Bulletin Board v.22

Much in the same vein as “This Week in the News,” the Bulletin Board will list news stories and also blog and forum posts. It should be noted at I do not necessarily endorse or support the items linked. I simply find them to be interesting and/or relevant to the issues discussed on this blog. As the weeks go by, each new “volume” will be added to a page link, that way the way easily available without having to do a search or hunt through all my posts (not that I am suggesting not to hunt through the posts). 

A child victim’s story of betrayal and despair — Dmitry Burlak, at 18, is a lost soul trying to understand who he is and how his past continues to haunt him. A sleek, denim-clad youth, with blond streaks in his shoulder-length brown hair, Dmitry is full of anger when he talks about Valera Kovalev, a 57-year-old man who, five years ago, stole his innocence, recorded it on camera and then showed it for the world to see.

Cops: County Psychologist Raped Male Student — A county psychologist court-appointed to counsel a 14-year-old male teen has been charged by the New York State Police with second degree rape, a felony. Jennifer Hastings, 32, an employee of the Rensselaer County Unified Family Services, has been charged with having sexual contact with her patient on several occasions including in her car, area motels and her Sand Lake residence.

GOP leader’s child sex-abuse scandal — Donald Fleischman, then chairman of the Brown County Republican Party, allegedly fondled a 16-year-old runaway from a juvenile facility, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported. The preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 29.

‘Kite Runner’ author supports late release to protect young actors — On Monday at a press junket in San Francisco, the 43-year-old author said he commends Paramount Vantage for postponing the release of “The Kite Runner,” the film adaptation of his bestselling novel, in order to protect three adolescent Afghan actors who appear in the movie. “I applaud the studio for delaying the release of the film even though it goes against whatever commercial wisdom there is,” he said.

Nanny gets 20 years in prison for abuse — A judge sentenced Charity Sato, 23, to 20 years in prison Tuesday for sexually abusing children she had been hired to babysit. Sato was a Riverview family’s live-in nanny for just two weeks before disturbing details about her behavior came to light. Last month, she pleaded guilty to four instances of lewd and lascivious behavior.

Sex abuse letting agents on the run — A 50-year-old man has been found guilty of sexually abusing two teenage boys and a man. Alfred John Palmer, a letting agent in Plymouth, was convicted in his absence after absconding. Palmer, formerly of Alcester Street, Stoke, was owner of landlord and letting agency Palmer & Co.

Tennis girl in lesbian claim accused male tutor of rape, court is told — A 13-year-old tennis prodigy who is said to have engaged in a lesbian love affair with her female coach confided to friends that she had been raped by another former tutor, Liverpool Crown Court heard yesterday. Three young tennis players, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, gave evidence about the allegations, said to have been made at the Lawn Tennis Association’s training academy at Loughborough.

Ulster teen rape victim breaks his silence — Last week, evil paedophile Henry Irwin (43) was jailed for horrific sexual abuse – including rape – against eight children. Today, one of those victims, brave Stephen Graham (16), tells Claire McNeilly why he is waiving his right to anonymity in order to expose this fiend and hopefully encourage other victims to come forward.

Woman indicted for alleged attempted sex acts with child — A 30-year-old Las Cruces woman who is accused of attempted sexual abuse an 8-year-old male relative has been indicted by a Doña Ana County grand jury. Michelle Tufts, 30, faces two counts of first-degree attempted criminal sexual penetration and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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  1. Thanks. I am still trying to get the guy who drew and colored this to teach me his Photoshop tricks, which he denies having.

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