Bulletin Board v.18

Much in the same vein as “This Week in the News,” the Bulletin Board will list news stories and also blog and forum posts. It should be noted at I do not necessarily endorse or support the items linked. I simply find them to be interesting and/or relevant to the issues discussed on this blog. As the weeks go by, each new “volume” will be added to a page link, that way the way easily available without having to do a search or hunt through all my posts (not that I am suggesting not to hunt through the posts).

Child Abuse Rises During Deployment, Study Reveals — Child neglect and physical abuse both doubled. The study also revealed some racial and gender differences — white parents had higher rates of child abuse during deployment, but black and Hispanic parents did not. Similarly, it was wives left behind by male soldiers — not husbands of female soldiers — who were more likely to abuse their children.

Daddy database — You just wish there was video. Because you can’t fathom how someone could utter this line with a straight face: “If you have sex, you should register” with the state Department of Social Services. But a department manager did utter that line. The script was written by the General Assembly when, in 2006, it veered off into bizarro land by passing a law asking unmarried men to fill out forms notifying the state when they have sex — multiple forms if they have multiple sexual “events.”

Gregoire to DSHS: Determine when to tell police of allegations — The state agency that investigates child abuse has 30 days to come up with a clear policy on when its caseworkers should bring law enforcement officers into a case, Gov. Chris Gregoire announced Wednesday in reaction to the handling of an abuse case in Pierce County. The governor told reporters the state Department of Social and Health Services has reduced the incidence of child abuse since the agency adopted a rapid response to reports of abuse.

Mother Accused Of Covering Up Sex Abuse Of Son — Mother, Deavan Ritchie, was arrested and is now indicted for tampering with evidence. She allegedly cleaned up evidence of abuse. She was also indicted for child endangering. Breyer anticipates more charges…contributing to that, could be bloody evidence found hidden in a dumpster and in the apartment. And contributing to the charges will be what the little boy is now brave enough to say about the person who hurt him.

Photos sent in emails of dead boy slammed — The series of images show a battered Ngatikaura Ngati, who died in January 2006 after sustained beatings from his mother, Maine Ngati, 32, and her partner, Teusila Fa’asisila, 27. An Auckland High Court jury was told the youngster was beaten with weapons including a baseball bat and an oar. Ngati would punch her son in the face, hit him with a stick and whack him in the head when she thought he was naughty. The violence was so extreme that Ngatikaura’s blood was found on the ceilings of rooms of Ngati’s home.

Portland Archdiocese Faces More Sex Abuse Claims — Since the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland emerged from bankruptcy protection with a $75 million settlement to sex abuse claims, six more complaints were filed in federal court this week. The lawsuits were filed by Portland attorney Kelly Clark, who also represented many of the alleged abuse victims covered by the earlier settlement, which set aside about $20 million for future claims. The new complaints seek a total of $16.6 million in damages, according to The Associated Press.

Proposed Legislation In Ohio Would Require Women To Get A Man’s Permission To Have An Abortion — New proposed legislation in Ohio would make it illegal for a woman to get an abortion without a man’s permission, according to the Record-Courier. Not knowing who the father of the fetus is couldn’t be used as an excuse under the new law. Women would have to provide a list of potential fathers who would then be required to submit themselves to paternity testing until a father is found. It would also make it illegal for a man who isn’t the father to provide the permission.

Representative Mark Olson and ‘Battered Husband Syndrome’ — Jan Brown of the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women has some interesting thoughts below about Representative Mark Olson (pictured) and his recent domestic violence trial.

SC snubs Centre for domestic abuse Act — Barely a year after the Domestic Violence Act came into force, the Centre is on the backfoot. It has set up a panel to review the Act to prevent its misuse by disgruntled wives. The legislation was enacted in October 2006. Also under scrutiny are the Dowry Prohibition Act and the Sexual Harassment Bill.

Woman, 22, charged with statutory rape involving male baby sitter, 15 — A 22-year-old Kansas woman has been charged with statutory rape for allegedly having sex with her 15-year-old male baby sitter. Jasper County Associate Judge Richard Copeland ordered Ashley N. Thompson, of Columbus, Kan., bound over for trial on a charge of second-degree statutory rape Thursday after a preliminary hearing in Joplin. The judge scheduled Thompson for a first appearance later this month.

Woman gets probation in abuse case — A judge sentenced a dance teacher to 30 months of probation Tuesday for having sex with one of her young students. Monica Tai, 24, of 117 Akin Ave., Joliet, pleaded guilty on April 10 to a felony count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse while in Will County.

Woman jailed in teen’s disappearance — Snyder, 34, of Pyatt Street, Jimmy’s guardian, was charged Tuesday with four felony offenses, including permitting child abuse, child endangerment, tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse.

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