They Do It Too

There is a segment of the online feminist community that has dedicated itself to the rather odd position of “proving” that men make false accusations of rape. The proving is in quotes because no one who advocates for greater awareness about false accusations has ever stated or suggested that males cannot or do not make them. To be honest, it is not mentioned at all. The reason is not a matter of sexism, but rather that males are less inclined to come forward when they are victims of rape because of the reactions they receive. Given that they are less likely to be believed when it is true, it stands to reason that few males would lie about it. There is no point in lying about an act when one will not receive much sympathy. The fairest conclusion that can be reached is that while it certainly is possible for males to lie about rape and it does happen, it is phenomenally rare.

Of course, the rarity of the incident is irrelevant. It is how it can be used to attack males that attracts the above mentioned feminists. Case in point:

In the UK a married businessman accused a woman of drugging and then raping him when the sex was fully consensual. One of the logistical issues raised in the story about this case is that the man is about a foot taller than the woman and much heavier than her.


I wonder if the police mistakenly assumed that because the person making the allegation was a man that there was zero possibility he was lying and zero possibility that his actions came from willing consumption of alcohol or drugs.

It is important to note that the woman accused in this case does not defend herself on the virtue that this man lied or could not be believed. She does not suggest he lied because he is manipulative or conniving, despite the fact that he essentially used her to circumvent whatever marital issues he was having with his wife and tried to cover up his affair with a lie about rape. Instead, Tanya Hutchison says that her life has been ruined “all because of a claim that was totally ridiculous and should never have been taken seriously.” And by that she means “How could a small woman date-rape a powerfully built, 6ft tall man?”In short, she could not have committed because she is female.

Not because it outside of her character, it is not how she was raised, it not how she thinks. Only because she is a woman and therefore could never be a threat to males.

Of course, the blogger ignores that aspect of the Hutchison’s defense. She also completely ignores, having complained about it many times on her site, that just because the victim recanted does not mean no assault took place. This is not to say I believe one did, only that by the blogger’s own stance, the recantation technically proves nothing.

However, that failure may be due to the blogger’s misandry:

I wonder if the police mistakenly assumed that because the person making the allegation was a man that there was zero possibility he was lying and zero possibility that his actions came from willing consumption of alcohol or drugs.

It’s interesting that the police arrested her immediately rather than running toxicology tests on the man and investigating his claims before arresting the woman. I would be surprised if they would have rushed the case this way if a woman correctly reported a drug-facilitated rape. Likely, because of stereotypes they would assume the woman was lying or had blacked out after binge drinking.

For a person claims to be a victim’s advocate it is appalling that she fails realize that male victims carry no such assumption of truth with police, particularly when it comes to female abusers or rapists. In the UK the way male victims of rape are treated by police and the same goes with male victims of domestic violence is a growing problem. The notion that the police, out of some bizarre sense of comradery, would just take men–but not women–at their word is beyond preposterous.

The blogger also seems completely ignorant of how arrests are conducted. A person can be arrested for a crime without clear evidence. Police often arrest men accused of rape without any evidence except the claim of the female accuser. In fact, that is the routine. What the police cannot do, at least in the US, is continue to hold a person without presenting clear evidence or a credible reason to keep the person imprisoned. So the blogger could accuse me of rape, have me arrested and I would remain in jail until I posted bail (assuming I could) with nothing more than her accusation as evidence. She could do this now, and despite that we live in different parts of the country, there is a good chance I would be arrested.

She goes on to state:

Those who rant on about women who “cry rape” to hide an affair such as those I blogged about in my post, Presumption of innocence only needed in rape cases?, may have a hard time integrating this case into their thinking. Likely they will dismiss it as a fluke while absolutely refusing to do the same when it is a woman who makes a false rape report.

The case is not a fluke, it is what it is. Again, for a victim’s advocate who only discusses female victims of sexual violence, it seems rather strange that she would discuss this case as if there were a rash of men and boys falsely accusing women of rape and getting them convicted. Of the dozens of cases of false accusations that have been reported in the news this past year, the overwhelming majority of them have been accusations made by females against males. While it is not a competition, it is important to present to issue honestly, not through some slanted “look, men lie about it too, so there!” point of view.

And with all due respect to Hutchison, her experiene does not mirror most men’s experiences at all. No one knew who she was or that she was accused of rape. Her face was not plastered in the papers. She was called a rapist in public. She did not lose her job, get kicked out of school or even remain in jail for a couple of days. She was out on bail in four hours and a couple of days later the police informed her the charges were dropped. Her experience was certainly traumatizing and a display of what can happen when police accept accusations at face value, but it is not in any way, shape or form the worst that could have happened.

The blogger ends with some comments about women being charged with making false reports and being sent to jail. Since women were punished, she believes this man should be too, though not because he made a false accusation:

If he is not charged, that again makes it look like the police have a stark double standard based on gender which supports men who rape and supports men who pretend to be rape victims.

Taken at face value, it appears that the blogger is suggesting that the women charged and convicted of making false reports were actual rape victims who were wrongfully convicted. Interesting… So the women are innocent of lying, but the man could not really have been raped and decided (or was convinced by the police) to recant.

This goes back to the misandry-driven view of “look, men lie about it too, so there!” This is more about getting back at men’s right advocates and supporters who have discussed an issue that a lot of people would rather not hear about. No one can say for certain how frequent false accusations are. However, we know they occur. We know that they either get caught quickly or get dragged out. We know that a lot of men get convicted and with the exception of cases where there is DNA evidence proving their innocence, they serve their sentences. It is a real problem further conflated by the overreaction of the legal system and so-called advocates like the blogger.

When it comes to double standards, one cannot point the finger at someelse before pointing it at one’s self. The blogger demonstrates a very clear double standard in her commentary in which women never really lie about rape, but men do. All the women accused were actually raped, but none of the men or boys were. This kind of anti-male attitude, particularly one driven primarily by spite, shows the amount of contempt quite a few feminists harbor towards male victims of rapes. And that is one of the reasons why this case, while horrible, is rare.

6 thoughts on “They Do It Too

  1. Both Hutchinson and abyss2hope appeal to pity, reinforcing the false notion of women as the ‘weaker sex’ in order to propagate a religion that preaches gender equality.
    Obviously, they are both convinced that women are morally superior to men.

  2. “it seems rather strange that she would discuss this case as if there were a rash of men and boys falsely accusing women of rape and getting them convicted….”

    It seems rather predictable to me, in light of two recent high profile false rape accusations in the US, Kobe Bryant and the Duke 3, that there would be those who would try a tu quoque counter-attack. The rape panic movment cannot, cannot afford to have false accusations by women exposed, and now that it is happening, they are trying to either shift attention or blunt the effect.

  3. I agree completely with Jim. I’m sure there are very rare instances of men falsely accusing women of sex offenses, very rare indeed. However, those very rare cases can be used to cause harm to the many men falsely accused by women and they will be so used.

  4. “I’m sure there are very rare instances of men falsely accusing women of sex offenses, very rare indeed. ”

    I doubt it, and even if a man were to try that, he would be ignored, so he doesn’t have anything like the same power to harm the woman he falsely accuses. even young boys are told to feel that they “got lucky” when a woman has sex with them. A full-grown man has even less chance.

    When is the last time a lynch mob hanged a woman? No one gives a shit. It’s been a hige struggle for lesbians to get police to pay attention to their DV problems. How much harder does a man have it if he is abused? And rape? A man can’t ever not consent; everyone (stupid and uneducated enough to be taking the report in the first place) knows men want it all the time.

  5. “I’m sure there are very rare instances of men falsely accusing women of sex offenses, very rare indeed.”

    Except pretty much every guy I’ve ever known who has either cheated on his girlfriend but wanted to keep her regardless, took advantage of a girl’s known feelings he had no intention of returning in order to get off one time, or just generally didn’t want to take responsibility for his own actions cried rape and ruined the lives of women whose only crimes were poor judgment in partners. When those men admitted to lying, it was after the falsely accused women’s lives were already in shambles and the men still never apologized and justified it by saying it was what they “had to do” in order to keep their relationships or get the girls they had used to leave them alone.

    I’m not denying or trivializing the fact that women do sexually abuse men too and that it damages them just as badly as sexual abuse from men damages women and I’m not defending women who falsely accuse men, but just because it isn’t as documented doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Just because some men who falsely accuse women don’t have them arrested doesn’t mean their lives aren’t ruined regardless or, at the very least, irrevocably altered for the worse.

    As for the argument that men have nothing to gain from accusing women of rape therefore it would be pointless to lie about it, I’m sure every man who has falsely accused a woman used that fact as justification. Women are still frequently blamed and made to suffer for speaking out against abuse by men; I’m sure plenty of women have used that fact as justification before they falsely accused men as well.

    No matter what gender one is, sexual abuse and false accusations thereof are deeply traumatic scars from which one never recovers. People of every gender should be one another’s advocates.

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