Bulletin Board v.46

Abuse of child ‘witches’ on rise, aid group says — They are blamed for causing illness, death and destruction, prompting some communities to put them through harrowing punishments to “cleanse” them of their supposed magical powers. “Children accused of witchcraft are often incarcerated in churches for weeks on end and beaten, starved and tortured in order to extract a confession,” said Gary Foxcroft, program director of Stepping Stones Nigeria, a nonprofit that helps alleged witch children in the region. Many of those targeted have traits that make them stand out, including learning disabilities, stubbornness and ailments such as epilepsy, he added.

Al-Qaeda accused of using male rape to ‘create’ suicide bombers — The Sun quotes Algerian militant Abu Baçir El Assimi: “The sexual act on young recruits aged between 16 to 19 was a means to urge them to commit suicide operations.” The paper claims that “intense social stigma and fear of more gay sex attacks leaves Muslims prepared to die.” Rape and homosexual acts are punishable by death under Sharia law. A suspected terrorist bomber killed in an attempted attack on a security installation in the Tizi Ouzou province of Algeria last month may have been raped, an autopsy revealed.

Feds say man bragged about having sex with child — Now, Tanner Stickney, 29, is behind bars — and so is his ex-girlfriend, a Central Florida woman accused of playing a role in the supposed sexual rendezvous. Stickney was arrested by FBI agents Friday after his flight landed at Orlando International Airport. He faces charges of possessing child pornography persuading a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct. The woman, Rhonda J. Bays, 39, of Eustis was arrested Saturday and faces one count of conspiring with another for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct. She made her initial appearance in federal court Monday.

Imam charged with sexual battery on teen boy at Tampa mosque — Yasser Mohamed Shahade, a prayer leader who had been in the country for about two months and had been staying at the mosque, sexually battered the victim about 6 a.m., police say. Police were called about noon Sunday, and they responded to Tampa General Hospital, where the call came from, police spokeswoman Andrea Davis said. Police aren’t releasing the name or details about the person who made the call, and details about the boy’s condition aren’t immediately available.

Last plaintiff settles in priest abuse trial — The last plaintiff in a rare sexual abuse trial against the Seattle Catholic Archdiocese settled his case against the church Tuesday night for $700,000, hours after emotionally testifying about his abuse before jurors. “For someone who had kept this bottled up for 35 years, this trial was a significant event,” said one of the plaintiff’s attorney, Michael Pfau, who had brought the case to trial on behalf of two men abused by their priest. Pfau said the trial had been cathartic for both men.

Napa teacher takes plea deal in sex abuse case — Josefat Estrada, 35, last week agreed to admit three counts of committing sex acts with the teen, who reported that the abuse began in 2005 when he was 14 years old. Estrada was initially charged with 10 felony counts, but on May 8 entered no contest pleas to three charges, including one that alleges the boy was incapable of resisting during one instance. That charge carries a maximum term of eight years in prison. Each of the other two counts, having oral sex with a minor, carries one-year maximum terms.

Neighbor describes finding abused boy: ‘It’s still hard to sleep at night’ — The neighbor who found a badly injured child after an alleged attack by his father said she’s haunted by what she saw. Tonya Hammond said Monday that she discovered 4-year-old Angelo Mendoza Jr. late last month lying naked in a bloody heap on the floor of an Ohio Drive apartment. Bakersfield police would later discover that one of the boy’s eyes was missing and the other eye was damaged beyond repair. Investigators said the child told them, “My daddy ate my eyes.”

Sex abuse lawsuit names Catholic brother who once taught at Cretin High — Brother Charles Anthony “Raimond” Rose, known as “Brother Rai” to his students, worked at Cretin from 1968 to 1972, according to the suit, filed Monday in Ramsey County District Court. A former student identified in the suit as “John Doe 128” alleges Rose “engaged in unpermitted, harmful and offensive sexual contact” with him at the Dunrovin Christian Brothers Retreat Center in Marine on St. Croix. The plaintiff came from a devout and active Roman Catholic family, and “therefore developed great admiration, trust, reverence and respect for the Roman Catholic Church and its agents,” the suit said.

Teacher charged with 14 sexual abuse counts — Jenson Eugene Seifert, 25, is accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy repeatedly, including while he was chaperoning a youth outing at Alyeska Resort, police said. Seifert works for the private school, run by The Crossing at Birchwood church, as a teacher, basketball coach and youth mentor, police said. According to police, he had known the victim for years. “He’s one of those guys who was doing it all,” said Sgt. Cindi Stanton, supervisor of the Anchorage Police Department crimes against children unit. “Being the family friend, he has more opportunity to really build that trust and to maybe make the child a little more less willing to disclose to his parents because he’s their good friend.”

Thousands beaten, raped in Irish reform schools — High Court Justice Sean Ryan on Wednesday unveiled the 2,600-page final report of Ireland’s Commission to Inquire Into Child Abuse, which is based on testimony from thousands of former students and officials from more than 250 church-run institutions. More than 30,000 children deemed to be petty thieves, truants or from dysfunctional families — a category that often included unmarried mothers — were sent to Ireland’s austere network of industrial schools, reformatories, orphanages and hostels from the 1930s until the last church-run facilities shut in the 1990s. The report found that molestation and rape were “endemic” in boys’ facilities, chiefly run by the Christian Brothers order, and supervisors pursued policies that increased the danger.

Study exposes world of male sex trade — The western Canadian edition of Under the Radar: The Sexual Exploitation of Young Men was released Thursday, and contains data from interviews with 157 current and former male sex trade workers. The study is authored by Dr. Susan McIntyre, who is also the founder of The Hindsight Group, which published the study. “People questioned whether we’d find that many young men [in the sex trade]. Sadly, it was not that hard,” said McIntyre. She estimated the number of men and women working in the sex trade is “comparable.”

Victim Of Nun’s Sex Abuse Filing Lawsuit — The case revolves around Sister Norma Giannini, who was recently released from jail. She served a year after being convicted of sexually abusing boys at a south side church in the 1960s. The lawsuit claims she’d done the same thing in Chicago before she was ever transferred to Milwaukee and that her religious order knew it. It’s been 40 years since Jerry Kobs and Jim St. Patrick roamed the halls at St. Patrick’s grade school on Milwaukee’s south side, but the pain of the sexual abuse they endured at the hands of their teacher Sister Norma Giannini is still fresh.

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