Bulletin Board v.13

Much in the same vein as “This Week in the News,” the Bulletin Board will list news stories and also blog and forum posts. It should be noted at I do not necessarily endorse or support the items linked. I simply find them to be interesting and/or relevant to the issues discussed on this blog. As the weeks go by, each new “volume” will be added to a page link, that way the way easily available without having to do a search or hunt through all my posts (not that I am suggesting not to hunt through the posts).

This week is am opinion special, featuring only blog posts or opinion news articles.

Corporal Punishment In Schools, Bring It Back Or Not? — There is some debate at the moment about whether or not corporal punishment should be reintroduced into Australian schools in an effort to combat bullying. A poll was taken (not that i believe such things are ever accurate) and 78% of people who took part in the poll seem to be for the reintroduction of teachers with the power to cane. I used to be quite firmly in favour of coporal punishment being reintroduced to the school system. Now, after working with kids I’m not so sure.

Court: Priest accused of sexual abuse not entitled to jury trial — A Roman Catholic priest facing misdemeanor sex charges suffered a legal setback Thursday when the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled he is not entitled by law to a jury trial, even though he could be ordered to register as a sex offender if convicted.

Delaware should be held to the same standard on child abuse — As it stands today, agencies of the state of Delaware and public schools “enjoy” a defense called sovereign and limited immunity that no other institutions in Delaware can utilize. Essentially, a victim cannot sue the state of Delaware for its failure to properly protect them from abuse. Public schools have defenses available to them that other institutions do not have, making it more difficult for a victim to prevail.

Homeless Veterans – Recent Study — The most recent estimate of the number of homeless veterans comes from the FY2005 report of the Community Homelessness Assessment, Local Education and Networking Groups (CHALENG) for Veterans.

If You See a Father Holding His Child’s Hand, Call the Cops! — If dad goes for a walk with his daughter and holds her hand, apparently Virginia Department of Health officials wants you to pick up the phone and destroy his life by reporting him as a possible sexual abuser. I would’ve thought this article about this campaign was from the Onion or some satirical publication, but it’s for real.

Male Genital Mutilation Update — Longtime readers will know that I have long opposed the genital mutilation, aka circumcision, of male infants. New studies showing that it can be very effective against the transmission of HIV may well tip the balance of the argument. Nonetheless, it behooves us to be honest about what is being done and has been done to millions of men without their consent. They are having their capacity for sexual pleasure drastically reduced. A new study shows exactly how serious the mutilation can get.

Mike Nifong: Duke DA, Disgusting, Disgraced, and Disbarred — On Saturday, June 16 Mike Nifong, the District Attorney who wrongfully prosecuted the case against the Duke lacrosse players on a phony rape charge was disbarred for engaging in deceitful and dishonest conduct in his pursuit of the innocent Duke students. When are Nifong’s un-indicted co-conspirators going to get their punishment?

Neutering Males — A friend of the family expressed dismay that her young sons were hitting each other while/after watching Power Rangers. Her solution was to prevent them from watching it anymore. That is her right and I have no quibble with her decisions. However, a larger point can be made. Boys have been acting aggressively toward each other since time began. It is natural behavior. Men, in general, are more physical than women. They have fought, wrestled and solved their problems in this manner for centuries. Now, that is being forcibly changed, and not for the good.

Quills — It seems reasonable to state that Jake Squid’s modification was no more and no less than a personal attack, likely taking advantage of the fact that the bloggers and commenters at FC have been open about their experiences, perspectives and emotions. (This lends strength to the notion that the use of “cummunity,” as in a group focused on men getting laid, was intentional as well.)

Sarge Speaks: The Duke 88 — Every now and then I get an email from a reader that puts a topic into words as good, if not better than I. This is one of those occasions. Sarge57 sent me an account of a message sent to the “Concerned Duke Faculty”, now affectionately known as the “Gang of 88”. His letter was impassioned, but never rude or obscene. The response he received was telling….

Torture and Death in Portage — An absolutely horrific discovery was made yesterday in Portage, Wisconsin. The child abduction case of Courtney Clark led investigators from Florida to a home in the small central Wisconsin town.

The Domestic Violence Fraud –A 1998 study by the US Justice Department and the Center for Disease Control found that 31 of every 1000 men are physically assaulted by their female companions each year and 44 of every 1000 women are assaulted. But, as everyone knows, men are much less likely to report assaults by women and data is often collected from hospitals or from neighbors calling police.

When You Have Feminist Guilt, You Don’t Need Catholic Guilt — In a discussion over at Alas, a Blog about the effect of feminism on men’s ability to find sex and relationships with women, I argued that for some men (particularly shy, socially unskilled, and sexually inexperienced men), feminism can impair this ability and result in sexual repression. This argument is unsurprisingly met with skepticism on Alas. In the discussion, Richard Jeffrey Newman asked me some good questions.

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