15-year-old girl rapes several young boys

I stumbled across this article a few minutes ago:

A 15-year-old Paradis girl has been arrested after allegedly having inappropriate sexual contact with five boys under the age of 11, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The girl was arrested Monday after she allegedly showed up at a party at the home of one of the victims, where the assault occurred on Nov. 14.

The girl, whose identity is being withheld because of her age, was booked with three counts of aggravated rape and five counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile.

A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office said the aggravated rape counts stemmed from the ages of three of the victims and that there was no indication that there was violence involved.

The girl was later released into the custody of her parents.

The mother of one of the victims contacted the Sheriff’s Office after hearing about the incident.

There is a bit of similarity with this case and the recent case of an 11-year-old girl accusing three boys of rape. It is possible that the sex was consensual and that the issue here is more of one of legality rather than threat. However, given the girl’s age in this case, 15-years-old, it is highly improbable that her actions stem from simple childish interest. At 15 she would very well know that having sex with a boy under 11 is wrong, illegal and rape. At 15, her actions could be considered the beginning of a pedophilic interest in prepubescent boys.

Interestingly, despite being charged with the rape of three boys under 11, the girl was released to her parents.  The three boys in Georgia remain locked in “detention,” which is just a politically correct word for juvenile jail, despite being 9 and 8-years-old and despite that two of the boys never actually touched the accuser. They are in jail, but a 15-year-old girl who decided to have sex with boys 10-years-old and under is free.

Not only that, but girl was not arrested until this past Monday, November 26th. Based on the phrasing in the article, it sounds as if the police were aware of the incident directly following it on November 14th. So this girl was left to do whatever she wanted for almost two weeks, including going to a party at the house of one of the boys she is accused of raping.

That said, the Louisiana aggravated rape law is one of the most insane I have ever seen. The charge carries a default mandatory life sentence with no parole. The girl’s identity is being protected because of her age, but that does not mean she is not necessarily charged as an adult. But even if charged as a juvenile, the mandatory sentence would still stand and she would be sentenced to remain incarcerated until 21. Even if the boys involved are quite young, that is still a ridiculous sentence given that there is no means of lessening it while maintaining the serious charge. So unless the prosecutors accept a plea deal for a lesser charge, this girl could be sentenced to 7 years or life without parole, if charged as an adult, mandatory.

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  1. Part of the thing is the phrase “no violence involved.” That phrase seems to pop up whenever looking at female offender sex assaults. Without regard to harm done or force used it seems to be no-violence.

    As you say, the boys are under arrest and she is released. Which is typical. An eight year old boy is more of a threat in our society that a 15 year old girl. That is pretty sick!

  2. Well, it is entirely possible that there was no violence involved. But I too read that line as an implication that because the accused is female she could not possibly have used violence or the threat of violence to force the boys into sex.

  3. Brian: Rite… 3 boys all under 10. so like 9 and under.

    Did you want to have sex with girls when you were 8 or 9? I didn’t fcking think so.

    But thats beside the point anyway, she’s not going to do any jail time, i know it, yet if i did this i’d be getting 5-10 years, even if the girls “wanted it”.

    So dont give me that crap brian. Maybe no violence was involved, maybe it was, it still doesn’t justify why the 8-9 year olds are in jail while the 15 year old girl is free at home, as if she never comitted a crime.

  4. This just goes to show how bad things in this contry are getting. especialy the courts. This is’nt about the facts in the cases, it’s about the prosecuters and what they think or feel about the peaple and the case. What they need to be doing is following the law as it is writen in the law books.
    I also feel I need to comment on The children in these trials. Thats just it they are CHILDREN!!!
    Again, its the prosecuters who make the decision whether or not they get charged as a CHILD or an adult. It seems as if they feel they work with God and can decide when it’s apropriate to take a childs life(putting a 15 year old in jail with life without porole I feel is taking their life) or punish them like they’re a child.
    Assuming these kids are found guilty, then of coarse they should be punished, as a child. They should also get lots of counceling. the parents should also be looked at carefully as well. As they say, the fruit don’t fall far from the tree. make sure the chid dos’nt go back to an unfit home,as it seems to be. She has been to at least one party since her release. Sounds parental to me.

  5. Wow, i didnt know this kind of thing hapenes. Men raping men is like more “normal”. But wow… This is pretty wierd and scary.

  6. I find it sick and shocked.. the 8-9 year old boys get in jail while the ”rapist” is jerking off at her home… I find it very ridiculas, -.-” really sickens me..

  7. I cant believe the kids had sex that early!!! Thats just insane! Why would a 15 year old girl want to get horny with 8 and 9 year olds??? That creeps me out!

  8. What these boys have suffered is terrible and the police need to fully understand this, treat this 15-year-old girl’s actions as criminal, and protect the victims from her. This case is very sad to me because they are all still children, even though she is older and bigger than the boys she abused and caused them great harm. I hope the boys get what they need, and that she gets what she needs. She also needs to be treated by the police/law like a boy would be treated by them in her position.

    I think it is highly possible that this girl has been sexually abused herself as a child. If she has been, I wonder if her abuse was ever reported to the police and resulted in a conviction?

  9. If the girl was abused, chances are that the police would not inquire about it. Many boys in sex offender treatment eventually admit that they were abused, but I have never heard of any instances of officials reporting the abuse and the child’s abuser being prosecuted. It may occur, but I would suspect that given the situation few prosecutors would want to handle such cases. The child’s claim of abuse could easily be dismissed as a sex offender trying to pin responsibility on an adult. Another reason is that even an incompetent attorney for the child would argue that the child be released from custody in exchange for the child’s testimony.

    However, in cases with older children, it is also possible that they are simply acting out their fantasies on younger kids.

  10. None that I am aware of. If the case was handled in juvenile court, the information might not have been made available. It would depend on the laws in that state.

  11. If you thought being a girl and being over taken by a man and raped was horrible and tramatizing trying being a boy and being over powered by a girl and raped.

    And people just tell you to TOUGHEN UP be a man it wasn’t violent.

    The laws on violence and sexual crimes are so heavily double-standard if you are a man that has been a victim you know its just best if you shut your mouth, its part of why psychologist see such a larger number of woman instead of men, there is support for woman who are victims, for men the only support they can hope to get is suicide, meth, or alcohal. its very tramatizing to the mind and they’ve been taught not to show weakness.

  12. That is very true. I have spoken to many male survivors over the years and most of them are old enough to be my father. Some my grandfather. The major reason why they never came forward was because they believed they were supposed to be able to handle it on their own. Ironically, when sex abuse began to get more attention in the 80s, these same men were further turned away because the professionals handling the issues did not extend that outreach to men and boys. They remained silent because the very people who are supposed to help them made it seem like those male survivors were not supposed to ask for help.

    We can want society to change, but when the support groups and professionals refuse to change it presents a much greater issue. There needs to be more outreach and more support tailored for male victims. The more that happens, the more those people challenge social views, the easier it will be to fight the stigmas that keep male victims silent.

  13. Call me what you will. Those boys got “lucky”. I think they should all be given thorough lessons on pregnancy and STD’s and be released. The girl – too.

  14. Several words describing those who think sex with a child is a learning lesson come to mind, however, I doubt that you would want anyone to call you those names.

  15. I hate the double standard females get for them. Women get it off so much easier because they’re “weaker and more vulnerable”. Say what you want, but a 15 year old girl will almost always be stronger than a 8 or 9 year old boy. People always assume that a boy is always stronger even if it’s a competition between a boy and a grown woman. As for those who think that the boys were lucky, they weren’t. They can’t even feel sexual urges at that age. Abuse is abuse, and it shouldn’t be considered a good thing to have done to you just because you’re a boy.

  16. I was sexually molested several times by females growing up. Some were more harmless than others. The earliest I can remember it happening is when I was around 5-7 years old where my older female neighbors would drag me into the woods or behind fences and then take my shorts and underwear off and then play with my private parts. As I got a little older and could fight back a bit they used to invite me into tree houses or ask if I wanted to jump on their backyard trampolines where they’d say “let’s play husband and wife” and then they’d start kissing me and fondling me all over and often forcing me to lay down and then they’d straddle me and pretend to have sexual intercourse with me. This is when I was 7-10 years old… Around that same time I was also often sexually molested by at least 2 female teenage baby sitters taht I can remember. One time my father caught one of these girls (she must have been 13 or 14) forcing me to lie on my stomach as she was ripping my pants off. She was doing this to me in broad daylight in our front yard on our driveway where she was foolishly trying to hide what she was doing to me inbetween our 2 parked cars. My dad stopped her, gave us BOTH a speech about what we were doing was wrong and then sent her home and GROUNDED ME for a week and didn’t let her babysit me again for 2 more “whole” weeks. He then allowed her to babysit me again after those 2 weeks and she kept sexually molesting me for at least 3 more weeks. Had the genders been reversed I doubt my own father would have reacted the same way that he did. When I got a little older and entered my early teens the sexual molestations continued. My best friends 21 year old sister would constantly pinch my butt and called me “pretty eyes”. This went on from about the age of 12-15. On one occasion her even older sister who was in her mid 20s brought back some alcohol from their native country of Columbia. They sold me one bottle for $5 when I was 15 and then encouraged me to take several shots until I was nearly passed out drunk. I was sitting on a chair and my friends 2 adult older sisters were sitting on a couch next to me. They bent down to look up my shorts and claimed they could see my penis. Then the 21 year old woman took the alcohol away from me and said she was hiding it from me so I couldn’t drink anymore. I was angry because I had paid for it and was demanding they give it back to me. I eventually passed out on the floor and have no idea what happened to me while I was passed out or for how long I was passed out. When I woke up I kept persisting that they tell me where they hid the alcohol that they sold me. She eventually told me that she hid it under her bed mattress (the 21 year old still lived at home). When I went into her room (still drunk) to go get it she closed the door behind me and forced me to lay down on her bed and then had sexual intercourse with me. And around that same time they got me drunk again and their own 40-50 year old mother (who barely spoke a word of English and was ugly as hell) started dancing erotically with me in their dark living room while some kind of hispanic party music was blaring. She fondled my prviate parts repeatedly and rubbed herself up against me in a sexual way. That same 21 year old who had sex with me when I was 15 and drunk got angry with her own mother and started yelling at her spanish. Apparently she was jealous of her own mother trying to flirt with me. And again around that time that same family took us to the beach where his mother exposed her breasts to me and her 21 year old daughter put her hand on my thigh while we drove to a store and started rubbing it erotically. My 7th grade English teacher also used to flirt with me inappropiately by squeezing her breasts together in front of my face and staring at me in a sexually flirty way. My late 20s 10th grade history teacher of Cuban descent also flirted with me often. Halfway through my 10th grade year I chose to switch schools from my local public high school to an expensive private JROTC Air Force Academy because I wanted to become a fighter pilot. There my 10th grade Old Testmant (!) teacher (who was in her mid to late 20s) surprisingly came to my room one night in cotton atheltic short shorts and a t-shirt and said she wanted to help me study. She was also one of the track coaches for the school and said she wanted to teach me some excercises that she taught to her students which required me to follow her to the schools weight lifting room. There she told me to do squats which requried me to bend my legs and stick my butt out at her while she stood behind me to “spot me” and then she made me do leg presses which required me to lay almost flat on my back and to then push weights upwards with my legs. This made my shorts fall back to basically my butt cheeks exposing my entire legs and my boxer briefs and outlining my private parts. While I was doing this she said “you can do whatever you want to me” which I ignored. She then wanted me to play basketball with her. It was totally inappropiate like a scene out of a movie where a guy teaches a girl he’s interested in how to swing a bat which really just gives him an excuse to wrap his arms around her. It was exactly one of those types of situations. And that’s just a small sample of some of the sexual advances females made towards me when I was a child. I don’t know why this happened to me so often growing up. I used to be a child model so I was very cute when I was younger and by the time I was 12-13 I already looked like a full grown adult. But to be completely honest it wasn’t really a traumatizing experience for me. It didn’t have any short or long term psychological effects on me as far as I can tell. But I’m not trying to downplay sexual molestation at all. I’m sure it’s a horrible experience for most people. But it simply wasn’t for me. In fact the only effect it might have had on me is that I’m still attracted to older women and I’m 22 now.

  17. Dont worry guys. You should always remember it aint your fault. There are sick people in the world. I was raped by another girl when I was 13. She was 17.

  18. I’m not sure what makes me doubt the character of humanity more, the fact that people that young are getting raped and someone that young is a rapist, or that some people in the comments find that amusing. What the hell? Do you THINK before you post anything? You have a right to an opinion sure, but finding rape, where someone is forced horribly into something that should be an intimate and special thing, to be funny or arousing is just…..wrong. Rape is horrible no matter the gender, age, or any other factors. I fail to see how people could think anyone being raped were “lucky”.
    Now that I got that out of my system, I think the girl was charged too lightly. They could’ve at least gave her /some/ sort of jail time, or she’ll just keep doing it, thinking its OK and that she can get away with it. The thought of that is very chilling.

  19. Now I have seen everything. You cannot always blame the boys and men for everything. These hippy, liberal anti-male conventions make me sick.

    In addition to females sexually abusing males, hasen’t anyone heard of males raping males or females raping females? This is more than a double standard, because in prosecutors haven’t even heard of male predators with male victims or female predators with female victims. Sexual misconduct works 3 other ways not just 1 other way. Believe it or not, it works ALL 4 ways.

    Why do people think that sexual abuse can only involve male predators with female victims?
    How the hell can any boy under 12 be accused of such charges, let alone an 8 year old. 8 and 9 year olds are like in 3rd grade. The next step will be for a teacher to accuse a 9 or 10 year old boy of molesting or raping her. Especially since teachers are tired of student and child rights, and seek discipline in the classroom. Imagine this scenario, a grade school teacher has a 9 or 10 year old boy who always misbehaves. Since this isn’t the 1950’s she can’t paddle him or put a dunce cap on him. To correct him, all she can do is have him write lines, miss recess, or send him to the principal’s office. If this boy acts up one too many times, she can keep him after school after all the other students departed for the day, and engage in sexual relations with him. Next day she can report it to the police, and say the boy tramatized me, first by misbehaving in class, then by raping me. Even if the teacher in question is a 30 or 40 year old women, she can teach the boy a lesson by applying these double standards against him.

    Another step, would be to prosecute kindergarten boys, hey how is a 6 year old boy less cupable than an 8 year old? He is old enough to be in school, maybe he is 3 inches shorter than an 8 year old boy, but so what?

    Ironically, this situation exists even without this context. Back in 1998 or so, a 30-something year old female teacher from Seattle seduced a 12 year old boy from her class to her house and slept with him. She gave birth to a child as a result, this newborn child is proof of misconduct. Her sentence was merely probation, even though she molested a 12 year old. Finally, she was incarcerated when she molested another 12 year old boy, the same way. At 12 years old, no way in hell would the boy proposition the teacher, and even if he did she has power over him, and she invited him to her house. For all you hypocrits who think that the boy was lucky to have sex with his teacher, consider this, his peers with still stigmatize him for receiving impartial treatment in grading and course requirements. Bullying and torment is especially brutal in the middle school years.

    To clarify misconceptions further statistics have shown that in prison, women guards are frequently engaging in sexual misconduct with male inmates, and this case is by far the most common. It doesn’t matter if the inmates are bigger and stronger than she is, she is not helpless compared to them if she is a prison guard armed with an assortment of weapons in her uniform; baton, handcuffs, tear gas, plus she can always call for backup. The state wouldn’t have hired them to work in male prisons, if they were seen as weak and helpless, they have other attributes which make them fit for the job.

    Contrary to “popular belief”, staff/inmate misconduct does not only involve male guards with female inmates. That is crap and a complete fallacy. There are 3 more cases, female guards/male inmates, male guards/male inmates, and female guards/female inmates. Thankfully, in this case, these guilty women guards were prosecuted, and in some cases terminated. These guards were taking advantage of the system and of female rights, by humiliating these male inmates, which they have complete control over.

  20. In advance, I apologize for not reading your whole comment, but still responding. I read bits of it.

    I’d like to point out to you how your “anti-male” comment was hurtful and somewhat ignorant, to me (I’m not speaking for all womankind here!). As if women are subjugating and systematically repressing men everywhere, at least that’s how it seemed to me.

    It’s just that this is what rape culture is. Rape culture puts the task of avoiding rape and dealing with rape issues usually on the victims, who, very often, ARE female, when speaking of statistics. Do you agree with me on this one? Rape culture does not deal with rape adequately and its treatment of victims is pretty awful.

    I’m not saying that a male raping a female is like OMG the worst thing evar!!1! but that rape happens to all kinds of people – babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, grown-ups, old people, ugly or attractive, male or female. Females ARE more vocal than men on this issue – but even many, many females do not come forth because it is a gut-wrenchingly difficult process for a lot of them. I am deliberately not saying “moreso for males”, because experiencing and coping with rape is probably different for both and terror like that shouldn’t be weighed so off-handedly.

    This is all rape culture and feminism talks about it a lot. I’m not very knowledgeable on the issue, but it’s probably applicable to both sexes. Thing is, feminism deals with womens issues and while intelligent “real” feminists can sympathize with and understand mens issues, this isn’t really their deal. (Consider that males are, as a default, in a position of priviledge over females (no, really).) So the bits I know touch on women, obviously.

    So… I don’t want to argue or fight with anyone, but I am willing to step in and say ‘hey, not cool’. This blog is excellent and I am VERY glad people are bringing more attention to men and boys victimized, but also to rape as a horrible, horrible act of personal terror in general and how it is non-dealt with. Nonetheless, don’t speak hate! And… I am getting my wires crossed here after such a long comment.


  21. As if women are subjugating and systematically repressing men everywhere, at least that’s how it seemed to me.

    Men are not subjugating and systematically repressing women everywhere. That is position is rhetoric, not fact.

    It’s just that this is what rape culture is. Rape culture puts the task of avoiding rape and dealing with rape issues usually on the victims, who, very often, ARE female, when speaking of statistics.

    Unfortunately, that claim does not hold up as male victims are significantly less likely to report rape. The current statistic for sexual abuse against boys is 1 in 6. The researchers acknowledge that this is likely a low estimate, meaning the rate is probably higher. The situation is more problematic with men, especially given the cultural norms and the way the support community, largely run by feminists, dismisses the notion of adult women raping adult men. The only information we have to go on are self-reports, but again, male victims are far less likely to report their rapes, so we have no means of knowing just how prevalent sexual violence against males is.

  22. “These hippy, liberal anti-male conventions make me sick.”

    Your use of the word “liberal” offends me. So, only “liberals” don’t care about male abuse? Oh, and a lot of liberals are minorities. What are you saying there?

  23. Why the hell are my comments “awaiting moderation”? I want “certain” users to see my responses!

  24. It’s too bad that this article got buried under so much crap. Judging by user names only, a good majority of you saying “The boys wanted it” and “Lucky kids”, are exactly why mens rights advocacy groups have such an uphill battle and why some feminist groups have so much quotable ammunition when they make inflammatory statements like “all men are hypersexual pigs”.

    I’m a woman and much more of an mra than anything else. I’ve also spent the majority of my career involved in one way or another in victims advocacy. I don’t ascribe to the current PC victim mentality wherein personal responsibility is thrown out the window along with common sense and reality, but these CHILDREN (regardless of their sex) were VICTIMS of a perpetrator (regardless of HER sex).

  25. I think those people who wrote “The boys wanted it” and “Lucky kids” are just trolls.

  26. I’m sure they are…but its indicative of a larger problem in our society where sometimes that IS a persons gut reaction, that women are incapable of rape or pedophilia, or if they did it it was because of some underlying mental/emotional problem. Its never explained away like that for men

  27. Dosn’t anyody here know exactly what the word “Rape” means?

    Basically a MAN forcing a woman into having sex with him, the male is always the rapist in any actual case of rape, well the law has been slightly changed so MEN can actually be raped by MEN.

    The worst a woman can do is sexual assault, in fact if the supposed female rapist is below the age of consent shouldn’t the supposed male victim be arrested for rape? That is what sex with a minor is classed as isn’t it? Well as long as any adult involved is male.

    It’s not a gut reaction Tasha, it’s the LAW, knowing the law to be how it is, I find any woman actually getting sentenced at all for rape to be ridiculous, mind you I always find myself with a smug feeling when I hear or read anything about a man being on the recieving end of domestic abuse from a female partner, yet when the woman is being abused I usually think he’s an asshole.

  28. Legally, the term “rape” can apply to either male or female victimization, depending on the statutes in the state. In some countries the term only applies to male-on-female sexual assault, and obviously among groups like feminists the term only applies to male-on-female sexual assault.

  29. @Bloke

    ” mind you I always find myself with a smug feeling when I hear or read anything about a man being on the recieving end of domestic abuse from a female partner”

    You are what is wrong with society …. your mind must be like a festering boil…..

  30. As a 15 year-old girl (who only happens to be writing a 1-act play about the rape of a teenage boy) this makes me feel physically sick. Sure, the rape of a woman is an unspeakable monstrosity, but I can’t believe how so many people think of this!
    I think one reason for it may be because of the difference between men and women’s bodies in arousal. In a way, women need thjeir minds to “agree” with is happening to them (so the sex must be consensual) whereas a male can have an erection even if the sex is not wanted in their mind. In both cases (ie. the case of male-on-female rape and female-on-male rape) often the victim must be physically restrained or “beaten down” for the crime to happen. In both cases: painful. Obviously, the emotional turmoil suffered by any and all victims of rape is absolutely terrible, so it’s a no-brainer that it happens to victims of both sexes. But herein lies the trouble: Unless the woman deliberately tortures the man physically (eg. Chokes him, stabs him or penetrates him with something) which is an entirely awful crime in itself, just the act of intercourse when a woman rapes a man is not excruciatingly, agonizingly painful physically for the victim. For a woman, it is. That is NO EXCUSE for the perpetrators of male sexual abuse, but that is why I think some people dismiss it.
    They shouldn’t.

  31. I think one reason for it may be because of the difference between men and women’s bodies in arousal. In a way, women need thjeir minds to “agree” with is happening to them (so the sex must be consensual) whereas a male can have an erection even if the sex is not wanted in their mind.

    Women’s bodies response to arousal whether or not they consciously want to have sex. The difference is that unlike men, female sexual arousal is not as readily noticeable.

    In both cases (ie. the case of male-on-female rape and female-on-male rape) often the victim must be physically restrained or “beaten down” for the crime to happen.

    Most sexual violence does not include the use of physical force. Most of it occurs with the threat of force or coercion.

    Unless the woman deliberately tortures the man physically (eg. Chokes him, stabs him or penetrates him with something) which is an entirely awful crime in itself, just the act of intercourse when a woman rapes a man is not excruciatingly, agonizingly painful physically for the victim. For a woman, it is.

    That is not true either. Rough sex hurts, and it is possible for a woman on top of a boy or man to cause the victim a great deal of physical pain. Likewise, plenty of female victims feel physical pleasure during unwanted intercourse.

    Your comments show how pervasive assumptions about sexual violence are and how those assumptions can impact how people respond to victims of sexual abuse.

  32. A mate of mine was raped repeatedly by his mother between the ages of 9 & 11. It !!#$#%#% him up big time.

    He is 47 now and has only recently been able to talk about what happened when he was a boy…

  33. Rape is Rape – Man on woman or woman on man.

    Those Victims lives are ruined and they will always remember what happened to them. For the people who laugh about it, you will only understand if it happens to you or someone you care about ( Maybe one day it might to teach you a lesson )

    I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through this and i do agree that when a woman does it you never see it on the news, its always the male as a criminal. People need to understand that woman are just as bad ( Probably worse ) as these days theres more and more woman killing their kids or destroying lives.

    People like that who commit those crimes should be Hung or given the chair. A life for a life.

    That should cut the Rate it happens down.

  34. >You people are so, -ridiculous making up MAKE-Believe Laws & rules & prosecute people by stupid decisions & policies;

    -Un-Realistic Ideas, to govern & control your own species.

    PEOPLE in ASIA JAPAN whatever- Marry at 9 or 10 & do it!

    American’s are Nothing But Big Whiney Babies who end up on Opera Spewing their Crocodile tears;

    >OH I was Molested!

    -Only MEN Males boys, should be prosecuted because they contain the Sperm forcing the Female to produce what she doesn’t want!

    -IF FEMALES Want to pin you guys; that’s their choice,* they just want your seeds so they can advance the human-race!
    >-EVERYONE is just selfish; IT”S every man for himself.

    To Gods Great -Plan & the beyond your problems are but SAND Grains on your blue -Planet
    the Size of a sand grain that Can’t even take care of itself!

    Your just building walls to keep everyone else out;
    Buts you all forget you were all one being before a single consciousness, just one entity!

    & yet you are still afraid of yourselves;
    Can’t even be friends with your own kinds;

    You are all DIVIDED as a Nation Not United.
    America is a joke; a big huge hypocritical Joke,

    ^LEARN the Truth about what our people have done;

  35. wow…all that anger and enthusiasm, and all I got out of it was that you can’t spell Oprah…

    Good first try tho love, trollin’ is an art form

  36. At the risk of further derailing this thread, Im sure they make psychotropic medication on whatever planet you think you’re from…why don’t you do a little clandestine re-con mission and secure some…yanno for the good of the galaxy

    *megalithic eye roll*

  37. I swear the rape laws in this country and prohaps everywhere are so messed up!
    It would be easy to just say “let the punishment fit the crime” for conventional rape where it is a man or woman aggressivly coming onto or having sex with another man or woman without consent. And for the most part rapists (at least the male on female ones) are appropriatly punished for their crimes (maybe even punished too severly depending on your view of the sex offender registration) with long jail times and permanient registration as a sex offender, but when its none conventional rape, such as statutory rape which is male or female having sex with a consenting male or female but one is underage. Then you have to ask what is the appropriate punishment, hell some ppl believe that it shouldnt be a crime if its consentual, but it seems like nobody knows what is the correct punishment for these rapes not even are own lawmakers and judges. So in the end we see injustice as some gets slap on the wrist and others are sent away to juvie.

    What you think?

  38. Madhippy, if it is consensual sex between minors I think charging either of them with crimes is ridiculous. The same goes for sexting. They are not being punished because they broke the law; they are being punished because a segment of our society thinks teen sex is “immoral.” When one of the people is an adult, I think it depends on the age difference, the power dynamic, and whether the state can show that the minor was groomed into the sex. If the adult is 19 and the minor 16, I think charging them is a waste of time. There is a three year difference between and it is unlikely that grooming occurred. If the adult is 29 and the minor 16, I think it would be prudent to look further into the situation. If nothing untoward can be found, i.e. the sex was consensual and the minor was not manipulated, I think it is a waste of time and money to charge the adult. It is only in cases where the adult is trying to keep it secret and manipulating the minor’s feelings in order to get the minor to have sex that I think statutory rape charges should apply.

    All this would do would reduce the number of children and barely “adult” people getting sent to prison for consensual sex. Of course, since the laws are not applied fairly anyway, we would have to first start by ensuring that males and females charged with the same crime face and receive the same amount of time.

  39. All this about “rape” is rather overdone for me ! I was a 10y old boy when we had that “club” of about same-age boys and girls (say 8 to 13/14) and we played a lot all nude … And of course “a lot” happened, but it was PLAY – for sure NO RAPE …
    Don’t forget most kids that age wanna ” know all about ” …

  40. Kids love sex, they enjoy it just as much as adults do. But children liking sex is considered abnormal. It is treated as if it is a disease . When profiling a pedophile: A ‘dirty old’ man insecure with relationship with an adult, rapes children. But children are not called pedophiles. Rape is defined as non-consensual sex,that applies to adults. Anyone regardless of age would be traumatised when raped.
    Children have consensual sex with children, no one knows wants know that. No one is prepared to accept about children having consensual sex with adults. Because adults and children are supposed to not supposed to mix. Children are attracted to other children, but do not have access to any kind porn leave alone the one in which kids are participating because of blanket ban on this fact. So porn is not a reason why kids rape other kids, they do rape because they are human beings before they are kids or they adults. Human basic instincts are aggressive.

  41. Jeddy, kids do not love sex. Kids have no real knowledge of sex at all. If you ask a child what sex is, most of them will probably explain it as rubbing bodies together. Sex is something that a person learns to do. So in order for any child to “love” sex the child would have to be exposed to it.

    Children do have consensual sex with other children, and there is technically nothing wrong with that. The problem is that children can be easily manipulated, coerced, or forced into sex even if they do not want to. Some children will even “willingly” initiate sex acts in an effort to please the abuser or to fit in.

    However, in this situation we have a 15-year-old girl raping boys under 11. There is not just an age difference, there is power difference, both physical and mental. In this situation it is not children having sex with children. It is essentially a young woman having sex with children.

  42. @ToySoldier
    Your just wrong. I remember all me and my friends talked about at age 8 was sex. We constantly picked out which girls we would have sex with in the class. Sex was the main focus of not only my life but every other boy that I knew at that age. I don’t know whats in the water that makes some of these guys null to sexual feelings at that age but you aren’t normal if you weren’t consumed with it at that age.

  43. Derek

    If an 8 year old is that hypersexualized (having a developmentally inappropriate amount of knowledge/interest in sex and sexual activities), then there is usually a problem. The problem is usually that some adult or older child has exposed them to these ideas and activities. You can be sexually abused and not label it as such, that what stat rape is about ffs.

  44. So do you just think I am lying. I distinctly remember being in 3rd grade and a group of us guys ( about 7 of us) sat around and discussed who we would want to have sex with. One girl kept coming up as the favorite. Then we discussed the best places to have sex. This happened over and over. How can you say 8 year olds don’t think about sex when I clearly remember so many of us doing it. Not just one kid, but lots of us.
    Do you not remember being 8? You cant say we were “hypersexualized” when we all did it. Also I learned about sex when i was 5 and another 5 year old said that our teachers legs were sexy. then we discussed sex. Even then, at age 5 i knew my teacher had sexy legs.
    Maybe you all developed slowly, but I am not lying when I say all the boys in my third grade class talked about sex all the time. I am simply just not lying.

  45. Derek, I have been having sex since I was about 2-years-old, so it is unlikely that I “developed slowly.” I recall being 8-years-old and the “talks” the other kids had about sex. Those “talks” were nothing like what I went through at home. Kids repeating phrases they have heard from adults or seen in a film is hardly 8-year-olds obsessing over sex. No child that young has any clue what sex actually is unless someone explains it to them very thoroughly or, like me, someone has sex with them.

  46. Here is the thing, at age 8 I distinctly remember wanting to stick my head in cindy crawfords boobs. All i thought about was getting her naked. You might not believe me but its true. I knew exactly what sex was and tried to sneak peeks at playboys any time that I could. Why is it so hard to believe? and on top of that, my parents/adults had never said anything to me about sex. If you don’t believe me, then you don’t. I don’t know why though because I am telling you specific thoughts that I had at that age that prove that at least I knew what sex was and more than anything, thought about naked girls. I know at that age, if a girl had approached me, I would have jumped on it.

  47. I don’t think anyone is saying you didn’t have these thoughts, Derek, I think we are both saying that these thoughts, for an 8 year old, don’t have their genesis in a typically sexually developing child. For an 8 year old to have these thoughts/urges/knowledge, they must be introduced, they generally do not naturally occur.

    Children that young *can* have a concept of what feels good sexually, that usually happens through exploration of their own bodies and leads to some sort of masturbatory behaviors, but they usually don’t know what they’re doing is ‘masturbating’ in order to have an ‘orgasm’; they just know if they touch themselves in this way, it feels good, and if they keep doing it, it feels *really* good.

    I don’t think anyone is denying your experience, I think we’re just saying that it isn’t usual and may have it’s origin in something else.

  48. Well I am here to tell you that it is normal and had no genesis in anything else. Every kid I have ever known was the same way. 8 is beyond old enough to start getting horny and liking naked girls. Its my opinion that if you aren’t thinking these things by age 8 then you aren’t normal. I have never, ever known a guy who doesn’t have those thoughts at that age.

  49. Derek, most 8-year-old boys do not even like being around girls. Until kids hit puberty, their “sexual” interest in other children is usually limited to “I’ll show you mine, so you show me yours”. Anything beyond that is simply a child mimicking behavior he sees, experiences, or gets taught. Sex is not something that just comes natural to people. It is like most human interactions: you will not know what to do until someone explains it to you.

  50. Toysoldier says:
    November 24, 2010 at 9:25 am

    Derek, most 8-year-old boys do not even like being around girls. Until kids hit puberty, their “sexual” interest in other children is usually limited to “I’ll show you mine, so you show me yours”. Anything beyond that is simply a child mimicking behavior he sees, experiences, or gets taught. Sex is not something that just comes natural to people. It is like most human interactions: you will not know what to do until someone explains it to you.

    Exactly what I was going to say TS.

    Sexual urges are natural, but unnamed until and unless someone names them for you, explains to you what they are and why you have them. Children at 8 are still very much in the “ewww you have cooties” phase….UNLESS they have already been taught/exposed to sexual knowledge, either due to abuse, geography/culture, religion or media.

    Children who have grown up in a more urban area, children who have older siblings and/or a certain family culture might very well be introduced to sex and sexuality at a young age….But even so, I would still argue that perhaps that isn’t even real sexual urge, it’s more of an interest in exploring or even just going along to get along with the older and/or more knowledgeable kids.

    If there was an 8 year old child on a deserted island with no outside influence, s/he would not have a conscious awareness of sex or an urge to fuck until many years later and even then probably wouldn’t be able to identify that urge in any meaningful way. (fixed tags – TS)

  51. Ok we will just have to agree to disagree. In my experiences – me and all (really every single one) of my friends were very sexually aware and even though we said girls had cooties, we really were very attracted to them.
    I need to add this though – and I can’t stress this enough: I had no outside influence. This was a naturally occurring thing in me. Sex isn’t defined socially. Its defined by nature. Kids are far more aware and far more mature than you give them credit for. We can debate this on to eternity. What isn’t debatable is that I know the conversations my friends and I had at very young ages and we really did know exactly what we were talking about. One night we were all at a sleep over in second grade and we all begged our hosts older sister to get naked. Then we watched “chucky” and kept rewinding the nude scene. That whole night revolved around sex.
    That happend at age 8. There is no debating that. So to say that these 8 year olds didn’t know what they were doing is absolutely wrong. My story proves 8 year olds know exactly what is going on and can be the ones to initiate it.

  52. *Thanks TS for getting my previous post sorted 🙂


    Can sexuality not be dually defined then? I would argue yes, that it is BOTH innate and learned. The urges are there, the nature of sexuality is present, children can and do explore their bodies, they learn through trial and error where it feels good to touch etc. Usually, that urge is expressed inwardly, onto their own selves (i.e. masturbatory behaviors etc), however, I would contend that the desire/ability to apply that urge outwardly (onto someone else, as with your example, the older sister), only becomes awakened by outside influence like having access to porn or witnessing some sexual behaviors or dialogue.

    About your previous post, was that the first time you and your friends had seen a nude seen in a movie? Or had you previously seen one, either by accident or design? The first time you remember seeing/hearing sexual behaviors, were you seeking it out or were you a passive witness or did someone say to you “hey, look at this”? That additional sexual input is, I think, the genesis of thinking sexually about others.

    I was a sexually precocious child as well, with no history of abuse whatsoever; and I was engaged in masturbatory behaviors at a young age, probably around 7. But others were never part of that scenario for me until a bit later, like age 10 or 11. When I was touching, I wasn’t fantasizing, and I wasn’t bringing myself to orgasm at that age (7), it was just something that felt good.

    I’m not saying that every child’s experience should be like mine (far from it), I’m saying that typically, they are usually not yours. I’m not negating your experience, just pointing out that it is not a typical time line for sexual awareness.

  53. Derek, I am not saying that it is impossible for an 8-year-old to know about sex. At that age I could have described a number of acts in detail. However, it is extremely unlikely that an 8-year-old intrinsically knows about the mechanics of sex. It is not information that a child would just know. That information comes from somewhere else, usually from an older person or by witnessing the act. So if a child watched sex scenes in movies, it is quite likely that child would “know” what sex was and may even want to re-enact what he saw. Yet, that does not mean the child could actually consent to or initiate sex.

  54. @Tasha
    I understand your point. Mine is that it had nothing to do with a feeling and everything to do with visual stimulation. I wanted to see boobs and nudity in females from a very young age. I wan’t alone in that.
    Regardless of how I was introduced, that didn’t negate that I (me & me only) was the sole decision maker in me wanting to see boobs.

    While I appreciate your opinions, there is no doubt that I could have consented and for sure initiated sex at that age. Regardless of how I learned about the mechanics, I wanted to rub bodies with a female. Knowing the mechanics isn’t important. In the story above, it didnt go into detail about what they did. Its irrelevant. The kids no doubt got excited about it and wanted to do it. If the older sister at the party I attended had offered, we would have all jumped it. That is consent. I (along with several others) tried to initiate. Same exact circumstances and I wanted it.

  55. The kids no doubt got excited about it and wanted to do it. If the older sister at the party I attended had offered, we would have all jumped it. That is consent. I (along with several others) tried to initiate. Same exact circumstances and I wanted it.

    Derek, that is not consent. A child will engage in a host of activities that feel good just because they feel good. If it were just about the immediate feeling, then the vast majority of what constitutes sexual abuse would never count as abuse. Most of it physically feels good and most children want to feel that feeling again. However, consent requires some actual understanding of what you are doing, not just a desire to do something.

    While I appreciate your opinions, there is no doubt that I could have consented and for sure initiated sex at that age. Regardless of how I learned about the mechanics, I wanted to rub bodies with a female. Knowing the mechanics isn’t important.

    Actually, it is. The mechanics of sex are not something a person just knows. There are only a few ways a person will come to know that information: witnessing it, being told about it, or experiencing it. As for whether you would have consented, most children who are molested consent to the sex. I consented to most of what I went through. However, most abuse is committed by a person the child likes, so it is hardly surprising that if some older child or an adult tells the child about a fun game the child will want to try it. If the child has been sexualized or previously abused, the child might even initiate the sexual activity. But this is not genuine consent. This is a child mimicking behavior or doing what they think is expected of them. This is why the details are relevant. If that girl abused the boys before or sexualized them in any way, then their “consent” has been tainted. They have essentially been coerced.

    I wanted to see boobs and nudity in females from a very young age. I wan’t alone in that. Regardless of how I was introduced, that didn’t negate that I (me & me only) was the sole decision maker in me wanting to see boobs.

    Looking at breasts is not the same as wanting sex. Children are naturally curious about other people’s bodies, and they also pick up social cues about whose bodies they should be interested in and things that are considered taboo. So a little boy wanting to see a naked woman is not surprising. The point is that a child does not choose to have sex as adults understand it, let along intrinsically know what sex is.

  56. You are describing kids that are consenting to adults who initiate. I am saying that I tried to initiate. Are you telling me any decision a kid makes is annulled because they aren’t “capable” of making a decision? That makes no sense. I was just as capable at 8 of making a decision and just as aware as I am now. I don’t know how you can say a child can initiate it but its not genuine consent. I can’t even argue with that because you are basically saying that kids cant make intelligent decisions. I think that is just wrong.
    P.S. I wasn’t “Curious” about boobs, I was turned on by boobs in the erotic sense. I was just as sexually mature at that age as I am now.

  57. Derek, I think what you are doing is what many people do in regards to female-perpetrated sexual abuse: they rationalize it and look at it from an adult perceptive. No 8-year-old is as sexually mature as an adult. They are not physically as mature and they are not mentally as mature. All of the available research on child sexuality demonstrates that a child is not sexually developed in an adult sense, and what understanding children do have of sex is limited.The only way a child would behave as you describe is if the child were exposed to sexual imagery or sexually abused. It is simply not going to happen on its own.

    The reason why children can initiate something without genuinely consenting to it because children easily be manipulated. A child may engage in an act because he thinks that is what the other person wants and the child wants that person to like him. A child will initiate an act because it is something he has learned to do in order to fit in. A child may initiate an act simply because he has seen it somewhere else and wants to try it. None of these mean the child necessarily wants to do the act, let alone understands the consequences of doing that act.

    This distinction is important because many abusers groom children over a period of time in order to get the child to “willingly” participate and initiate sexual acts. That process can be so covert that it would appear as if the child did start it, when in fact the abuser had laid the groundwork for weeks prior to the abuse. So in context to the article, how long had this girl known these boys? How long did she groom them before raping them? How did she frame what they were going to do? Did she make it out to be a game? Had she done this before? These are all the questions a person must ask because 8-years-old are not going to have sex all on their own.

  58. Derek, that is not evidence that 7-year-olds are sexually mature. It just shows that some young children may engage in sexual acts. Without knowing any of the children’s backgrounds, it would be unwise to assume they just “knew” about sex.

  59. How can a 15-year-old be charged with statutory rape when she herself is below the age of consent? These are just kids and they need to be educated, not locked up.

  60. I agree with Derek. I started masturbating at age 8 too, after discovering that if I rub my genitals it feels good. When home alone I used to skim through VHSs my dad had, trying to find a movie with a sex scene. And also masturbated while thinking about the girls in my class. All at age 8!

    Children are sexually active. *SHOCK!* *HORROR*. They are also perfectly capable of giving the consent, they also initiate the sex.

    Having sex with a minor doesn’t automatically make it rape. Rape is when intimidation or force is used. It may have been rape for you in your case, but it doesn’t mean that it’s always rape when a child has sex.

  61. Jay, there is a difference between a child discovering what feels good to his body or having an interest in sex and a 15-year-old girl using a group of 8-year-old boys.

    Legally speaking, anytime an adult has sex with a minor it counts as rape. Legally speaking, anytime a 15-year-old has sex with a child under 12 it counts as rape. Under the law, no one that young is capable of consenting to sex. There are also plenty of studies showing that children that age lack the ability to make informed consent and can be easily coerced into doing something, particularly if the act feels good.

  62. Look, you have a couple of people on here telling you that they knew they had sexual feelings at a very young age. I don’t know why you find this so hard to believe. Jay believed that he would have been perfectly able to consent, as do I. I knew and felt the same way about sex at age 8 as I do now. Of course people can be coerced. This can happen to anyone of any age. But those boys knew exactly what they were doing and liked it. Just like I would have and any other red blooded male.
    Just so I am clear, my sexual desire at age 8 was that I liked the way naked girls looked and wanted to see and touch them. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to but I wanted to anyway and tried to get them to let me look down their pants.
    Today my sexual desire is the same.

  63. Derek, I never said that children do not think about sex. I said that the way children think about it is much different than a teenager or an adult, and that it is easy to manipulate a child’s normal interest in sex.

    Secondly, looking back on the past and saying that this is how you felt is misleading. You are looking back on something with adult thinking and may place adult thinking on your childhood feelings. This is normal. If you talk to someone who has wanted to do something since they were a child, the way they explain that childhood interest is often far more complex than a small child would ever come up with. It is not because they are deliberately changing things, but that they are expressing their childhood interests in a more mature manner.

    Thirdly, there are dozens of studies demonstrating that 8-year-olds do not think of sex like adults. Wanting to see naked girls and touch them sounds like something an 8-year-old would think of. Wanting to put your penis in a girl’s vagina is something no 8-year-old would think of by himself. He would either have to be told about that, see it, or be sexually abused by a female to even know about it. It would never even occur to him to do that in the same way that it never occurs to an 8-year-old that white stuff comes out of penises.

    Finally, you have no idea whether the boys this girl raped liked it or not. What we can assume, however, is that because of social norms if those boys did not like it they would not say anything for fear of being ridiculed.

  64. Halfway through my 10th grade year I chose to switch schools from my local public high school to an expensive private JROTC Air Force Academy because I wanted to become a fighter pilot. There my 10th grade Old Testmant (!) teacher

    Why did you have an Old Testament teacher in an air force academy?!?

    (who was in her mid to late 20s) surprisingly came to my room one night in cotton atheltic short shorts and a t-shirt and said she wanted to help me study. She was also one of the track coaches for the school and said she wanted to teach me some excercises that she taught to her students which required me to follow her to the schools weight lifting room. There she told me to do squats which requried me to bend my legs and stick my butt out at her while she stood behind me to “spot me” and then she made me do leg presses which required me to lay almost flat on my back and to then push weights upwards with my legs. This made my shorts fall back to basically my butt cheeks exposing my entire legs and my boxer briefs and outlining my private parts. While I was doing this she said “you can do whatever you want to me” which I ignored. She then wanted me to play basketball with her. It was totally inappropiate like a scene out of a movie where a guy teaches a girl he’s interested in how to swing a bat which really just gives him an excuse to wrap his arms around her. It was exactly one of those types of situations.

    I think this woman believed in the patriarchal stereotype that men (including, apparently, 16-year-olds) always want sex. Constantly, 24/7. You know, “women can all the time, men want all the time”. Probably, she thinks to this day that you were just too shy to “do whatever you want”ed to her.

    Sometimes, this stereotype takes the extreme form of claiming that women have a very low sex drive, if any at all. Men who believe in this stereotype are probably rather sad people, because, as far as I can tell, most people want to be wanted — they want enthusiastic consent, not reluctant or grudging one. When such men further believe that rape is (or is primarily) about sex and not about power, they interpret a female rapist as a woman who, “at last”, wants sex… I suppose this explains the creepy comments above that actually cheer the rapist on.

    Eight year olds do not talk about sex. It is not even something they would know about, let alone obsess over.

    In less prude societies, where eight-year-olds don’t desperately want to see boobs because they’ve never seen a pair, they know some basics about sex, they tell each other about them, and they sometimes “obsess about it” as a source of swearwords (remember, new swearwords are inherently funny!), a source of knowledge to mock/bully each other with (“A loves B, hahaha”, while pointing fingers at A and/or B to humiliate them, becomes “funnier” when more detail is involved), or perhaps as a source of knowlege that one can show off. That eight-year-olds want to have sex, however, is just about impossible to imagine, and I remember being 8 years old. OK, fine, I personally generally developed late compared to most of my classmates, and just as some people develop very late, some surely develop very early (perhaps it’s similar to how some girls have their first menstruation at 9 while others take many years longer); but that early… *headshake*

    Sure, there are very young children who masturbate. But that doesn’t necessarily have anything at all to do with sexual desire. There are adult asexuals who masturbate, too.

    I have never, ever known a guy who doesn’t have those thoughts at that age.

    Then I see three possibilities:

    1) You know extremely few people;
    2) You’re lying;
    3) You’re misled — the guys you know who you think had sexual interests at that age were the buddies you mentioned, and they just imitated your behavior; you were the only one who wanted sex, and they just aped you because you sounded like you knew what you were talking about and because they didn’t want to be seen as less of a man than you (…that would be a patriarchal stereotype again, “man up”, “grow a pair”).

    Number 3 is probably the simplest explanation.

  65. Toysoldier, your latest comments are about the difference between consent and informed consent. Sex with less than fully informed consent is rape by trickery*, and children should by default be considered less than fully informed, as the law does. And that’s before we get to the difference in social power between pretty much any adult (or adolescent) and pretty much any child.

    * Example: a quack saying “having sex with me will cure you” and a patient actually falling for this. Has happened.

  66. So here I am, a victim of rape reading about how it’s not so bad because I’m male. It didn’t really hurt me. Besides, since I didn’t have cuts on my face and bruises on my knuckles that means I actually, really did, want it. Also, I enjoy this argument that “Kids are sexually aware that young!” means that there wasn’t rape. This is bullshit. I was sexually aware and I wanted to see boobies as much as the next boy, but that doesn’t mean I got fucking “lucky”.

  67. I wonder if Jay and Derek are also okay with older men and boys having sex with 8-9 year old girls?

    After all they’re probably interested in and ready for sex just like Jay and Derek were.

  68. The problem is that society is head-over-heels for “equality”…as long as it is a one-way street.

    I know of a man who had to work in a female-dominated job. They were awful to him! He was also told to committ discrimination against men & blacks, plus other stuff, and forced to work unpaid OT it seems. He managed to prove they committed perjury, withheld evidence, lied to court & to the labor board, sent documents on encrypted CD – evidence that the court ordered them to turn over – and the courts just put him out without a trial.

    He proved it was illegal & unconstitutional and violated many precedents, the rules on what is enough evidence to prevent that, etc., but even the Supreme Court refused to listen. It is totally corrupt & he proved it. A posting of his address to the U.S. supreme Court is on a site called “Supremely UNjust”, which also has proof of many govt peeps refusing to keep their oaths of office.

  69. In both case the kids were probably only playing doctor and checking out each others equipent. My friends and I played doctor when we were between 10 and 15 years old, but that was long before they had all these stupid assinine laws. If you look at a picture of a person in a magazine that appears to be under 16, (doesn’t matter if they are or not) you are a sex offender and this is federal law. I kow of a case wher the police stopped a person for suspicion of skipping school thiking he was about 12 years old but he had a drivers license indicating he was 37 years old.

  70. When I was 6, I was raped by a 14 year old girl moderately until I was 8, when I was fast enough to avoid her. This changed my whole childhood, and by the time I was 13, I was raped by 2 other fellow classmates (of course, girls) where they had taken me to the girl’s restroom. I lived through it, but the fact that girls can’t be charged for rape is stupid.

    Of course, I now look back and tell myself “was I lucky!”. However, After being raped when I was 6, I had problems socially and of course, mentally changed. The world was a black hole back then to me.

  71. Josh, I am sorry that happened to you. It is important for people to understand that rape is not something that only men do. Women and girls commit rape as well.

  72. Those are some lucky boys. I wouldve felt like a boss if a 15 year old girl had sex with me when i was 9

  73. Jack, child rape is not lucky, and at 9-years-old you would not have felt very good after you realized the girl did not care at all about you and would likely use what she did against you when it suited her.

  74. Girls 101: psychosocial and clinical characteristics of girls (10-17 years) with harmful sexual behaviours in New Zealand by Weedon, Victoria

    Other Title: A dissertation presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) in Psychology at Massey University, Albany, New Zealand, 2011 .

    Summary: “This research aims to understand the New Zealand “landscape fit” with the psychosocial and clinical characteristics of this population identified in international studies, and the subsequent call for gender-responsive treatment pathways. The descriptive statistics are intended to provide the New Zealand sexual abuse treatment sector with relevant information for treatment planning and the development of gender-responsive services in New Zealand.”



  75. Hey TS,
    I don’t think the people here are arguing that there should be a double standard wrt boys and girls.

    I think they are arguing that children can give consent/informed consent. You seem to disagree with this. And that’s fine. But some of your comments seem to worry about a double standard (which definitively exists in the world), but it has not been demonstrated in the comments left by Derek and Jay.

    I think whatever society decides upon with regards to children we should combat the double standard that exists. You article is certainly useful because it highlights how men’s/boy’s sexuality is demonized.

    I personally believe that I at least could have given informed consent when I was a child. Maybe I was a some sort of aberration. So I am not extrapolating my experience.

  76. Anon, it is not a question whether a child can give consent. Of course they can. My 12-year-old godson can consent to dozens of things. The issue is whether his consent comes from his own desire, whether he has been tricked, and whether he can understand what he is agreeing to.

    Informed consent is trickier because kids honestly do not understand things as well as people think they do. This happens all the time in courts where children are charged with serious crimes. That a child may be able to follow the legal proceedings (mental competence) does not mean they really understand what is going on. And that is not just for small children. This happens with 15 and 16-year-olds.

    Likewise, when we hear about grooming and how sex offenders will manipulate a child, we see this happening with teenagers, not just little kids. Again, it would appear that even though they are old enough to comprehend what it is they are doing, many young people do not truly understand the consequences of their actions. If that holds true with teenagers, then imagine the situation for an 11 or 10-year-old. They can certainly say yes to sex, but can we honestly say that is a decision they made on their own without pressure and can we say that it is a decision they really understand?

    I do not think so.

  77. “They can certainly say yes to sex, but can we honestly say that is a decision they made on their own without pressure and can we say that it is a decision they really understand?”

    I agree with the first part (about pressure). That is why despite what I have said, practicing pedophilia should be illegal in all cases. Because it is too easy to create false consent. IE make a child act as if she/he is consenting.

    The second part – about understanding, I think is irrelevant. There is nothing to understand beyond whether the experience is enjoyable or not. There are none great consequences of non-rape, that I believe are real.

  78. The second part – about understanding, I think is irrelevant. There is nothing to understand beyond whether the experience is enjoyable or not. There are none great consequences of non-rape, that I believe are real.

    But the problem is that sometimes there are consequences. Pregnancy is one of them. STDS is another. Potential prosecution is another, as is the chance for the child being exploited by an older, more experienced child. The kid might think they consented when they have actually been groomed into being willing to perform the act. That is why this is such a problem. That does not mean that kids cannot and do not experiment with each other. They certainly do. It is only to say that when this happens, especially when it is a teenager and a preteen kid, we need to be aware of possibility that the younger one may not be as eager as we think.

  79. I do not care if the boys DID consent. I also do not care if they even initiated the sex. The pig should have walked away. There is a big different with their mental capacity form 8 to 15? Don’t you think? That is why we all mature through our childhood. Parents should sue the child molester girl for all her parents are worth. Enough with the double standard. Girls take advantage of a boy’s penis being erect.

  80. Elizabeth K. Kubik PhD & Dr. Jeffrey E. Hecker PhD (2005): Cognitive Distortions About Sex and Sexual Offending: A Comparison of Sex Offending Girls, Delinquent Girls, and Girls from the Community
    Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 14:4, 43-69


    Cognitive distortions about sexual offending were examined in 11 girls who committed sexual offenses, 12 girls who committed non-sexual criminal offenses, and 21 girls with no history of sexual of non-sexual offending. Participants responded to 12 vignettes that described sexual contact between an adolescent girl and a younger boy. The vignettes varied with respect to the sexual contact portrayed and the victim’s response. Girls who had sexually offended were more likely to endorse statements reflecting the belief that the offender in a sexually aggressive vignette was not responsible for initiating the sexual contact. In addition, when the victim’s response to the sexual contact was clearly negative, and the degree of contact was more serious, girls who had sexually offended demonstrated more distorted beliefs about the victim than the other two groups. Similarities and differences between the current findings and studies of distorted thinking in male sexual offenders are discussed.


  81. It’s obvious in their posts that Derek and Jay were exposed to pornography at a young age, which affected their sexual interests and supports exactly what you’re saying, TS, about children having to be taught details about sex.

    “The second part – about understanding, I think is irrelevant. There is nothing to understand beyond whether the experience is enjoyable or not. There are none great consequences of non-rape, that I believe are real.”

    Sex is more than two bodies touching each other, and besides the obvious consequences of STDs and pregnancy, there are the long-term relational consequences your experiences will have for the rest of your life. Children are incapable of giving “informed consent” about something that will affect the rest of their lives- most of them barely understand how their actions will affect them in the next 24 hours.

  82. i.cable, I do not know if Derek and Jay saw porn as children. It is possible that they may have actually felt that way at the time or they may be projecting their current positions onto their childhood experiences.

  83. Society is on a downward spiral, and we are all fucked. I blame government and religion, but both of these are under the control of the illuminati, so it’s pretty clear to me where the blame belongs. Having said that, here’s a story: When I was a kid, back in the 70s, there was a neighbor girl who used to babysit me. I have no idea how old I was, or how old she was, I just remember that my parents trusted her to watch over me. She was always nice, far as I can remember, not mean in any kind of way, but she would take me into the bathroom with her. I won’t go into graphic detail, but suffice it to say that nowadays it would be considered molestation, inappropriate touching, statutory rape, etc. To be honest, I liked it. It never seemed menacing or scary in any way. It seemed like a game, a very special secret game. I don’t know how long it went on for, just that eventually she wasn’t my babysitter anymore, and no other ones ever did it after her. I never told my parents about it, because it was our special thing.
    It’s all a matter of how one perceives things from one’s own unique personal perspective. One individual’s idea of what is moral and immoral may not necessarily be the same as another individual’s. I would subject it to this test: Is it uncomfortable? Does it cause pain? If yes, it’s probably not good. This test can be applied over a broad range of subjects. That’s my opinion, take it or leave it, like it or lump it.

  84. This society is crazy. Just because females aren’t as strong as males does not make them helpless victims in every case.

  85. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/09/norwalk-math-tutor.html



    BELLFLOWER — A 13-year-old molestation victim pleaded with a judge Monday to give Kumon Math & Reading teacher who molested her “what he deserves.”

    “I’m not confident, I’m not comfortable socializing with anybody and it’s hard to trust people,” said the girl, whose name was withheld because she is a victim of a sex crime by her Kumon teacher.

    Her statement came at the sentencing of her molester, Frank Chung, a 63-year-old local man who molested her and allegedly two other girls at his Norwalk Kumon Math & Reading tutoring business.

    “I just want what he deserves,” the victim calmly but quietly told Bellflower Superior Court Judge Leland Tipton moments before Chung was sentenced to eight years in prison.

    The 13-year-old victim is one of three girls who told authorities they were attacked by Chung at the Kumon Tutoring Center, and she was the first victim to come forward, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Detective Rudy Acevedo.

    Chung was arrested Sept. 8, and charged with lewd acts with a minor based on the allegation he molested the 13-year-old on a number of occasions at the Kumon learning center.

    When news of his arrest broke, the other two victims came forward and additional counts were added to the charge, Acevedo said.

    Chung pleaded no contest to a single count related to the first victim in exchange for eight years behind bars.

    Upon his release, Chung will be placed on three years parole and the charge, considered a violent sexual offense, leaves a strike on Chung’s record, said Acevedo, who is assigned to the Special Victims Bureau.

    The defendant is the owner of the Kumon Learning Center and worked there for five years with children providing after-school Kumon Math & Reading tutoring, according to the criminal complaint.

    He worked in a similar capacity at Kumon learning centers in Northern California for the past 25 years, bringing him in contact with countless children, detectives said.

  86. Page last updated at 20:29 GMT, Wednesday, 20 May 2009 21:29 UK
    E-mail this to a friend Printable version

    Girls’ violent attack on two boys

    A pregnant 16-year-old has been given two years’ youth custody for leading a “shocking” attack on two boys aged nine and 10 in August last year.

    Cardiff Crown Court heard the girl, then 15, and two others, aged 12 and 11, beat and stripped the boys after forcing them from a park into woodland.

    All three pleaded guilty to two counts of false imprisonment and assault.

    The youngest, now 12, was given a two-year supervision order. The other girl, now aged 13, will be sentenced later.

    The sentencing hearing at the court was told the girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had intended to film what became a “violent, humiliating attack” on the two boys.

    Susan Ferrier, prosecuting, said the boys had been playing in the park at around 1300 BST on 22 August last year when they were approached by the girls.

    She said the boys had later described the “shocking attack,” with the eldest girl “at the helm”.

    She said the youngest boy described how he thought the older girl was going to push him off a slide and that when two passing women tried to intervene he was ordered to tell the woman he and the girl were cousins.

    The girl then grabbed the older boy’s hair and pulled him down the slide, she said.

    “They were made to walk to woodland, to a concealed area, frogmarched by the three. They had no alternative but to go with them.

    “In the bushes they were subjected to a violent, humiliating attack.

    ‘Covered in blood’

    “A stick was broken and used by [the oldest girl] to strike [the nine-year-old] to the face and strike both boys. They were told to remove their clothing.”

    Ms Ferrier said the boys were then told to kiss each other and perform a sex act on each other.

    A stick was pushed down one boy’s throat and smoke was blown in their faces, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

    Ms Ferrier said: “At one stage they were told to run naked in a field and took the opportunity to run straight back to the house.

    Both boys knocked on the door of the youngest’s home and his mother opened the door to find them “naked, covered in blood and clearly in a state”.

    She said they both then ran upstairs and hid under the bed.

    ‘A laugh’

    Ms Ferrier said the evidence had come from the younger boy as the 10-year-old’s father was not prepared to let him be spoken to about the matter.

    She said when the oldest girl was interviewed by police, she denied instigating events but said it was “a laugh”.

    The court heard they intended to film the incident, but because they did not have a camera, they pretended to use a purse to record the events.

    All three pleaded guilty to two charges of false imprisonment of the boys and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

    The eldest girl also pleaded guilty to battery and two counts of inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

    She was sentenced to two years detention, must register as a sex offender for five years, and was disqualified from working with children.

    The youngest girl, now 12, who was described as “exceptional” at school, was given a two-year supervision order.

    The other girl, now aged 13, will be sentenced at a later date.



    The mother of one of Amber Roderick’s previous victims had warned that the teenager would attack again.

    Roderick abused two boys, aged nine and ten, in Cardiff in 2008 and relatives of the younger victim sat in the public gallery during today’s sentencing at Reading Crown Court.

    Outside court the boy’s mother told how she had warned probation after the original assault that she believed the sexual predator would attack again.

    The boy’s mother said: ‘We are just so happy that she got what she deserved – I think it’s closure for us but I did think perhaps she would do it again.

    ‘It’s been bad. We haven’t been too well over the last couple of months now, with it all coming back. I did say to probation it would happen again.

    ‘My son is not good. He hasn’t coped with what happened. He still does get worried and he doesn’t go out really because he’s afraid.’

    The distraught mother-of-three recalled how Roderick had led a gang of two other girls, both 12 at the time, bullying the young boys in the park before kidnapping them.

    The youngsters were taken to a wooded area where they were beaten, her son had a stick forced down his throat and they were then made to perform oral sex on each other.

    Roderick, aged 15 at the time, was sent to a young offenders’ institute for two years after the attack, despite falling pregnant in the months that followed.

    The boy’s mother even mounted a campaign to stop Roderick being released early and moving back to Tremorfa, in Cardiff, where the attack took place.

    Her calls were successful when the youth was released only after serving the two-year term and did not move back to the area.

    Roderick committed the latest offence shortly after being release


  87. This story was published | 6 months ago March 28, 2014 12:25PM

    Girls tortured autistic boy at construction site in Townsville

    THE mother of an autistic boy, who was tortured in a “depraved” attack by two teenage girls, has told a court it breaks her heart that she couldn’t protect him on that day.

    The 12-year-old boy says he has nightmares after the assault, and asks his mother why they targeted him.

    The boy was enticed into a construction site by the girls, aged 13 and 14, where they stripped him naked, made him eat human faeces and smeared it over him.

    The girls, who can’t be named, also punched and kicked him and sexually abused him in the attack at Kalynda Chase, Queensland on July 15, 2012.

    The boy’s mother said her son would never be the same.

    “He asks me ‘why me mum, why me?’,” she said.

    “It breaks my heart … what can you say to a little boy when you should be able to protect him?

    “As his mum this has caused me so much hurt and pain that I couldn’t protect my boy from such disgusting, life-threatening, revolting acts.”

    The girls, now aged 14 and 16, pleaded guilty this week to torture, deprivation of liberty, attempted rape and assault occasioning bodily harm.

    Both girls broke down in tears when Crown Prosecutor Kelly Stone detailed the grisly details.

    Each of them have written a letter of apology to the boy’s family.

    Judge Stuart Durward SC adjourned their sentence overnight, to clarify a part of a psychological report.

    In the section, the younger 14-year-old defendant was reported to laugh after being asked by a psychologist about the events on July 15, 2012.

    The girl then said “when I get out (of detention) I’m going to find the little c— and bash him”.

    The boy’s mother told her son’s attackers how they’d changed her family’s lives.

    “Those days of (my son) enjoying his outdoor life has gone … he lost his smile for a whole year,” she said.

    “This has been replaced by a young boy too afraid to go out on his own, unsure of everyone.”

    Barristers Viviana Keegan and Claire McKinnon described each girl’s upbringing as tough, with both of them in state care at the time of the attack.

    Both girls, who are not related, made allegations of being sexually abused when they were younger but the claims never progressed to court.

    The 14-year-old girl has been in more than 50 different foster homes, and at one stage was bashed by her father so severely she required a full body cast.

    Ms McKinnon said her father received a wholly suspended jail sentence for the attack.

    A case worker told the court the 14-year-old girl hardly sees her younger brothers as they are both too scared to see her.

    Mr Stone, for the prosecution, said the attack was depraved.

    “While the physical injuries suffered by the complainant are not the most serious … the depravity of the conduct in relation to the psychological pain takes it to that level of seriousness,” he said.

    Their sentence will resume today.


  88. The Underwear Rule – for children with Autism

    The National Autistic Society (NAS) in conjunction with the NSPCC have created a version of the NSPCC’s campaign entitled The Underwear Rule especially for parents of autistic children.

    The campaign aims to arm parents with the information and knowledge in order to teach their children who are on the autistic spectrum about sexual abuse.

    Research has found that children who are disabled are three times more likely to be victims of abuse. The NAS and NSPCC are encouraging parents to talk openly with their children about PANTS, which is described below.

    ‘Privates are private
    Always remember your body belongs to you
    No means no
    Talk about secrets that upset you
    Speak up, someone can help’

    Director of The National Autistic Society’s Centre for Autism, Carol Povey, said:

    “Children living with autism often have social difficulties which can make them more vulnerable to abuse than their peers. They may find it harder to interpret other people’s motivations or struggle to recognise situations in which they are being taken advantage of.”

    For further information about the No Underwear Rule campaign please visit the NAS website here:



  89. Now that they have the girl in jail somebody should on the inside slip-up and put her in the biggest boy’s housing they have & forget her for a week,

  90. Highinhawaii, no.

    No one should rape her in prison. Rape is wrong, regardless of who it happens to. It should never be a punishment.

    Do not suggest such a thing again, either on this blog or anywhere else.

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  92. This whole thing is crazy. Between sexually repressed/oppressed parents, and our shitty legal system and all of the stigma about sex oh my god what a god damn mess. You know the world is completely fucked up beyond the point of saving when the parents of the boys, the parents of the girl, and the fucking judge couldn’t sit in a damn room and talk about the whole situation. Make sure that no one was harmed, evaluate the maturity level of the girl, and the boys, and INFORM her, and the boys too, with clear concise, non-threatening language about what sex and sexuality are. Educate them as to the importance of consenting vs. non consenting, and enlighten them (mostly her of this part) about what it means to have a balance of power when engaging in sex with partners. But look at this through the lens of real fucking every day life… She was a stupid 15 year old girl, probably growing up in some stupid small town having little guidance or even a crappy home life. And if not, well, just being 15 is screwed up enough in our world today jeesus. So, she had poor judgement and messed around with a few boys that she knows in her town. The one kid was 11 she was 15. Big deal. 4 years difference? My father was 12 years older than my mother. In fact, the first time I had sex I was 11 years old and the girl who talked me into it was 14. Okay so the one boy was 8 years old. So what? He pretended that he was grossed out by it because shes a girl, but it was only when he became embarrassed because his 10 and 11 year old buddies were able to stick it in her and he couldnt get it up yet so he ran home and cried to his mommy. So ruin all of their lives with this event because now they are all going to be effected in a negative way over this whole thing. Especially her. The way our society is she will be labeled as a slutty little kid who had sex with “children.” Poor girl.

  93. There is a tendency to view girls who display harmful sexual behaviour primarily as ‘victims’ and boys as ‘perpetrators’. Despite cultural resistance to perceive girls and young females as abusers, over the 3 year project we have seen our referral rate for girls increase significantly from 8% in 2010/2011 to 25% in 2014/2015. Behaviours displayed by girls participating in the research did not differ significantly to those displayed by boys attending the service.

    Expert testimony to inform NICE guideline development
    Institution/Organisation: Barnardo’s

    Subject of expert testimony: Harmful Sexual Behaviour – the development of standardised assessment tools and intervention resources for girls who have engaged in harmful sexual


  94. Really? You think it’s “ridiculous” she spends a mere seven years in jail at most (yes, at most: she’s a minor and female in a gynocentric society full of damselling feminists) for destroying the childhood of several children not even Ten! years old – and that’s not even considering any lasting psychological, emotional, and/or developmental harm she has caused them. But boo-hoo, princess may end up havin to face a punishment that could be considered (at the default sentence of life withot parole) approaching equal to the crime (including the crime’s consequences upon “society” – i.e. the children and their families) for once in a woman’s life in America. Oh noes!
    Opinions like that are the reason female sexual abusers are glossed over and ignored in the legal systems of the majority of the world: you’re more concerned with how the criminal will handle their sentence than how the victims will handle the rest of their damaged lives after something so abhorent.

  95. I agree with Highinhawaii. If the girl wanted to be an adult so badly, using boys younger to do it, let’s get her some grown men to please her. There are plenty of them looking for a pretty young thing like her. I hear it all the time. Why do you think there are men who yell at them on the street? A 15 year old girl is pretty much nectar in a flower preparing to bloom.
    Besides, what does anyone on this site care? At least she would learn her lesson. Isn’t that what this page is about? Getting justice?


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