Woman Headed to Prison for Child Sex Abuse

A person who abuses a child often finds a way to excuse the abuse. One hears about abusers blaming their victims, but one rarely sees it in action. A woman who plead guilty to raping a small boy for years gives an excellent example:

Tracy Vasholz, 34, of Wanamie, pleaded guilty earlier this year to raping and assaulting a child for 10 years. She was sentenced to four to eight years behind bars.

“I never encouraged the behavior. I probably should have gone to the authorities,” Vasholz said.

According to police, Vasholz is related to her victim and often babysat him.

From the time he was five years old, police said, Vasholz began to sexually assault him and the assault didn’t stop for 10 years.

Her remark is subtle, and not only blames the boy, who was five when the abuse began, but implies that it was he who did something wrong. It is not uncommon for abusers to claim they were targeted by their victims, and it is something many female rapists state in a play for sympathy. It might work for some people, particularly those who view female sexuality and sex as harmless and those who view rape as the exclusive domain of men. But again, the boy was five years old when the rape began. The idea that a then 24-year-old woman could not resist the advances of a five-year-old boy is laughable.

The truly ironic part is that the woman plead guilty, yet is still not taking responsibility for raping a child for ten years. She continues to see herself as the victim, and she received a fairly low sentence that could allow her to be released within as little as two or three years. On the positive side, she was sentenced to prison rather than receiving the usual slap on the wrist probation.

This admitted child rapist’s word are something to keep in mind the next time another female pedophile claims she loved her victim, or was emotionally depressed or starved, or that Jesus made her do it. The younger the victim is, the easier it is to see how the claims of depression and bipolar disorder and emotional problems are just gender-specific excuses female child rapists can use to shirk taking responsibility for their actions and garner sympathy and pity for themselves.

9 thoughts on “Woman Headed to Prison for Child Sex Abuse

  1. I agree. I could see it and buy it had the boy been 15 or older when she began with him..but five? That’s the very definition of pedophilia. I’m sorry that those who suffered like you have to put up with an endless parade of slaps on the wrist and often for stuff like this and worse.

  2. 4-8 years with the possibility of parole in half that is a clear case of the Pussy Pass AND Double Standards at work. Can you imagine what a man would have received if he had been the perpetrator?
    Lest one thinks that its a good start she landed behind bars, let me remind you that she “could … be released within as little as two or three years”. Its a travesty, AN UTTERLY DISGUSTING TRAVESTY!
    That is why campaigning for harsher convictions for the womyn must not cease. Feminist lies must be exposed to the harsh light of scrutiny, and reminded, at every possible turn, that Equal Convictions also come with Equal Rights.

  3. Men do occasionally receive light sentences like this. Bill O’Reilly profiles some of those cases on his show. However, it is true that women who prey on children, regardless of the child’s age, receive much lighter sentences than men. The victim in this case faces a lifetime of problems and issues while his rapist, who began raping him when he was five, will spend less time in prison than she spent raping her victim. I would ask “where are the feminists?” but this is not an issue that particularly concerns them, nor would they likely consider the acts rape or non-consensual.

  4. >Men do occasionally receive light sentences>

    Occasionally? Men often get only one to two years, or even six months probation.

    I have followed child sexual abuse cases for many years and never heard of any of the abusers saying that “Jesus made them do it.” Where do you get this information?



  5. The “Jesus made me do it” is a frequent excuse women who murder children use. They claim that an angel or God or Jesus told them to kill their children. While I was being sarcastic, it is only a matter of time before females who prey on children resort to that excuse. They already claim that they are “emotionally damaged” and many therapists and prosecutors buy that as an excuse.

    Men in general receive higher sentences for the same or even lesser sex crimes than women do. The general sentence women who forcibly (i.e. physically assault) children is probation. Men will often receive actual jail time. Even if it is not a lot, it is better than them simply being allowed to walk out of the court room.

  6. Yes, a small number of women have said that “God” told them to kill their children. I understand that you were being sarcastic, I just wanted to bring clarity to the issue because the Name of Jesus has been defiled by far too many humans.

    >Men will often receive actual jail time. Even if it is not a lot, it is better than them simply being allowed to walk out of the court room.>

    True, like that blond teacher who got a free pass because (as she was told) she was too “good-looking” to go to prison. That case angered me. She should have done time in prison –merely for violating the teacher/student code, if nothing else.

  7. I think if it had been a male paedophile, he still would’ve got 3-4 years. The sentencing for paedophiles (male, female, black, white, rich, poor) is pathetic. Even for one instance to years of abuse the damage is phenomenal. There is no cure for the damage caused by abuse of trust & the violence & threats that go with it. You can’t unring the bell.
    For such wanton destruction of the human ‘soul’ & the flagrant disregard 4 the future prospects of the victim….the sentencing outcome for the criminal should be very grave indeed. Punishment should fit the crime, take away from the criminal paedophile what she/he took away from the victim. Starting with the amount of years. I would suggest well into the 20’s (of years.) absolutely no parole. The longer these creatures are kept out of society & AWAY from our children, the BETTER. AS THEY CANNOT BE REHABILITATED.

  8. Beverley,

    There is a cure for the damage caused by child sexual abuse. You are correct, you can’t unring the bell but liberation from the affects of the abuse is possible. I have experienced it

    But I agree that the punishment should fit the crime and the crime in and of itself is more devastating than what it would be like to be in prison for just a few years.


    Here again, this is not exactly true. If sex offenders received the kind of therapy that I did (in order for me to heal from being an incest victim), they would not re-offend. But because no sex offenders have the access to the kind of therapy that I received, they won’t ever be rehabilitated. My therapist approached officials in the prison system to tell them about the therapy she does and was shut down. Those who run the prison system don’t truly want criminals to be cured. This is evident by the way they test drugs on them, feed them vile food loaded with chemicals and hormones, allow them to rape each other, and treat them like monsters.

  9. I agree that the sentencing should reflect in part the damage done, however, there is a problem with that. The full damage is often not known until years later and the victim might not want the abuser punished that severely. I think that should count for something in the sentencing. I also think we must be careful in sentencing based on assumed damage because everyone is not affected the same way. A group of children could be collectively abused and yet all demonstrate different levels of damage and trauma. And the act itself should be taken into account. While I realize that someone who was fondled can be just as traumatized as someone who was raped, it is important not to conflate the two acts. Someone who fondles a child should not serve twenty years in prison.

    As for sex offenders being rehabilitated, often they can be. The rate of recidivism is much lower than is reported in the media. I believe is somewhere around 15%. While that is high, it shows that with treatment and most importantly support sex offenders can be helped. The thing to keep in mind is that not every person who preys on children are pedophiles. Some are simply opportunists. The concern is to teach them how to avoid situations where they might offend and to teach them different methods to cope with whatever feelings they have. Despite what they have done, they are still people and should be treated as such. Perhaps in showing them the affect of what they have done and showing them kindness instead hostility we can help them.

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