Woman accused of years-long abuse of adopted teen

The 16-year-old boy said she ordered him to strip naked, then bound his hands with packing tape and beat him relentlessly.

Then, authorities allege, his adoptive mother locked him in a bathroom and cut the power, leaving him bloodied, broken and bruised as she left the house.

The beating Sunday was just the latest in a three-year pattern of savagery that happened inside the home in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood in Hernando County, authorities said.

The abuse was gruesome, so this is a fair warning in case anyone maybe triggered:

The boy told authorities the beatings increased in frequency and severity in recent weeks. They culminated Sunday when she beat him with a 3-foot-long, inch-thick block of wood and a metal-tipped water hose, sheriff’s reports state.

The assault broke his right forearm and cut and bruised him on nearly every part of his body. The sheriff said the lacerations on the boy’s buttocks were so bad that “there was no way this young man could even sit down.” Medical workers also found scars from previous beatings on his body.

What is staggering is that the woman was released on $15,000 bond. Had this been a man, the bond would have been higher. In fact, that is true in this case:

Tai-Ling Gigliotti and her boyfriend, Anton Angelo, were arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and false imprisonment last week.

Gigliotti, 50, was released on a $15,000 bond. Her attorney did not reply to messages seeking comment, and no one answered when a reporter visited her home. Angelo, 45, was released on a $50,000 bond. Available public records don’t show if he has an attorney. He refused comment when approached by reporters after his arrest Thursday.

According to the MSNBC article, all Angelo did was take the piece of wood away from the boy when the boy grabbed it to protect himself and Angelo did this at Gigliotti’s command. From the reports given by the boy, only his aunt abused him. So why was Angelo given the higher bond?

As much as the authorities may seek to get justice for this boy (who was beaten so severely that he could not even sit down), unfortunately it looks like gender politics will be at play and his aunt may serve less time than her boyfriend even though only she abused this boy.

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