Music That Inspires v.5

I have yet again been harassed by friends who view this blog concerning the posting of music I like. They assumed I would have posted about Phil Collins by now considering how much of a fan I am of his music. Believe me, it was not an oversight on my part, just a desire to save Phil for later. However, to assuage their concerns, I shall post about him now.

Few musicians take me back in time the way Phil Collins can. This is not to say his music is dated, only that when I listen to it I immediately feel as though I am back in the 1980s. I can recall the weird vented sunglasses and the large shoulder pads on sports jackets. The first time song I heard of Phil Collins (that I can recall) was In the Air Tonight, ironically at night and in a car. I recall thinking his voice sounded cool because it had a weird vibration to it. I later learned this was a recording technique, but I liked it nonetheless. Something about that song struck me. Perhaps it was the lyrics or just the way he sings because that feeling has carried over to just about every song he has done.

I suppose the song resonated so much with me because of what I was going through at the time. It continues to do so, even over other songs Phil Collins has done that may be more applicable to my situation. In a way the song is a means for addressing the anger and frustration and revenge that I never actually feel. It would be a hell of thing to say or write to a person. The lyrics are so accustory and yet such an inward reflection. I suppose the song begs the question of what would one do if one could confront a person who harmed you. Personally, I do not know and perhaps that is why this song, more than any other, seems to hit home.

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