Are there women pedophiles?

This is a topic that many people do not want to discuss. It is something that is often so difficult to mention that even when people do talk about it they add the caveat that “mostly men are pedophiles.” Rarely is that based on any factual information as most victims of sexual abuse, particularly of female abusers, do not report their abuse. Rather, it is an assumption based on people’s unwillingness to view women as sexual aggressors.  A recent article from the BBC addressed this issue:

Women can commit a wide range of sexual offences, [Steve Bevan] says, including rape. And their victims commonly experience sexual confusion and a fear of intimacy. Anger can manifest itself as violence towards a wife or girlfriend in later life.

By its very nature the true picture of child abuse is unclear. But with women perpetrators it’s even more so. Convictions are thin on the ground and some believe the issue is an unhelpful distraction from the bigger problem.

Experts agree that women commit only a fraction of child sexual abuse but so much is hidden that it’s difficult to be accurate. An influential study in the US in the 1980s suggested 20% of all offences against boys and 5% against girls were by women.

A 2005 study suggested that women are responsible for nearly 40% of rape and sexual assault against boys. The rate against girls went up only 1%, but one must wonder how much social views about women played a role in keeping girls and women from considering those acts as rape and sexual assault. The article addresses this point as well:

In 2005, the [National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children] raised concerns about how disbelief of female paedophiles was hindering detection. Its report said child protection professionals too often met allegations of abuse by females with incredulity, dismissing them as fabrication and allowing women to continue to offend.

It also said that victims suffered a peculiar sense of isolation and stigma because this form of abuse was not so widely recognised.

Eight-hundred victims of female sexual abuse have contacted Michele Elliott, founder of children’s charity Kidscape, since she wrote her controversial book, Female Sexual Abuse of Children, in 1992. Three-quarters of the cases feature women acting alone.

“One of the issues of controversy is the thinking that if women do this, it’s because men made them do it,” says Ms Elliot.

“I disagree with that. I think there’s no difference in the motivation between men and women, which is sexual gratification and power over a child. It’s very selfish.”

In her book, Elliott mentioned the myth that women act alone over and over again. There simply is no credible information that proves that women primarily abuse children only when a man forces them to, especially when one considers that the same researchers admit that most victims do not come forward. That notion seems to be based on the reported instances, most of which are cases where the women have been extended plea deals in exchange for their testimony. There is no telling how many of those cases were resulted from the police, prosecutors and psychologists buying into those women’s lies and those people ignoring the recollection of children who said the women were more involved or the primary abuser.

What is interesting is that the professionals opinion of the behavior of female pedophiles does not seem to match how the women actually think of themselves. The professional community tends to present female pedophiles as victims who genuinely do care about the children the rape. However, one of the hallmarks of pedophile behavior is the assumption that the abuse is not abuse, that the pedophile actually cares for or loves the victim. They rationalize their actions as not as bad as other offenders. Unsurprisingly, female pedophiles do the same thing, except they compare themselves to men:

Like male paedophiles, many female offenders convince themselves they are not harming children, says psychologist Sharon Lambert who this month presented her research on the subject to the British Psychological Society’s annual conference.

She contacted a number of people through a website specifically aimed at women. There were no indecent images posted but there were stories and poems about their sexual fantasies with children and a forum for women to discuss their feelings and how they could avoid detection.

“They would say they’re not as bad as men because they’re more loving with their impulses, and a male involved with a child is more abusive.”

The article goes on to mention that some female pedophiles might be victims of abuse. A male survivor recounts what his abusive mother told him about her past:

Unlike Ms Lambert’s studies, some perpetrators seem also to be victims. Colin’s mother told him she was a victim of sexual abuse from her father, sometimes describing it to him in detail moments before indecently assaulting him.

“Maybe I reminded her of her dad and she felt like she was getting back at him, taking back some control that way, by taking it out on me,” says Colin.

In my experience, it seems to be the case that most abusive people abuse for two reasons: the victim reminds them of themselves or of their abusers. This is not an excuse, particularly when it comes to women as they have a host of resources available to them to help them address their emotional needs. However, in regards to female abusers, it seems to lean more towards the latter, with the only similarity between the victim and the abuser being the victim’s gender. A male, any male, tends to be good enough. That is not to say that female victims are not being abused for the same horribly twisted logic, only that this tends to be more blatantly obvious when it comes to male victims.

As more victims come forward, we will learn more about female pedophiles. Judging from the comments left below the article, it would seem that the majority do not even match the conclusions mentioned in the piece, particularly the claim that women raping prepubescent children is extremely rare. It is unfortunate, however, it is most likely true that women commit as much, and possibly more, sexual violence against children as men. The 40% abuse rate is pretty high, and that at point one must stop portraying sexual violence against boys and men as something only other men do. There also needs to be a greater recognition of female-on-female sexual violence. Besides the the failure to address and acknowledge rape against males, the sexual violence support community has wholly ignored and downplayed female-on-female assault to the point that one would be hard-pressed to find it mentioned in any of the literature.

At this stage, there is no excuse for not acknowledging that women are just as capable and apparently just as likely to rape and sexually abuse children.

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  1. TS,

    There are more current studies that have been done (if you want the .pdf research studies let me know I can send them) on this topic and you already know that my site covers this topic.

    One of the studies on my site is by a feminist researcher and she looks at mother/daughter sexual abuse. She stated:

    Ignoring women’s capacity for sexual violence only succeeds in ostracizing survivors of female-perpetrated sexual abuse. If you type in mother/daughter sexual abuse II on my site you can read the entire thing.

    In June I have a post about this same article scheduled to post as well as some more research studies and their findings.

    Thank you for discussing a topic not many want to honestly talk about.

  2. I look forward to reading that post. I suspect that more research is being done given how more women are being charged, convicted and some receiving tough sentences for rape. What surprises most is that the researchers still seem willing to claim that female rapists are rare despite their research demonstrating the opposite. There is the unwillingness to admit that women commit more sexual violence that anyone assumes, and it seems like people throw out comments like, “Men make up 90% of rapists” as a kind of security blanket .

  3. Professor Kevin Browne, who has been researching the maltreatment of children for 30 years, says between 5% and 10% of abuse against pre-pubescent children in the UK is committed by females, but only about 5% is thought to involve a woman acting alone.

    I thought this myth of women being unwilling accomplices had died. This is the first time I’ve heard it in years.

    Severly doubt this man’s professionalism as a consequence.

    I commented on Sacks’ blog that regardless of absolute accuracy the BBC created a discussion that brought very little of the shaming and minimising that normally accompanies these pieces.

    It may be that their moderation controlled this but either way they managed to create a scenario in which victims felt comfortable talking.

  4. Unfortunately, the myth that women primarily abuse only when men are present and force them to is still present. It was mentioned in most of the articles I read about Melissa Huckaby.

    I would imagine that the BBC, given the recent increase in coverage about this problem, would not want anyone coming to the site and seeing hundreds of comments minimizing the abuse or mocking the victims. That element does seem to be changing more and more, although many media outlets still refer to female sex offenses as “trysts” and “affairs.”

  5. TS –

    You may be interested in reading Osamu Dazai’s “No Longer Human.” The book is semi-autobiographical, and was particularly interesting to me for the narrator’s allusions to sexual abuse perpetrated against him by a female servant throughout his young childhood. The implication is that the abuse profoundly shaped both the narrator’s and the author’s personas for the rest of their (respective) unhappy lives. This book is a rare example of the depiction of female pedophilia in literature in a strictly non-fetishized fashion.

  6. Hey TS. Off topic but have you seen the following Australian study?

    Deductive thematic analysis of a female paedophilia website.

    I’m pretty sure the site the study analyses is the now hidden away Butterfly Kisses.

    I’d dearly like to see the whole study. It seemed to be taking on all the myths about female perpetrators one at a time and doing a good job of shattering each and every one of them.

    I’ve put out some feelers so expect a copy if I can get the whole thing.

  7. you would think on a society so bent on equality, that it would be the same for abuse.
    In the mean time i will continue to teach my children that men and women are equal and the rules are the same for both and maybe by time they are adults the world will see it that way too. Keeping abuse by females under the covers only hurts everybody as most Male offenders have been abused by women… and thus continues the cycle.

  8. i heard on the radio just toay about a female teacher having sex with a student. students laugh about it and say they knew it was going on. if te situation were reveresed ( male teacer female student) everyone would be disgusted and hed be barred,

  9. Josh, thats what most males say at your age but ten years later almost all these kids regret it.

  10. Really, Josh? You would be all for having a woman in that age range?

    And let’s say this hypothetical woman threatened you with harm or was going to tell everyone that you raped her if you didn’t comply with her seduction? Would you picture the experience as positive anyway in the end?

    With all due respect, you’ve got a lot to learn. But you’re only fourteen so I don’t blame you for not knowing.

  11. Im 18 and Ill I be perfectly frank. I understand were josh is coming from and its very simple to explain, hormones. He is down for sex which is what the hormones make him want. Its just a fantasy to him now, but in real life things dont tend to be as you fantize them to be. Women and men who take advantage of others for sex are unforgivable.
    The 20 – 40 year old woman does aproach a 14 year old because of any romantic notions of love, its about control and power. Even if josh consented he isnt in the right mind to make decisions like that. Thats why we have age of consent laws, because hormone crazed teens dont make good decisions, I know this personally.

  12. hello, i was chatting about a year with a female pedophile, i can give the chat logs to a researcher who’s interested in the subject.

  13. @toysoldier, I forwarded everything I had to the fbi, was even interviewed and gave all my screennames, but they haven’t done much with this, she still on the net. maybe not enough evidence don’t know
    but this could be very usefull for researchers or profilers

  14. Lisa, the FBi handles hundreds of cases, so it takes time for them to investigate. If you send information to anyone other than law enforcement you can actually be charged with libel offense if there is not enough evidence to prove that the person has committed a crime.

  15. @ Toysoldier, you seem to know much about how the fbi is handling such cases,
    I have some pertinent questions about this case. Can you contact me?

  16. Lisa, information about how the FBI handles these cases is listed on their website. Again, if you have information concerning a person who may be abusing children, I am not the person to tell that information to. You need to give that to the police, and keep reporting it if they do not respond fast enough.

  17. I am a male, 28. I know all too well that female offenders are as likely as males, having been used by both. The first female offender was my mother(also an abuse victim)at age 5-10. I was so young I hardly remember much of the abuse, but the thing I remember clearly is that it was a punishment(or that is what I was told by my mother). it was as aggressive as any male abuse I was put through. but my mother was not the only female offender I came across, I ran into several that worked for the state. some were not as aggressive some were.
    The fact is male or female does not matter. Sex offenders come in all sexes and races,and as far as I have seen one is just as likely as another.

  18. Mark no one said its good, and there are both men and wouman phedophiles, but what i find werse is that when phedophile wants to rape a child it coud be controled like move to a diferent location or have consencual sex with a grown up instead, if a person is a phedophile it doesnt mean he or she must folow there urges we are not animals, and i believe sexual desires coud be controled or fought with . but most phedophiles are to weak to understand that what they are doing is terrible or they just think there plesure is more important then anything else.

  19. It never occurred to me that society wouldnt see female and male offenders differently. I have recently been in the process of pressing charges on my female councelor from 11 yrs ago and who had a relationship with me for 6 years. now as an adult I not only have figured out that a) im not a lesbian *not that there is anything wrong with those that are and b) that the relationship shouldnt have happened and that the manipulation that occurred to make me believe her has caused almost the same amount of damage as the acts its self. I am now concerned about this all happening but i am happy to show the world, and her, that it is wrong and i am not ok with it.

  20. Silhouette, I am glad you came forward. I hope that the case goes forward. I do not know where you are from, but hopefully you will not bump into any statute limitation issues.

  21. there is no biologic loopholes besides sexuality that makes men and women different, refusal to recognize the brain is the same in both bodies is what makes sex interesting .witch is why they invest so much time trying to look mentally different!

  22. yes. there are women who are sex offenders that get awawy free. my ex wife is one alonge with her sister . this country needs to get reael with this issuie. females do the same thing , if it is not fixed then we need to KILL THEM ALL.

  23. Jeremy, killing sex offenders will not stop more from acting. We cannot kill them all, and every sex offender will not re-offend. I understand the anger, but we have to be more practical about it. If we kill sex offenders, that might make people who have not offended yet and may want help keep it to themselves.

  24. I am very pleased to see the feminist lie challenged. I personally have known of many female and male pedos throughout my 49 years. I will focus on the females here because male abusers quite rightly get a lot of publicity and revulsion. A 23 yo woman I once worked with was known to offer prepubescent boys cash in return for sexual favours. (As far as I know) no action was taken against her. Two middle-aged sisters I know well, both of them spinsters, are reknowned for “chatting up” young teenage boys. I have overheard some of their remarks and they are quite vulgar. People who know these women tend to “give them a fools pardon”. They are the joke of the neighbourhood. I have known similar instances in which the genders wre reversed.: adult men who “chat up” young girls. In such cases there is no “fools pardon”. The mens behaviour is not regarded as a joke. Instead they are ostrasized sometimes violently within their neighbourhood. I am stressing here the double standard of society. We need to view sexually inappropriate conduct as inacceptable regardless of the gender. It may (or may not) well be that more males are pedophiles. Thankfully however the overwhelming of men and women are not pedophiles or sexual predators of any kind. Those who are should be treated by the same law, with the same measuring line. On a closing note while it is good to see that the female pedophiles who have been hiding behind a feminist myth are beginnign to be exposed. we must beware of discimination swinging the other way. It would be in every way as unacceptable for women to be wrongly labelled as being potential pedophiles in which men have tended to be. BTW I was abused as a child by a male nurse. When I informed the ward Sister she slapped me hard across the face and told me not to tell lies. I suspect that the Sister did not not believe that that happenned to boys.

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  27. Where were these women when I was growing up?? It was always my fantasy to be seduced by an older woman! Just being honest here guys, but you really have to be a male to fully grasp this simple concept. Males see no downside to sex, period. Even if she was an aggressive woman who, “demanded sex or else”, the male wouldn’t even contemplate the “or else” part because they would be too excited about the sex! To a male, it’s not some horrific traumatizing event that messes up you’re psyche, it’s the ultimate fantasy coming true. When it’s over, the male never mentions it again, but remembers it and likely in an erotically satisfying way. Males are simple when it comes to sex and often don’t even need to mix emotions with the act. Simple as that. They are programmed to want sex 24/7, so when it shows up on their doorstep, they aren’t gonna fight it. lol I mean, pedophilia IS wrong, but I’m just being honest here. Women don’t seem to understand just how central sexual gratification is within the male psyche.

  28. John, I am male. All my friends are male. I am around many men and boys all the time. A fantasy is just that: a fantasy. Reality is much different, and most men do not want someone to force them into sex. Likewise, most men and boys are not driven by sex. Playing into the “men want sex all the time” trope is a really bad argument for condoning child rape.

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    THE INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE OF THE ONTARIO COLLEGE OF TEACHERS, pursuant to section 26, subsection (5) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996 (the “Act”), Statutes of Ontario, 1996, chapter 12, has directed that the matter hereinafter described regarding the conduct or actions of Gordana Anne Stefulic, Certificate No176236 , be referred to the Discipline Committee of the Ontario College of Teachers.

    IT IS ALLEGED that Gordana Anne Stefulic is guilty of professional misconduct as defined in subsections 30(2) and 40(1.1) of the Act in that:
    (a) she failed to maintain the standards of the profession, contrary to Ontario
    Regulation 437/97, subsection 1(5);

    (b) she abused a student or students physically, sexually, verbally, psychologically or emotionally, contrary to Ontario Regulation 437/97, subsection 1(7) and engaged in sexual abuse of a student or students of a nature defined in sections 1 and 40 (1.1) of the Act;

    (c) she failed to comply with the Education Act, Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990, chapter E.2, and specifically section 264(1)(c) thereof or the Regulations made under that Act, contrary to Ontario Regulation 437/97, subsection 1(15);

    (d) she committed acts that having regard to all the circumstances would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional, contrary to Ontario Regulation 437/97, subsection 1 and

    (e) she engaged in conduct unbecoming a Member, contrary to Ontario Regulation
    437/97, subsection 1(19).

    1. Gordana Anne Stefulic (the “Member”) is a member of the Ontario College of
    2. At all material times, the Member was employed by the Toronto District School Board
    (the “Board”) as a Principal at [XX] School (the “School”) in Ontario.

    3. During the 2007-2008 academic year, the Member granted and/or permitted Student No. 1
    and Student No. 2, two male students of the Board under the age of sixteen years, entry
    and/or access to her Facebook page and by so doing, allowed Student No. 1 and Student
    No. 2 to access inappropriate and/or view material including:

    (a) A photographic image of a male person without a shirt, wearing a Speedo bathing suit and titled, “Meal of the Day”;
    (b) A drawing showing a naked woman depicting her breasts and a naked man holding a string which was tied to his well endowed penis.
    4. During the 2007-2008 academic year, the Member,

    (a) permitted a student and/or students to have access to a personal laptop computer which she knew or ought to have known contained images of a pornographic nature or erotic nature, which appeared to depict young adolescent males;
    (b) permitted a student and/or students to have access to the classroom computer which she knew or ought to have known contained pornographic images and/or violent cartoon images and/or images of naked bodies;
    (c) requested and/or allowed Student No. 3, Student No. 4 and Student No. 5, male students, to give her a massage; and
    (d) made no efforts to deter or prevent a student and/or students from seeking to massage her back.
    THE DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE WILL HOLD A HEARING pursuant to sections 30 and 32 of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996, to decide whether the allegations are true and whether Gordana Anne Stefulic is guilty of professional misconduct. A copy of the Rules of Procedure of the Discipline Committee and of the Fitness to Practise Committee will be provided upon request.

    THE DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE WILL MEET on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. to set a date for the hearing of this matter. The Committee will meet on the 12th floor of the offices of the Ontario College of Teachers at 101 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario.


    If you wish, you or your legal counsel may contact College Counsel to discuss the scheduling of a hearing date to determine whether a date for the hearing can be agreed upon. If a date for the hearing can be agreed to, in accordance with Rule 4.02(2) of the Rules of Procedure of the Discipline Committee and of the Fitness to Practise Committee, the hearing will proceed on the agreed date.



    IF THE DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE FIND YOU GUILTY of professional misconduct, you are liable to the penalties set out in section 30 of the Act.

    A MEMBER whose conduct is being investigated in proceedings before the Discipline Committee may examine before the hearing any written or documentary evidence that will be produced or any report, the contents of which will be given as evidence at the hearing. You or your representative may contact the office of Caroline Zayid of McCarthy Tétrault LLP, solicitor for the College in this matter, at Suite 5300, Toronto Dominion Bank Tower, Toronto, ON M5K 1E6, telephone 416-601-

    Date: January 14,2013

    Michael Salvatori, OCT
    Registrar and Chief Executive Officer
    Ontario College of Teachers
    12th Floor, 101 Bloor Street West
    Toronto, ON M5S 0A1

    TO: Gordana Anne Stefulic
    [XX] [XX]

    AND TO: Calderoni Steer Wanderon McTavish & Smith LLP
    2 Sheppard Ave E
    North York ON M2N 5Y7
    Dale Stump, Solicitor for the

    B E T W E E N :
    McCarthy Tétrault LLP
    Suite 5300
    Toronto Dominion Bank Tower
    Toronto, ON M5K 1E6

    Caroline R. Zayid
    Tel. 416 601-7768
    Fax 416 868-0673

    David E. Leonard
    Tel. 416 601-7684
    Fax 416 868-0673

    Solicitors for the
    Ontario College of Teachers



    Gordy Stefulic is currently the Chair, of our Toronto School Administrators’ Association. We have been fortunate to have Gordy with the TDSB for 32 years. Actually, not only is Gordy a staff member of the TDSB, but also a former student of the TDSB as she attended Deer Park PS and Jarvis C.I.

    Gordy was hired in 1983 as a LTO at Runnymede CI; and once again the TDSB did it right by hiring her permanently as a teacher who taught English, Visual Arts, and Photography and worked with our students in the English as a Second Language program.

    Gordy was promoted to Vice‐Principal in 1993 and worked in this capacity at York Humber, Vaughan Road CI, York Memorial CI, George Harvey CI and AY Jackson SS. She became principal in 2001 and worked at Burnhamthorpe CI., Silverthorn CI and Etobicoke CI. Gordy started the EdVance Program while principal at Burnhamthorpe – it started with 75 kids who had no chance of earning their high school diploma in a regular school. She fought to get that program started and at that time people didn’t think it would succeed. Today I hear that it has been implemented across 4 campuses and over 3000 kids are involved.

    Gordy is looking forward to retirement and will be taking time for her personal interest: photography, interior design, cooking and travelling. She’s looking forward to traveling to Greece this September and spending time with friends and family.

    The principals and vice‐principals of our system have been privileged to have Gordy represent them for the past year as Chair of TSAA and previously as Vice‐Chair. She is one of the 12 founding members and the last one still working!

    Gordy I wish you well and know that many of us here will be delighted to try your “samples” of cooking goodies!

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  37. Gordy Stefulic is now about 58 and has the title EL GORDO, the FAT ONE.Fortunately she is retired before full blown scandals hit her.

  38. Gordy Stefulic is now retired and is laughing because her Teaching Permit is not required to enjoy her retirement. She will never want to set foot in any school. SHE HAS GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT. This is how the story should end!

  39. Should you GOOGLE “gordy stefulic” you will go to a site at forumotion. This is usually the first or second that appears on the search pAGE RESULTS. Enjoy the reading.

  40. Go to for the latest about Gordy Stefulic “retired after getting pushed out by the TDSB”

  41. There are also pedos in the paralegal profession. Does the name MACC and WARDA mean anything?

    Posted by
    2 years ago
    HONEST REVIEW: MACC (Mississauga Automotive Collision Centre ) & MC TOWING

    I’ve had a recent misfortune of dealing with two crappy businesses in Mississauga. The review below was removed from google reviews for some reason, but I assure you that all the events below are true.
    This place goes by MACC / McLaren Collision Centre / Mississauga Collision Centre / Mississauga Car Rental. All are owned and operated by the same people, at the same facility at 1095 Fewster
    They are affiliated with MC Towing & Storage, or at least closely tied to them. Both trucks on site were registered to MC Towing & Storage, and they were on premises for 3+ hours
    1-star rating is due to:
    1. Misinformation provided by both MACC / McLaren Collision Centre / Mississauga Collision Centre / Mississauga Car Rental and MC Towing & Storage
    2. The car rental company, Mississauga Car Rental, is owned and operated on the same premises. They set you up with one of their vehicles, make you pay high towing charges and storage charges, and will not release your vehicle (which they keep behind a gate) until the bill is paid. For a period of under a week, the bill was OVER $1,000. And that was them “doing us a favour” with time-sensitive sales tactics
    3. They OPENLY CELEBRATE when someone pays these exorbitant fees – talking about bonuses for cars, etc. Once money was paid, it was immediately e-transferred to the drivers, etc. who celebrated. No sensitivity shown to those who have just gotten into car accidents and had to pay an insane amount of fees to get their car back
    4. They have some “under the table” dealings. Kept saying their credit card machine was down, and that their Moneris account is not working. Pushing e-transfer (through Gmail and Hotmail accounts – not business accounts), certified cheque or cash. Pushing payment without HST and without receipts
    5. No camera policy inside. They have their own surveillance cameras, but refuse to let you take pictures of any paperwork
    6. MC Towing & Storage tow truck drivers were openly smoking marijuana outside, and then operating vehicles
    Their whole business model is to convince you to keep your vehicle with them as long as possible. That way you rack up storage fees and car rental fees, on top of towing fees. They pretend to help you, and claim they help you, but then they force you to pay ridiculous charges to even get your vehicle back, and then celebrate their bonuses when you pay.

    · 2y
    If have concerns with them evading taxes you could always report it to the CRA:

    level 2
    · 2y
    This is probably the best way. The CRA will keep them busy for a while.
    level 1
    · 2y
    level 1
    · 2y
    The towing business is completely infected by scumbags. I use CAA to greatly reduce the possibility of dealing with the lowlifes that work in the industry.

    level 1
    · 2y
    This is the towing by-law and it is good to know. Everyone should know this. Even if you tow it to your driveway. The insurance company will come pick it up if it is a total loss or tow it to a yard. NEVER EVER EVER take your car to their yard. If they demand cash, tell them to drop it and you will find someone else to tow it.
    Never ever pay them cash or certified cheque. Use credit card, that way if they screw you over you can call your issuing card and get the money back.

    level 1
    · 2y
    We need a list of businesses to avoid. I guess we can start with MMACC/MC Towning and Lyons.

    level 2
    · 2y
    Lyons auto body!
    level 1
    · 2y

    level 1
    · 2y
    Thanks for the heads up

    level 1
    · 2y
    If you have no morals: steal your own car back. After all, its your car so it’s not stealing. What are they gonna do? Call the cops?

    level 2
    · 2y
    When you give your car to dealership/ mechanic shops etc, you’re signing over a temporary ownership of vehicle which makes them the owner of the vehicle. Especially if the owner approved the tow. This probably isn’t the best idea.

    level 1
    · 2y
    There is nothing you can do. These towing companies have cops on the payroll…

    level 1
    · 2y

    level 1
    · 2y · edited 2y
    These guys have got to be one of the most honest places I’ve dealt with. You can have your car towed to them and know you’re not going to get ripped off. They’re off Dixie north of 401
    Car Buffs


    The following reviews may be bilingual

    By Rebecca Ngo
    November 22, 2019
    This place goes by MACC / McLaren Collision Centre / Mississauga Collision Centre / Mississauga Car Rental. All are owned and operated by the same people, at the same facility at 1095 Fewster They are affiliated with MC Towing & Storage, or at least closely tied to them. Both trucks on site were
     Helpful 0>  Report
     Are you the owner? Reply or Contact YP

    By jimi6628
    April 12, 2019
    SHOULD BE RATED NEGATIVE 5 STARS BUT THERE’S NO OPTION TO DO SO DON’T PLACE YOUR CAR HERE DON’T SIGN A WORK ORDER THIS PLACE SHOULD BE BLACK LISTED AT ALL COST! Terrible customer service – will rudely pressure you to allow them to do the collision repairs. Why would anyone when this is a 2.0 star place anyways? Will not give your insurance the towing and storage bill breakdown – you have to constantly call them to send it over. Tip: Call the tow truck driver to ensure the invoice was sent
     Helpful 2>  Report

    By yp5510
    January 22, 2019
    They work like mafia – I do not recommend this place! They do not give enough information in the beginning even when asked and then boom-you get charged like crazy!
     Helpful 1>  Report

    By alba9696
    November 28, 2018
    I Was looking for a friendly and professional help with regarding to my resent collision and I GOT IT!! very informative and honest people. Thank you AJ
     Helpful 0>  Report

    By Conr8286
    October 30, 2018
    Got a tow from one of their drivers named Frank on Saturday. Really helped me out, got me to where i needed to go, and kept me calm through the whole ordeal. Really appreciate the help and advice!
     Helpful 0>  Report

    By jrid9668
    April 2, 2018
    pay very close attention to their work,claiming they replaced parts charge for it but still has the same parts from the accident. Very shotty work. Breaking other parts which have nothing to do with the collision. Be very cautious dealing with this place. Dont get scammed by tow trucks on going here avoid it by all means.
     Helpful 2>  Report

    By DavidF994
    December 16, 2017
    Poor customer service. Beware
     Helpful 0>  Report

    By khanff
    July 26, 2016
    Terrible service! They don’t talk to you to resolve issues. Tow truck got me signed some paper on collision scene and later called it work order. they are keeping my car for almost a month and don’t let insurance appraiser to look at it. I have sent them registered mail where I asked them to release my car which they refused and not letting the insurance to even appraise the damage. Just trying to make some money for keeping the car as storage charges. Issue continues… Never trust MC towing
     Helpful 1>  Report

    By o0mbrella
    September 21, 2015
    This place is a s…
    This place is a scam. They will overcharge like crazy and charge you for the most random things. They have no problem taking advantage of you right after you were in an accident to get the most money off you. They have a towing company they work with that automatically takes your car to their facilities. They will shove paper work in front of you right after your accident and will not provide a copy of your contract. Avoid this place like the plague.
     Helpful 1>  Report

    By Geoffrey872306
    June 25, 2015
    Their service was…
    Their service was terrible. They charge you for unnecessary things. They also have a towing company that works hand in hand with them, to take cars and repair them to make insurance comapanies pay for their service. I had to get my car repaired from another shop again because these people don’t know how to do their job. Save yourself trouble and repair your car elsewhere.
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    Ratings & Reviews – Mississauga Collision Centre
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    By nontoxic1
    January 25, 2012
    junk shop
    Do not use them, very disorganized. May do good work but were 4 days late and did not cover rental fee. Stay away!
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    By johnlguay
    April 7, 2011
    service and trust
    this tow and body repair co. now known as mc collision does not understand their insurance. do not believe any promises.
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    Christins B
    (1 star)
    December 10, 2017 – I was rear ended. A tow truck driver took our car to Mclaren Collision Centre, 1095 Fewster Dr, Mississauga, ON, L4W 1A2. We have had two issues with their work to date. They repaired the trunk incorrectly by just gluing a piece on instead of replacing it properly. The trunk was not closing properly and made a loud clicking sound and on August 29, 2018 we had the clip replaced properly which cost $129.24. Then in September 2020, we noticed an issue: water was on our back-seat floor area. We were told it is coming in from the sunroof by ****** dealership. We got a weatherstrip replaced, total: $98.58 on 17 Sep, 2020. Dec 5, 2020 – Water kept coming into the back-seat floor area so we went back to the dealership. They advised that “needs sunroof glass as the rust build up around the seal is allowing for moisture to pass through. We declined this expensive service and had a second opinion from a mechanic. He inspected the sunroof – NO RUST. Actual Issue: after taking off the bumper he saw that water was getting in through broken seams and missing caps from the rear-end accident we had in Dec 2017 that was not fixed properly, once again by Mclaren Collision Centre. The electrical cords were getting wet and if we had let this issue go unfixed, it would have caused a LOT more water damage. On Dec 11, 2020 the leaks were fixed for $476.80. In total we have spent: $704.62 fixing the shoddy work by Mclaren Collision Centre & wasting a lot of our time, and most notably, made our car unsafe to drive with our two young children. RE:AVIVA

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