Music That Inspires v.7

It has been months since I did one of these. I do not know if anyone remembers the animated film The Land Before Time. I certainly did not. However, my older cousin swore that we used to watch it when we were children. I still did not believe him, which he found incredibly odd since I remembered watching Animalympics and even remembered the theme song (We Made It To The Top) almost verbatim. So he tracked down a clip on youtube. It turned out to be the montage of shots from the film, but the audio was Diana Ross singing If We Hold On Together. Strangely enough, I could remember the rhythm and most of the words to the song. The movie was still vague, but we got bought it on DVD (it is only $10, so if you are looking to watch a solid animated film without song and dance numbers and something not by Pixar, this is a good pick).

Having watched it again, I do find it weird that I could not remember the film because it brought back a lot of memories watching it. However, once it got to the end and to the song I think I know why I did not recall it. Back then I thought the song was about dying. It scared me, though I am not exactly sure why. Now that I am older I can see that the song really is not about that, but I guess that just shows where my mind was at that time.

At any rate, If We Hold On Together is a very beautiful song:

Although I still have a special place for We Made It To The Top:

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