More on two high teachers who raped the same victim

Two Bountiful Junior High teachers are accused of raping the same boy. Both claim to have been unaware of the others actions. As previously mentioned, both women’s attorneys claimed that the women suffered from mental problems. Now, the attorney for Bowers claims that the “relationship” was consensual:

“The charges in this case now don’t fit the facts,” said Rich Gallegos, defense attorney for Valynne Bowers […] There was no force. There wasn’t even any deception as far as I’m concerned,” attorney Gallegos said […] “In my opinion he’s an advanced 14-year-old,” Gallegos said […] According to Gallegos, Valynnes Bowers didn’t commit rape but committed a lesser crime because the boy consented.

Nef’s lawyers tried another angle claiming:

Lawyers for a former Bountiful Junior High teacher accused of sexually abusing a student say she did not start the relationship and her victim does not want to see her prosecuted.

Linda Nef is charged with rape of a child and sodomy on a child for allegedly having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy from the school.

Nef has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her, and her lawyer tells the Deseret News she is not a pedophile and, at most, should be given probation if a plea deal can be worked out.

In Nef’s case, there might actually be an issue with the lawyers’ claim about the victim not wanting to prosecute if Nef has contacted or spoken with him. Part of the reason a lot of male victims in cases like these refuse to participate is because of the news coverage and how they get treated as a result.

It is not that surprising to the attorneys playing the “it’s not abuse/he started it” angle. The disturbing part is that it will probably work. Neither one of these women are very likely going to serve time in jail or prison. They may not even get probation. The other sad part about this is that the boy’s age can be used against him even though not much time had passed between the two women raping him. The idea that he is more “advanced” is just code that he looks like an adult, so it is not abuse. It is a curiously sick element about the this defense precisely because it generally works. Judges, male and female, typically buy this nonsense and prosecutors tend to be eager to accept the lowest plea deal offers rather than ensure that women cannot prey on children again.

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