Son Suing Mother and Lesbian Partner for Horrifying Abuse

I recently came across this story:

19 year-old Darrell Shaffer is suing his mother Mary Rowles, her lesbian partner Alice Jenkins, the Summit County Children’s Services Board, the agency’s former director, and agency social workers for the horrifying abuse and neglect he and his brothers suffered for years.

Jenkins and Rowles pleaded guilty and were convicted in 2003 of 55 counts of abuse and neglect that included savage beatings, starvation, being locked in a closet and forced to eat animal feces. When they were apprehended by police, the boys were found to be severely malnourished; one boy was 8 years old and weighed only 28 pounds.

I had read about this case before. What stood out about it was the nature of the abuse:

In January 2004, the women were each sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and are being held at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville. Shaffer is the eldest of five boys who, at the time of the two women’s arrest, were aged six, eight, ten, thirteen and fourteen. Their sister, 12 years old at the time, was not harmed, police said.

Only the boys were targets for the abuse. While I realize there is a great deal of misinformation about homosexuality and child abuse, one thing does appear to be more common when the abusers are lesbians: their victims tend to be male.

It is not unheard of for an abuser to pick one child or a set of children. In many cases of abuse in large families, certain types of violence may be committed against one child while the favored children go unharmed. However, in this case the nature of the abuse…

Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh said the boys told police that Jenkins beat them with a hammer, kicked one in the groin with steel-toed boots and forced them to eat dog and cat feces as punishment for sneaking out of their urine-soaked closet and stealing food.

…is so violent and so depraved that it could not have occurred as a result of happenstance. The boys were assaulted because they are boys. And in many cases of lesbian violence against children that specific tread of hatred against anything male continuously pops up.

It is anyone’s guess as to why lesbians tend to abuse male children more than female children. One could speculate as infinitum and likely never reach a sufficient answer. However, it is necessary to address things of this nature in the same it necessary to address the police profiling of certain racial groups. The potential for harm is great enough to at least ask why this is occurs in such a deliberately sexist manner.

The article goes on to state that “before their convictions, Rowles and Jenkins told press they were proud to be gay.” If their sexuality had anything to do with torture they subjected those boys to, pride is the last response they should have. Because of lesbians like them, those who are not violent will suffer for it.

7 thoughts on “Son Suing Mother and Lesbian Partner for Horrifying Abuse

  1. TS said: “The boys were assaulted because they are boys. And in many cases of lesbian violence against children that specific tread of hatred against anything male continuously pops up.”

    There’s wisdom in this. There exists within the lesbian population a sub-group which hates all males, for all reasons and at all times. These women cannot be allowed near boys and yet they are. Now, most lesbians will be decent enough people, but most lesbians make one HUGE mistake: That mistake is not calling out the minority who hate all males.

    Lesbian parenting apologists, such as Peggy Drexler, will state that hatred of males cannot be a part of the lesbian psyche. She is showing her hatred of all males in her many comments, as well as in her book.

    Thus we have a system wherein we can have dangerous people protected and innocents severely hurt so that one of the human sub-groups (lesbians) do not have to feel bad about the minority of them who are evil. This is a great wrong!

  2. This was tuff to read. Real tuff. I had never heard this story before.
    I can’t imagine any child being brutalized in such a way, especially by a parent. It occurs much too often and I wonder if it is a product of the general devaluing of life that seems to be so pervasive in America. It seems people are more outraged at the abuse of animals (which Im against) than people, let alone children.

  3. There are other perps involved in this, guilty of neglect. These boys are both of school age and their abuse had to be pretty obvious. In most states teachers have an affirmative duty to report SUSPECTED abuse. Their failure constitutes complicity. They must have had their reasons. Wonder what those might have been. Wonder if these are the same sort of teacher that considers boys to be a sort of defective girl.

    Proud to be gay – sure, of course. I resent the homophobic slander they are slinging, linking their crimes to being gay. And I resent the sexist failure of lesbian and gay groups to denounce them.

  4. As the father of some of the children noted, when the crimes were reported the authorities wrote them off as “liars.” That is not uncommon in cases of child abuse, especially severe cases like this one. Typically, the reasoning is the decision to remove the children bounces from one person to another, further removing the decider away from the facts of the case. I also think gender plays a major role in this, as there is still an unwillingness even among social workers and law enforcement to protect children from violent women.

  5. TS: You’ve got a partial point in speaking of gender. Yes, there is reluctance to remove kids from violent women, there is also a ‘boys aren’t quite important’ gender factor at play here.

    There are many of these cases of severe abuse, most of them against boys. All child abuse studies list risk of severe abuse as higher in boys. Yet, all Children’s Aids are slower to look at boys’ injuries.

    There is also a political correctness factor at play since these are lesbians and social workers do not want to appear prejudiced.

    The thing is complex and multi-leveled.

  6. I am the daughter of Mary rowles …i am the sister of those boys I can’t believe how I’m reading this just because I was nit harmed physically does not mean emotionally I wasn’t hurt I had to sit there and watch my brothers be hurt I had to sneak them food I told the courts and police what was happening all they did was say ny father was lying and threatened to jail him its ridiculous how people dont listen I will bow say all my brothers and me are reunited again and will make sure that the courts listen next time a child is in need

  7. These two women’s families want to talk about its not fair to them or their families because they have changed since being in prison. I don’t think they should EVER be released. These two sick, demented, and vial women have left a lifelong impact on these children’s lives. They gave these poor innocent people but children at the time a life sentence and for them to be released in 10 more years is what’s not fair. I can’t imagine ever having to deal with this but I am here to tell everyone that child abusers should be sentenced harder than murderers, rapists.

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