.

US Woman allegedly mutilates infant son’s genitals and blames it on dog — A Texas woman who claimed the family dog tore off her baby son’s genitals was arrested and accused of mutilating the boy herself with a sharp instrument. Katherine Nadal, 25, was led away on Friday in handcuffs while awaiting a court hearing on custody of the 3-month-old boy, Holden Gothia. She was charged with injury to a child and held on $100,000 (euro74,150) bail.

Woman ‘cried rape to justify lover’s attack on ex-boyfriend’ — A woman falsely accused an ex-boyfriend of rape after her current partner beat him up, a court heard yesterday. Sharon Owers told police that keen yachtsman Chris Sullivan had raped her on her birthday on a pontoon at Swanwick Marina, near Southampton. However, she made the allegation only when she and boyfriend Craig Abernethy were being interviewed over a frenzied attack on Mr Sullivan.

Woman Gets Life For 1995 Child Abuse Death — A woman was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for killing her 7-year-old adopted son in a notorious 1995 child abuse case that forced sweeping changes in the state’s child protection system. Heather Ciambrone, 38, was sentenced immediately after a jury found her guilty of first-degree murder, the second time she has been sentenced in the case. In January, a judge allowed her to withdraw a 2001 no-contest plea that resulted in a 55-year prison sentence.

Woman Gets Prison for Caging Grandson — A 62-year-old woman was sentenced to three years in prison for locking her grandson inside a dog kennel every night for three years while she went to work as a jail counselor. Under a plea bargain, June Candelario was also sentenced Friday to one year of probation. Candelario, a former state trooper, put the boy in a 4 foot by 3 foot kennel each day at 4 p.m. and let him out hours later when she returned from work, authorities said.

Woman who sold child sex jailed — A female pimp who lured girls as young as 12 into prostitution by getting them hooked on drugs has been jailed. Fiona Walsh, 33, groomed them with clothes and other gifts before introducing them to crack cocaine. Once they were addicted, she began offering them to customers at her home or in the streets, a court was told.

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