Music That Inspires v.2

Often it just takes one song to encompass the entire theme of a story. Music oddly has this power, the ability to summarize in a way words typically cannot. I think that is why I find Akeboshi’s song Wind so powerful. I first heard it as the ending theme song to the anime show Naruto. The themes of the show resonate with my own experiences, though there may be a bit of projection on my part. Virtually all the characters have experiences some form of pain, some physically, others emotionally and many of them both.

Throughout the series we see how each child ninja (the characters are for the most part thirteen-years-old) deals with his pain in very different ways. If I had to choose a character who personified me I would likely choose Haku (minus the androgyny).

While Akeboshi did not write Wind specifically for Naruto, it works with the series on so many levels. Somehow Akeboshi managed to capture all the emotion of the theme of striving above personal pain, or getting caught in it, in just one song. Even with the song being sung in somewhat broken English, it still resonates.