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’70s altar boy alleges abuse & that Krol abetted cover-up — A former altar boy for the late Cardinal John Krol filed a lawsuit yesterday alleging that he was sexually abused by two priests in the 1970s. The lawsuit makes no allegation of sexual misconduct by the Philadelphia archbishop, who died in 1996, but does contend that Krol blithely ignored the accusations. Lawyers for Steven B. Souder, 47, of Philadelphia, filed the suit in Asheville, N.C., against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the diocese of Charlotte, N.C., and a now-retired Philadelphia priest. According to the lawsuit, which seeks damages for emotional and physical abuse, Souder was a student at Roman Catholic High School and an altar boy for Krol when he met three men who sexually abused him: Father John McCole of Philadelphia, who is now retired; Father Justin Pechulis, of Asheville, now deceased; and an unidentified man.

Cambridge celebrates men’s health month — The Cambridge Public Health Department and community partners will host a series of events in June to celebrate Men’s Health Month. “American men are experiencing a silent health crisis,” said Claude-Alix Jacob, the city’s chief public health officer and director of the public health department. Jacob said men have higher rates of death than women for heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, and HIV/AIDS. They are also more likely than women to die in a car crash, commit suicide, or suffer a fatal workplace injury.

Edmonton foster mom jailed for killing boy, 3 — An Edmonton foster mother who killed a three-year-old boy in her care was sentenced Thursday to three years in prison. The 34-year-old nurse, who cannot be identified, was convicted in November of manslaughter in the death of the boy, who also cannot be identified. He died of a fatal head injury in January 2007. The woman was originally charged with second-degree murder, but a jury found her guilty of the lesser charge. During the trial, the jury heard medical testimony that the boy’s injury was caused by a blow to the head. It also heard witnesses describe neglect and abuse in the house.

Men-only clubs at risk — A new report by the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee flags plans to strip their protection from anti-discrimination laws. Under current law, private men’s clubs are exempt from rules governing all other Victorians in the Equal Opportunity Act. But after more than a century of excluding women, the committee’s report may force male-only clubs to justify their bans before a tribunal. The Government is yet to respond to the committee’s paper, but Attorney-General Rob Hulls wants men’s clubs to face the same discrimination laws as others. “My personal view on private men’s clubs are that they are a throwback to a bygone era and I question why they should be exempt as of right,” Mr Hulls told the Sunday Herald Sun.

Paedophile ring ‘abused children in State homes’ — A well-organised paedophile ring involving civil servants, ex-clergy, members of political parties and even gardai infiltrated the child-care system in Ireland. Now campaigners believe that there were links between the Dublin-based ring and members of a well-organised paedophile ring which infiltrated the child-care system in north Wales, and which was finally exposed and broken up in the mid-1990s. While the Catholic Church has been vilified in the Ryan Report there are now calls for an inquiry into the role of non-clerical abusers in state-run institutions

Pair Sentenced For Putting Boy In Ice Water, Killing Him — 18 Year-old Rebecca Hernandez Velasco wept as she asked the judge through a Spanish-speaking interpreter, “I just want to return to my family.” But the judge sentenced the teen to two consecutive terms of 1-15 years at the Utah State prison for Child Abuse Homicide and Obstruction of Justice. Rebecca along with one-time family friend Pedro Gaucin-Canales, put Rebecca’s 9 year-old brother Josue in a garbage can full of ice and water as a form of punishment. The boy died of hypothermia.

Rape case proceeds despite false claims in past — Tennessee investigators said Tuesday there are no plans to drop rape charges against a Snellville man despite learning of the alleged victim’s prior convictions for filing false assault claims. The Sevier County Sheriff’s Department arrested David Jansen last week after an Atlanta woman said she was kidnapped, driven to a cabin in the Smoky Mountains and raped twice. Jansen, of Snellville, is on bond on charges of aggravated rape and aggravated kidnapping. He has denied the allegations, saying the sex was consensual. Police records show the suspect told officers he took extra steps during what he called a planned sexual encounter with the 24-year-old, including driving past a potential witness so not to be seen.

Richmond woman arrested for rape, sodomy of teenage boy — Barbara Sue Waters, 36, of the 200 block of Greens Crossing Road, pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Jessamine District Court to charges of first-degree sexual abuse, third-degree rape and third-degree sodomy, all class D felonies. Waters was arrested by Kentucky State Police after a warrant was issued for the charges, said Chief Deputy Allen “Doodle” Peel of the Jessamine County Sheriff’s Office. KSP officers transported Waters to the Valley View Ferry, where Jessamine County officers took her into custody.

Sex abuse: different for boys, or is it? — In her 20 years at the University of North Carolina Wilmington counseling victims of sexual abuse, Dee Casey has noticed a pattern in those who seek her help. Female targets of sexual abuse usually realize they were victims. Male victims may not. “They’ll tell me it took them a while to realize that they felt really helpless, that they had the sense of being treated as an object,” Casey said. “It’s really hard for them to talk about it.” The North Carolina State Board of Education has taken action against more than 430 teacher licenses in the past 40 years. More than half of the offenses were related to improper sexual contact with minors. Nationwide, numbers climb into the thousands.

Woman accused of three false assault claims — Sara N. Brown, 19, of High Street was summoned on two counts of filing a false report or alarm, Detective Michael McFadden said Thursday. The first assault claim was filed Sept. 11, 2008. Brown told police that four men entered her apartment, held a cloth over her face containing a substance that rendered her unconscious and gang-raped her. She said she woke up in a ditch on the other side of the city. McFadden said the department thoroughly investigated the matter, but was unable to find any witnesses or evidence corroborating Brown’s claims.

You’ve got what you want, girls, stop whining: Has feminism made women unhappy? (well THIS certainly will) — One of these days, women really ought to make up their minds about what it is exactly they want. Then they could do us all a big favour by stating, unequivocally, what they have decided it is they want. And then they could cover themselves with glory by sticking to what they say. In other words, it’s about time women – especially their self-appointed mouthpieces – started behaving like fully grown-up adults and citizens. Or is that asking too much? Apparently, it is. A survey published this week tells us that women today are far from happy with their lot and wish they could live more like their mothers and grandmothers – not having to work so much and free to spend more time with their children.

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  1. This website is a long overdue attempt to get some balance back into the coverage of gender issues. For more on the history of how feminism distorted and exploited the domestic violence issue, see my book: The Masculine Century, Part 2, available on Amazon.com. It has a section on the history of feminism, the distortions it is based on, and the damage it has done.

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