Girl killed herself over online hoax

Anytime I read about suicide it hits very close to home. While I can fathom why a person would want to commit suicide, I have never understood why a person would follow through with it. I cannot say I have never wanted to do it myself or attempted to, but I have always wondered what exactly is the breaking point to cause a person to actually commit to doing it. This instance is particularly sad:

Megan Meier hanged herself in her bedroom on Oct. 16, 2006, and died the next day. She was described as a “bubbly, goofy” girl who loved spending time with her friends, watching movies and fishing with her dad.

Megan had been on medication, but had been upbeat before her death, her mother said, after striking up a relationship on MySpace with Josh Evans about six weeks before her death.

Josh told her he was born in Florida and had recently moved to the nearby community of O’Fallon. He said he was homeschooled, and didn’t yet have a phone number in the area to give her.

Megan’s parents said she received a message from him on Oct. 15 of last year, essentially saying he didn’t want to be her friend anymore, that he had heard she wasn’t nice to her friends.

But what makes this so disgusting is that Josh Evans was not even a real boy. ‘He’ was the mother of some girl down the street:

The woman who created the fake profile has not been charged with a crime. She allegedly told the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department she created Josh’s profile because she wanted to gain Megan’s confidence to know what Megan was saying about her own child online.

The mother from down the street told police that she, her daughter and another person all typed and monitored the communication between the fictitious boy and Megan.

It is not hard to imagine a child sending insults to another child and playing head games with her. But for an adult to do this is beyond repulsive. It is bad enough that this woman–who is never named in the article–would essentially groom this girl for months. It is utterly vile that she would send insults and profanity to this girl for no apparent reason. What in the world would possess a grown woman to call a thirteen-year-old a ‘slut’ and ‘fat’? What purpose could that have possibly served? And how in the hell does that help her own daughter?

And now Megan is dead.

That more than anything else actually gets me angry. To do this to a child and then act as if one did nothing wrong is absolutely disgusting.

Unfortunately, it is not likely that this woman will face charges. She should, but the situation is such that at best she could be charged with fraud and harassment. Although, I think there is more than enough evidence to charge this woman with facilitating suicide. It is quite clear that her actions and words led to Megan taking her own life. And considering the recent case where the polygamist was charged and convicted of facilitating rape by forcing a girl to marry an older man, this woman could be charged with manslaughter or potentially even murder.

The last thing that should happen is that this woman goes without any kind of legal punishment.

5 thoughts on “Girl killed herself over online hoax

  1. TS said: “That more than anything else actually gets me angry. To do this to a child and then act as if one did nothing wrong is absolutely disgusting.”

    YES! Yes, a million times yes!

    I don’t know what the law is, I do know what my guts demand the law be: Charge this adult, this woman, with something serious.

  2. Consider what the repercussions would have been if a man had been doing the bullying instead of a woman. I wouldn’t put it past the media to demand ‘Meier’s Law’ to prevent girls from being bullied by men and make it retroactively apply to this case.

    Since it is a woman, however, she gets a slap on the wrist.

    I wonder whether Jesse Jackson will take this up as an unpunished hate crime? Oops, I forgot, there is no black person involved.

  3. This is getting a fair bit of air on the uS TV channles. No one is even hazarding a guess publicly as to a motive, just shaking their heads in bewilderment. This reminds me of a case in Texas a few years ago where a cheerleader’s mother went and killed a rivla cheerleader. She went to jail for a long time for that, but being it was Texas and she was a women, there was no death penalty. Public reaction was revulsion and a lack of surprise – apparently that kind of weirdness doesn’t surprise anyone when it comes to cheerleading.

  4. What the adult did was certainly wrong, however if the girl killed herself over someone she had only known one month on the internet then she had severe problems to begin with.

    I think she was a ticking time bomb. She needed more counseling and/or meds and family support than she was getting.

    If it wasn’t this that set her off, then something else surely would have.

    I live in Missouri where this story is getting extensive coverage.

    The girl’s mother says she monitored everything she did on the net, but then she says she didn’t know the ‘boy’ had dumped her.

    As someone who has attempted suicide myself, I speak from experience when I say that anyone who is severely depressed should be watched closely by loved ones.

    The mother said she noticed ‘something was wrong’ with her daughter. Why didn’t she try to talk with her? Call her friends to see what was wrong?

    Also, the events happened almost a year ago and we’re just now hearing about it? Why is that?

    I think there’s more to the story than we’re hearing on the local TV news.

    It’s very sad when a young one takes their life.

    It’s also sad when people sensationalize the event for their own agenda.

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