Music That Inspires v.6

I have been meaning to get back to writing these. It is probably obvious now that I have a varied taste in music. That likely explains why I enjoy listening to Jamiroquai. If ever I were to attempt to stretch my musical muscles, that would be the direction I would like to go in. Perhaps that is because Jamiroquai’s songs are the opposite of how I generally feel. There is an optimism in the music itself that is incredibly contagious. I must admit that whenever I feel unmotivated any random song from the group alleviates that problem.

In an odd way, listening to Jamiroquai is kind of a step forward into maturity for me. That is that to say that it made me more mature. Rather, this kind of music is the type one more or less expects ‘adults’ to listen to. That maybe simply be the sophistication of the music itself, but it certainly carries the same feeling that jazz does, that feeling of experience being written into every note.