A Dose of (Racist) Stupid v24

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

Montco swim club accused of racial discrimination

Parents and staff members of Creative Steps Inc. day camp are considering legal action against the Valley Club in Huntingdon Valley, said Alethea Wright, the camp’s executive director.

Sixty-five campers, kindergartners through seventh graders who are African American and Hispanic, arrived at the private swim club around 3:30 p.m. on June 29. It was their first visit to the club, but the camp had made arrangements for weekly trips on Mondays through Aug. 10.

While the campers were swimming, Wright said, three of them came up to her and said they had heard club members asking what African Americans were doing at the club.


On July 3, Wright said, the camp’s $1,950 check in membership fees to the swim club was refunded, meaning the children no longer had access to the pool. She said Duesler gave no reason for the refund except that the membership no longer wanted the children at the pool.

It is naive to think this kind of thing would be over despite most of the country just electing a half-black, half-white man as president. Racism is something that still exists in our society, more often concealed under various guises, but occasionally still displayed outright.

According this article and others, the children were not misbehaving. There apparently was nothing that they specifically did other than come to the pool in a large group to swim and play. That, apparently, was enough to warrant their removal. Other, presumably white, parents actually removed their children from the pool once the black and latino children got in. While no one made any racial slur, it is difficult to not acknowledge this as blatant racism, although that has never stopped anyone from trying:

Club member Bernadette Sinnott, 44, said that although she was not at the pool on June 29, she had heard the club took back the campers’ membership because of space issues, not race.

“I think they thought it was too crowded,” she said.

Sinnott was at the club yesterday with her son Brandon, 14, who said he was biracial and had never encountered racism at the pool.

Not to sound meanspirited, but perhaps her son can pass as white or does not look “ethnic” enough to bother the other members. Perhaps Bernadette is white and as a result the other members are more tolerant of her son. Or perhaps her son has experienced the same thing and never told her.

Regardless of that, the “It’s too crowd” excuse is an old tactic from the racist handbook. That does not mean the woman is racist, only that what she said was and is a ridiculously common response to obvious bias, and it sounds just as hollow and idiotic as saying to someone who had a bucket of ice water thrown on them as a “joke” that “I think it was a sudden rain shower.”

Of course, if one still doubts race and only race was at play, there was this:

Repeated attempts to reach Duesler, other club officers, and the club’s management yesterday were unsuccessful. NBC10, which first reported the story, said yesterday that Duesler had given the station the following statement: “There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion . . . and the atmosphere of the club.”

While I would like to know what is missing from the ellipse, as the statement is, it sounds blatantly racist. In fact, it sounds more racist dueto the ellipse than if the complete statement were there because the question the kids would change the complexion of what exactly?

Granted, this is a private club, so if they do not want black and latino children there they have the right to do that. However, it is still blatantly racist, still idiotic, moronic, asinine and an utter embarrassment to do in 2009, and a rather sick, twisted, demented thing to do to children.

3 thoughts on “A Dose of (Racist) Stupid v24

  1. As for ties to feminism, I really hate how feminists blame racism on white men only. They bitch about how white men did this and that like it seems they invented racism first. Yet they ignore in the “brown” neighborhoods a Mexican acting superior to a very short, sloppy English speaking Thai man (I have seen this situation before, did not randomly make it up).

  2. Well, that is not unique to feminists. It tends to be a liberal and progressive mentality to view racism as something only white people, specifically white men, can do. It results from the opinion that racism must be institutionalized in order for it to actually be racism, despite that the meaning of the word is the hatred of a person or a group based on their racial or ethnic background.

  3. People often finesse the word “racism” so as to make the target specific; perhaps specific enough to exempt themselves.

    In a discussion on the topic in college, I had the lecture leader (happened to be non-white) start by defining racism as, in his mind, something that a majority does to a minority.

    I’m sure South African whites will be pleased to hear that they’re off the hook.

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