Teacher Says She’s Innocent

I recall reading one of the follow-up articles written about Melissa Huckaby that female child rapists do not really prey on preteen children. That sounds quite improbable, although the basis of such a claim comes primarily from the reported assaults. The younger the child, the less likely the child may speak about the abuse to someone, which may result in the skewed statistics.

Of course, when a woman is accused of raping a child under 12, one would assume that no one would refer to such an act as “sex,” i.e. no one would imply that a child that young was a willing participant. However, one would be mistaken:

A Creekside Elementary teacher’s assistant charged with having sex with a student made her first court appearance Thursday morning.

The Durham Police Department says Gina Marie Watring, 40, had intercourse with the child on at least two occasions in April – the first, three weeks ago and a second last Tuesday. It would not comment about where the incidents happened.

A source told Eyewitness News the victim is a 10-year-old boy

Watring faces two counts of first-degree sex offense with a student. Thursday, a judge refused to lower Watring’s bond and left it set at $100,000.

The police were notified after the school found a note written by the boy to his alleged rapist. The boy’s cell phone was later checked and several messages from and to Watring were found.

If this woman did rape this 10-year-old boy, then it serves as a good example of how female pedophiles engage in the same behavior and patterns that male pedophiles do. The boy, based on his own words, clearly thinks he is in love with this woman and that she loves him. His note to her suggests that she may have even confided in the boy about her personal issues, prompting him to write, “I’d never do anything to hurt u.” Who knows what else she did or said to her victim to make him think she actually cares.

Had the note not been found, it is quite likely that the boy’s mother’s concerns would have gone unheeded. That said, it is a good sign that Watring’s bail was not reduced, meaning that she must pay 10k to get out on bail. That keeps her put and keeps her from potentially contacting the boy.

What is particularly interesting are the comments of support several people who claim to know Watring made below the article. It is interesting because it is quite rare to hear anyone excuse a man accused of child rape by saying because he is married, has children and a respectable job that he might be innocent, as if any of those things in and of themselves denote innocence. That is not to say people have not or do not say such things about men, only that it is not that common and that automatic, especially when the teacher’s behavior is obviously questionable.

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