No, that is not a misspelling.

I have been somewhat absent as of late, partially due to personal issues but also due to a project I worked on with a friend. When I first created this blog my intention was to raise awareness about male victims of rape. I cannot say that I have made a dent in the blogosphere, however, more than half the posts and articles on this site deal with the issue of male rape in one way or another. Of course, there is much more that can be done and I will continue to discuss the topic regardless of how unknown or unpopular this particular blog is. What matters most is the information presented, and I am aware that some people from much more popular sites have used the information here to spread the word. Ultimately, that is the goal.

As some people may be aware of, about two months ago the Virginia Department of Health released an extremely sexist and biased campaign about sexual abuse prevention. The image spawned tons of criticism ranging from Glenn Sacks commenting on it to Marc Rudov appearing on CNN to a scathing article by Jeff Zaslow in the Wall Street Journal. And all that was followed by hundreds of bloggers tackling the sheer blatancy of the portrayal of fathers as child rapists.

Despite the misrepresentation found in the ads, they were a reminder about the power such images can have. And yet, I cannot think of the last time I saw any advertisement depicting males as potential victims of rape or females as potential rapists. Everyday one can read in the news stories about female teachers and caregivers sexually assaulting children. One can read about the ever growing allegations against church officials. While those reports may not receive the cable news treatment, they are out there. So it seems odd that no organization–particularly the various departments of health–has had the forethought to raise awareness about male victims of rape.

In discussing this with a friend, we decided to simply do it ourselves. This took a bit of time because there are so many different issues one can discuss when it comes to male rape. However, part of an advertising campaign is a symmetry in the presentation, which includes theme, imagery and intent. So while we would have liked to have delved more into particular issues, my friend suggested we keep it simple.

The images below are the end result. We came up with a fake group called the National Organization of Men Opposed to Rape and Exploitation or NOMORE. On the ads there is a fake link to the organization. We were toying around with the idea of creating a real website for it, however, that might actually cause people to believe the group is real. The main goal was to make these ads look real and legitimate. At the end of the day the ads are meant to raise awareness about male rape. Hopefully they do the job.

I would like to thank my friend Korbin Dai for his excellent skills in Photoshop and Illustrator and his ability to follow my rather confusing and vague descriptions.

nomore_corner nomore_eyes nomore_corner nomore_arms nomore_corner

4 thoughts on “Nomore

  1. Why not create a Web site for it? I mean, how is an “organization” defined anyway? Just make up a name, throw up a Web site with a compelling message, and provide some contact information and links where people can get help if they need it. Instant organization!

    Since you’ve put the link to a Web site on the images, people who are open to the message will then feel suckered when there is no corresponding Web site, and any goodwill or resonance you generated will now be turned into cynicism.

    Go all the way… Create a Web site!

  2. Good work.

    Misandry, contempt for men, reigns supreme in our society. It is so common that few even notice it. Glenn Sacks fights misandry and by so doing catches the ear of a few people. This is a start, a beginning.

    There is so very much to do. There is so much hate, intolerance and indifference to fight.

    Your bit of work is also a start, a beginning.

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