Bulletin Board v.19

Much in the same vein as “This Week in the News,” the Bulletin Board will list news stories and also blog and forum posts. It should be noted at I do not necessarily endorse or support the items linked. I simply find them to be interesting and/or relevant to the issues discussed on this blog. As the weeks go by, each new “volume” will be added to a page link, that way the way easily available without having to do a search or hunt through all my posts (not that I am suggesting not to hunt through the posts).

Barbara Kay: Forgetting the male victims of child abuse — After five years of development and training, in 2006 the protocol — called the Routine Universal Comprehensive Screening (RUCS), even though it is neither “universal” nor “comprehensive” — became operative in 25 Ontario public health units. Why only girls and not boys? In Boyd’s words, because “there is little point in screening for a health condition when no referral resources are available to serve the needs of those identified.”

County jails ignore federal anti-rape law — Officials at several county jails in New Hampshire and Maine say they so far don’t plan to comply with a federal law requiring jails and prisons to take specific steps to stop sexual assault and rape among inmates. The law, titled the Prison Rape Elimination Act, was enacted in 2003 and sets a January deadline for compliance. It applies to all jails and prisons nationwide. Its requirements include that facilities give inmate victims proper medical care, counseling and protection so they won’t be subject to retaliation from other inmates and that facilities do a better job of reporting and documenting sexual assaults. It also requires a full-time investigator and a full-time victim advocate. Facilities that don’t comply risk losing up to 5 percent of their federal funding.

Experts Weigh in on Increase in Female Predator Cases — Some Idaho prosecutors are seeing an increase in the number of cases involving adult women having inappropriate sexual contact with teens. One reason we might be hearing more about female predators is because victims are actually coming forward. While in the past, this type of crime was glamorized by Hollywood.

Feminism’s rape fallacy — Isn’t it time to acknowledge that it’s beyond the capacity of the judicial process to deal with date-rape? At present, just one in 20 reports of rape results in a conviction. Doubtless, many of the convicted 5% are unknown to their victims. Doubtless, many of the men involved in the other 95% are known all too well. Should we be surprised that juries acquit them, or that police or prosecutors consider a conviction would be unlikely in their cases? Or, indeed, that the women involved withdraw their allegations?

Former McQuade teacher pleads guilty to having sex with male student — An ex-teacher from McQuade Children’s Services has accepted a plea bargain for having sex with a 16-year-old male student, leaving her accused accomplice to ponder the same deal. Rebecca Becker, 29, of Walden, pleaded guilty Friday in Orange County Court to third-degree rape, a felony, and faces up to six months in the county jail when she’s sentenced on Nov. 30. She admitted her crime just four months after she and Maria Zurita, 28, of New Windsor, were accused of having a wild Memorial Day weekend romp with two 16-year-old boys at Zurita’s home on Quassaick Avenue.

Group home counselor pleads guilty to sex abuse of one of her teenage charges — County Circuit Court Judge Paul Weinstein accepted the plea agreement worked out between the state’s attorney’s office and the public defenders representing Robin Denise Lawrence, 24, of the 4500 block of Dallas Place in Temple Hills. According to the terms of the agreement, her maximum sentence will be 18 months in jail. Lawrence had faced a possible sentence of 15 years if convicted, Weinstein said.

The Face Of Men Abused By Women — Thirty-nine misinformed Representatives have submitted House Resolution 590 to obtain more funding for domestic violence services. This has men’s and fathers’ rights advocates asking, “Why pour more money into the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) when it’s unconstitutional, as well as responsible for the destruction of many healthy, loving father-child relationships?” The organization RADAR (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting) did an analysis of HRES 590 and found eighteen errors. There is no mention of male victims in HRES 590 whatsoever.

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