Woman Admits to Raping Boy

Back in December I posted an article about a woman who raped a boy at a “safe” women’s shelter. The shelter provided the woman with three months protection as they refused to aide police in finding the pedophile.


Veronica Bullock pleaded guilty to one count of sexual abuse of a minor in exchange for four other sex-related counts being dismissed against her.

If Judge Nanette Warner of Pima County Superior Court accepts Bullock’s guilty plea, Bullock could get probation or up to 7 1/2 years in prison. Bullock may also be required to register as a sex offender.

Of course, the pedophile’s lawyer—probably provided by the shelter—managed to have very incriminating statements barred. In all likelihood this pedophile will walk away with only probation thanks to the efforts of the women’s shelter.

That is perhaps the most confounding element of this case. Women’s shelters are supposed to prevent violence and yet they instead protect female pedophiles and abusers, therein promoting and condoning violence. To date, no one has done a study on the prevalence—or the acceptance—of female violence within women’s shelters, so one can only imagine what the rate actually is.

UPDATE: Thanks to some fancy lawyering, child-rapist Veronica Bullock must spend a total of 30 days in jail. This is after going the run for three months and after having the women’s shelter cover for her. She of course must register as a sex offender, which at this point seems more like an obligatory response rather than an actual punishment. The difference between what as asked for by the prosecutor (five years) and what was handed down is a further example of the bias that exists within our court system. More disturbing is this now convicted rapist will likely retain custody of her two children.

While I typically do not favor mandatory minimums, in cases like these it would be best to have a three-year minimum that would prevent this sort of legal maneuvering. I do not want to remove or obscure anyone’s rights to due process or hinder anyone’s ability to plead guilty, but the slap-on-the-wrist sentences for raping boys needs to stop. Allowing female pedophiles to walk not only sends the message that their behavior is acceptable, but it allows them to prey on more children. As any psychologist familiar with sex offenders would tell you, failure to punish known sex offenders will only increase their confidence and likelihood for committing future offenses.

NEW UPDATE: Apparently Bullock’s probation was thrown out because she admitted to using drugs and alcohol. As a result, the child rapist will have to spend five years in prison. She claimed that she had no idea how old the victim was due to her intoxicated, however, an interview with the victim apparently suggested otherwise.


8 thoughts on “Woman Admits to Raping Boy

  1. toysoldier,

    thanks for your continued efforts to bring to the surface the problems male victims suffer.

    much appreciated.

    Hans Side

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  3. Obvious by ommission was any punishment for the women’s advocates for obstructing justice. Jail time for all of them.

  4. I bet the shelter’s solution would be to barr male children from being present in the shelter, rather than be more vigilant and turn-in offenders.

  5. Funny you should say that Schala, because there are already instances of 12 y/o old boys being barred from shelters where their mothers have gone – to troubling for the other women who might have a pathological fear of “men” – 12 years old! Who but a pedophile sees a 12 year-old boy as a man? No characterization of man-fear as pathological, no concern at all for the welfare of a child!

  6. I recall a feminist named Bean telling me that the policy at the shelter she volunteers at is to allow known women child abusers to remain in the shelter even while being investigated and to allow women suspected of abusing children (either in the shelter or prior to coming to the shelter) to leave either before or without ever notifying the authorities. When I asked if she thought that it was a good idea to allow women who abused and raped children to go before anyone was called, that is whether it put the children at risk, her response was that the shelter’s priority was to protect women from abuse, so even if the woman was an abuser her needs would take priority.

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