Mother denies abusing son

I posted about the case of a woman abusing her adopted son a few weeks ago. As was expected, the woman denies that any abuse ever occurred. Her attorney, however, takes it a step further:

The 16-year-old boy told authorities a harrowing story about how his adoptive mother abused him for three years.

It escalated last month, authorities say, when she beat him with a 3-foot piece of wood and a metal-tipped water hose and then locked him in a bathroom, naked and bloodied.

But the mother’s attorney on Tuesday called the allegations a lie and labeled the boy a “pathological liar or a sociopath.”

The assertion by John H. Feiner, a former federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, was the first made on behalf of Tai-Ling Gigliotti, who entered a not guilty plea in a Hernando County courtroom.

The emphasis is mine. I thought it was worth noting that the Feiner, says some rather horrible things about the victim, was previously a federal prosecutor who may have handled cases involving abused children. Feiner goes on to state:

“It wouldn’t suit the case to try this case in the press, of course,” he said outside the courtroom. “I submit the press has done a pretty good job” already of convicting Gigliotti.

But, Feiner continued, “The press has not considered that the victim may be a pathological liar or a sociopath. We expect to prove in the course of this case that the account is untrue and that my clients are innocent.”

Feiner is also representing Anton Angelo, Gigliotti’s live-in boyfriend, who faces charges similar to those against Gigliotti. Angelo will appear before a Hernando County judge next Tuesday.

Pressed for details about inaccuracies in the boy’s story, Feiner refused to elaborate. “It will come out at trial,” he said.

Again, my emphasis.

Feiner’s claim is not unusual for attorneys defending accused child abusers. Many attorneys will claim that the victim lied or distorted the truth. However, how probable is it that the boy broke his own right forearm, cut and bruised him most of his body and left wounds on his on behind that were so bad that ‘there was no way this young man could even sit down’? That is a lot for the boy to lie about, along with the police and doctors who documented the boy’s wounds and scars. For that matter, even if that were true, how would that make the boy a sociopath? Would it not make him a masochist since the only person harmed was him?

Of course, Feiner hides behind the “it will come out at trial” line. I await to hear him try to claim that the boy fabricated his abuse at the hands of this sadistic woman. Let us see if Feiner will have a psychologist examine the boy to explain how the boy is a sociopath, a term that is not clinically applied to anyone under eighteen. Yes, let us hear that kind of explanation, just so Feiner can ensure that his client spends a very long time in prison.

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