Teachers in sex scandal to undergo evaluations

It is typical in sexual abuse cases for defense attorneys to make excuses for their clients’ behavior. The excuses no know bounds, and with a creative enough attorney, a person accused of such a crime could get away with it. However, the most insidious form of defense that people accused of sexual abuse against children is blaming the child. Again, this is an unfortunately typical tactic, but in this instance it is rather disgusting.

As previously mentioned in another post, two women stand accused of raping the same thirteen-year-old. The case was reported by one of the women who arranged a meeting with the police and confessed to her acts with the boy. Now that the story is making the rounds in the media, both women’s attorneys have a new explanation for the women’s behavior — they both have mental problems:

Two teachers charged with rape in a junior high school sex scandal will be undergoing mental health evaluations, their attorneys told the Deseret News.

Both women are accused of having a sexual relationship with the same boy, beginning when he was 13.

“We want to get all the information,” said Sean Druyon, the lawyer for Linda Nef. “When you look at this at first blush, here’s a 40-something-year-old woman, here’s a 13-year-old, almost 14-year-old boy, ‘What was she thinking? She must be a pedophile.’ That’s not always the case.”

Valynne Bowers’ attorney, Rich Gallegos, said he will ask for a psychosexual evaluation for his client but said she was not a predator.

“I think there’s some psychological issues,” he said Tuesday. “The kid is clearly a victim, but I think these ladies were somewhat vulnerable.”

In other words, its really the women who are the real victims.

The ridiculousness does not stop there. Nef’s attorney goes on to state that he will also request that the victim be examined because:

[…]Druyon said Nef wanted to come forward much sooner than she did, but he said she was afraid because the boy had threatened to harm himself.

“When she came in to see me, she wasn’t sure if she could protect the child and confess,” he said.

Nef told him that the relationship began after the boy had left her class, Druyon said.

“Nothing inappropriate happened when there was a student-teacher relationship, but the next year the boy continued to have contact with the teacher,” he said. “He was dealing with his own emotional issues, and she acted as a counselor to him to help him through the problems he was having, and one thing led to another.”

Druyon said there were after-hours phone calls, visits between classes, meetings after hours and text messages.

“Her role went from former schoolteacher trying to help him, and one thing led to another,” Druyon said.

One thing did not lead to another. Nef  is a pedophile and she took advantage of a vulnerable boy who trusted her enough to confide in her. Druyon ought to be more concerned with whether the boy confided in Nef that he was being raped by another teacher, because if he did, that would demonstrate that Nef’s actions are not anywhere near as innocent as he and she are attempting to portray them.

For all Druyon’s attempts to maintain that the boy is the victim, he is very obviously attacking the boy and presenting his client as the real victim.  Curiously, Druyon never mentions anything that demonstrates that his client is remotely mentally unhealthy. In fact, he presents the exact opposite. He presents a woman who medthodically grooms a boy, rapes him for six months, ditches him when she is done and then uses the boy’s emotional distress against him. When Druyon’s client’s guilt finally gets the best of her, she does not report it immediately. Even when she claims she found out about the boy being raped by another woman, she does not step forward. Instead, she waits another nine months before coming forward and only then to claim she did so out of “concern” for the boy.

That does not sound like a person suffering from any mental issues. It sounds like a clear thinking, methodical person.

The unfortunate part in this is that because the two pedophiles in the is case are female, this tactic will probably work. Nef will likely walk with no jail time and probably not even requirement to register as a sex offender because she came forward. Bowers will likely get the same thing, if for no other reason than the state probably just wants this case to go away. It was mentioned in the article that prosecutors think it is too earily to discuss plea deals, however, the mentioning of it and their apparent willingness to “appreciate the cooperation, and [ full intention] to take that into account” suggests otherwise.

Unfortunately it looks like these women will get a slap on the wrist while their victim will get all the blame.

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