Bulletin Board v.11

Much in the same vein as “This Week in the News,” the Bulletin Board will list news stories and also blog and forum posts. It should be noted at I do not necessarily endorse or support the items linked. I simply find them to be interesting and/or relevant to the issues discussed on this blog. As the weeks go by, each new “volume” will be added to a page link, that way the way easily available without having to do a search or hunt through all my posts (not that I am suggesting not to hunt through the posts).

Amended law to define male rape — MPs yesterday passed amending legislation to broaden the definition of rape. The Sexual Offences Amendment Bill, which has been in the making for more than a decade, defines forced anal or oral sex as rape, irrespective of the gender of either the victim or the perpetrator. The new legislation also recognises male rape, which was hitherto classified as indecent assault.

As Usual, Feminist Blogger Amanda Marcotte and Her Followers Are a Lot Smarter Than Me… — Feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte criticized [Glenn Sacks’] criticism of this Cadillac ad in a blog post today.

Boy’s family raising money for awareness of child abuse — Last week, the Union City Council voted to allow Kyle’s family to place the playground equipment in the Union Community Park, 3280 Phillipsburg-Union Road, according to City Manager John Applegate. Kyle’s great-grandmother, Betty Terry, 74, a Union councilwoman, abstained, Applegate said.

Gay couple barred from adoption site settle lawsuit — Michael and Rich Butler, domestic partners since 2000, filed a federal civil rights suit against Adoption.com of Arizona in 2004 after the company told the men it posted profiles only of married, opposite-sex couples. The adoption company had argued that it was governed by Arizona law, which does not prohibit discrimination against people on the basis of marital status or sexual orientation. It said requiring it to post profiles of same-sex couples would violate its freedom of speech.

Girl jailed for false rape accusation — A teenage girl, whose false accusation of rape led an Asian taxi driver to lose his job and sell his home, has been sentenced to four months imprisonment by a British court. The 17-year-old claimed ex-police personnel Aftab Ahmed, who hails from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, attacked her in January last when she was driven home drunk after a night out. She kept up the story for 14 months, during which Aftab lost his livelihood, had to sell his home and was shunned by friends.

Men’s Health Forum awarded for its hard work — The Forum has been awarded a £20,000 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Impact Award jointly judged by GSK and The King’s Fund health charity. The award was made in recognition of the organisation’s work to give all men and boys an equal opportunity to attain the highest possible level of health and well-being.

Men-only gyms promise quick, distraction-free workouts — Men-only fitness gyms – hoping to capitalize on the success of Curves, which caters exclusively to women – have been popping up across the country with mixed success. But they’ve gained little traction locally. Cuts Fitness for Men closed its Half Moon Bay location a month ago. Blitz, another national chain of all-male gyms, shut down its Campbell location last year.

Paedophile kidnappers get 44 years — Two paedophiles who plotted to kill a teenage boy they kidnapped and used as a sex slave have been sentenced to a combined 44 years in jail. Robbie Sebastian Wheeler, 43, and his boyfriend Victor Leslie Urquhart, 46, were last month convicted in the District Court of conspiring to kill the boy… The men had previously pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sexually abusing the boy between August 30 and September 19, 2005 but denied they intended to kill the boy.

Woman, 3 Girls Arrested in Mall Beating — Marilyn Camacho, 40, of Framingham and the girls, ages 16, 13 and 12, were arrested after the fight Monday that left the victim unconscious and requiring hospitalization, Lt. Brian Grassey said. He said the four attackers slammed the girl into a glass store window, knocked her to the ground and then stomped on her legs, back and face.

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