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10-Year Old Boy Testifies About Alleged Abuse; Trial Continues Tuesday — Dennis Scott McCurry, 33, and Molly McCurry, 32, of Lyman are each charged with three counts of child abuse and three counts of child neglect. They were arrested in July 2006 after authorities received an anonymous call from a neighbor concerned about the health of three brothers whom the McCurrys had adopted. Inestigators said the boys – ages 8,7, amd 5 – appeared to be “starved” and “extremely thin and very weak” when a deputy responded to the complaint.

Albany woman accused of sex abuse of 13-year-old boy — Police began their investigation after Arlayne C. Curiel of Albany complained to authorities that neighbors had accused her of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy, said Capt. Eric Carter, a police spokesman. Investigators found that the boy met Curiel in downtown Albany Friday evening, then went to her house about 1 a.m. the next morning.

Boys’ home violence, abuse ‘greatest shame’ — Former state wards have gone public describing the violence and sexual abuse they claim they were subject to while in the care of the New Zealand government. The men have detailed systematic beatings, sexual abuse and culture of fear they said they suffered at children’s homes, run by the former Department of Social Welfare from the 1960s through to the 1980s. The Government could face a bill of up to $500 million as about 500 former wards take their compensation claims through the courts, TV3’s 60 Minutes has reported. Keith Wiffen was 10 when he was sent to Epuni Boys’s Home in Lower Hutt. Staff were supposed to educate the boys but Mr Wiffen said he was subjected to nothing but violence and abuse.

Breaking the code of silence: Christian authors provide sexual abuse resources to churches — A recent press release on Christian Newswire states there is a one in six chance that your husband, male co-worker, or male church buddy is living with a devastating secret; he was sexually abused or molested as a child and is struggling as an adult – unbeknown to his wife, family, pastor, and friends – with the scars of this emotional trauma. Thomas Edward – a Christian life coach – and Rev. Dennis L. Waters, Sr. – a Christian author and pastor – know first-hand the emotional and physical pain associated with sexual abuse and neglect. Both men experienced childhood sexual abuse and know what it is to suffer in silence with false guilt, shame, and unresolved grief – feeling like there is nowhere to turn.

Child abuse trial: McCurrys trade blame for neglect — The McCurrys, who are now divorced, each placed blame on the other for the frail, malnourished condition of the three young boys — ages 5, 7 and 8 — when they were in their custody in 2006. Police charged the McCurrys with felony child abuse and child neglect after a neighbor complained of the children’s poor physical condition. The boys are Molly McCurry’s nephews and had been in the couple’s care for about three years before the charges.

DA: Accused molester paid victim $155,000 — Orthopedic surgeon Bernard Zacharia Albina, 69, was arrested Tuesday on five charges stemming from years of alleged sexual abuse of four prepubescent boys. He is expected to be arraigned in state district court today. Harris County Assistant District Attorney Eric Devlin said a guardian for one of the children could face charges for taking money for allowing access to one of the children. He said statutes of limitations may hinder prosecution, but a charge could be levied as part of an ongoing conspiracy.

Ireland: Report shows `horrific acts of depravity — The report to Justice Minister Dermot Ahern comes two months after publication of an even bigger investigation into how scores of church-run schools, orphanages and reformatories harbored child abusers in religious orders from the 1930s to 1990s. Irish taxpayers have already paid out nearly euro1 billion ($1.4 billion) to more than 12,000 victims from that system. Ahern said he would publish the new report, which probes how the Dublin archdiocese’s bishops dealt with scores of priests accused of child abuse from 1975 to 2004, after Attorney General Paul Gallagher vets it for legal problems.

Legion Order Under Seige for Sexual Abuse, Double-Life of Founder — An extremely conservative cult-like Catholic religious order, named the Legionaries of Christ is under investigation by Vatican officials, after it was found that the order’s founder engaged in numerous abuses, including sexual molestation of male seminarians, fathering a child, political corruption, financial mismanagement and the “brainwashing” of young converts. The order’s controversial founder, Father Maciel Degollado, a Mexican national who founded the order in 1941, died last year at the age of 87 amid a growing scandal.

Men banned from lesbian event in Australia — A company in Australia specialising in lesbian parties has won a case allowing it to ban men from its events. The judgement comes just days after a row involving a gay bar in Torquay, where a lesbian was turned away. The ruling has been slammed by the Australian Men’s Rights Agency, whose director Sue Price said it contradicted Attorney-General Rob Hulls’ move to open up elite men’s venues, including the Melbourne and Athenaeum clubs, to women. In May, Hulls attacked the private men’s clubs as “a throwback to a bygone era” saying he wanted to use anti-discrimination laws to remove their exemptions.

Priest set to be arraigned today on child-abuse charges — Denis Lyons, 75, of Seal Beach is being held on $100,000 bail at Orange County Jail and is expected to be arraigned today on charges of molesting the victim when he was in second and third grade from January 1992 and December 1995 at St. John the Baptist Catholic School, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s office. Lyons assaulted the boy four times in the school’s adjoining church, prosecutors said.

Teacher gets two years’ probation in sex abuse case — Kasey E. Johnes pleaded guilty Tuesday in Madison County Circuit Court to one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and was sentenced under the terms of a plea agreement. “She has lost her job, she has to register as a sex offender, and she has to continue counseling,” said Stephanee Smith, a spokeswoman for the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office. Smith said the court would monitor Johnes’ counseling to ensure she is getting proper treatment for her condition. Johnes also will have to register as a sex offender.

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  1. In our religious communities men who have been sexually abused and molested are often relegated to a life of suffering silence with no where to turn. It’s not intentional but a reality for those dealing with the emotional aftermath and ramifications. As I travel conducting Healing Broken Men workshops, I’m often surprised with the challenges of being vocal on this taboo subject, but these men need survivors willing to stand and represent them. They need our help.

    Thomas Edward, life coach and author of
    Healing A Man’s Heart

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