Female stripper found not guilty of raping man at buck’s party

An astounding case to be certain:

A FEMALE stripper charged with rape over an incident with a sex toy at a buck’s party has been found not guilty.

Linda Maree Naggs, 40, appeared relieved when the verdict was read out in the County Court this afternoon.

She later wept as Judge Tim Wood formally discharged her.

The jury took approximately 90 minutes to reach a verdict.


During Ms Naggs’ performance, the best man’s shirt was removed and she asked him to take off his jeans, Mr Gilligan said. The court heard he was naked from the knees up.

Mr Gilligan said Ms Naggs directed him to get on all fours before she strapped the sex toy to herself.

When he raised concerns about where she might put the sex toy, Mr Gilligan said she replied: “Not a problem, relax, it’s only fun, I won’t go there.”

But the best man claims she penetrated him anyway, before telling him “don’t worry, only you and I know”, the jury was told.

As some of the comments under the article note, if this had been a man using a sex toy on a woman, it would have been considered rape. In the article, the barrister calls Naggs actions “accidental rape.” That is a curious term. What part was accidental: her putting on the strap-on, her using the sex toy around the victim’s behind when he explicitly told her not to, her inserting the strap-on or her threatening him when he complained about being rape?

It would appear that the only reason Naggs walked is because she is female. The verdict is not surprising as Australia has a very lax policy in regards to male rape, generally considering it next to impossible to actually happen and usually allowing those who prey on boys and men to walk, particularly female offenders.

Ultimately, as another blogger notes, this is an issue of consent. Naggs did not have it. She was repeatedly told not to penetrate him, yet she did. There is no way to “accidentally” penetrate” an anus. If a person is not relaxed and receptive, it takes a certain amount of knowing force to penetrate the person, especially if it is done fast. The person will absolutely know that he has been violated as well, as it hurts like hell even if one is prepared for it.

This is a perfect example of a double standard at play, one in which women who rape are allowed to walk because people do not consider it possible for women to be rapists, and one in which the word of one gender is valued highly over the word of another, regardless that in this particular instance the victim has absolutely nothing to gain from making up this kind of story.

8 thoughts on “Female stripper found not guilty of raping man at buck’s party

  1. Well, obviously, the raped man had a poor character because he was there with a stripper. And, as the Duke U case taught us, hiring a stripper is so heinous as to negate the humanity of whatever man was in the room.

    Besides, 10,000 years of patriarchy means that women have it worse anyway so this incident is but a toothpick compared to a mountain.

    I figured that since no feminists are coming around to comment, I should take their side. For fairness.

  2. I do not think would make the comparison about this incident being a toothpick, although I do think some would argue that the man is a scumbag who may have brought this on himself for hiring a stripper. I would suspect, however, that some feminists would argue that once he got on stage he gave consent, so there is no issue.

  3. Actually I think the feminist response would be to spit a few lines of lip service, declare that they support all rape victims, (possibly claim that this is a feminist issue and ask you to embrace feminism if you want male rape victims to get help), and then go back to their own “safe” spaces and continue ignoring male victims.

  4. I have never understood why hiring a stripper is completely beyond the pale but being a stripper is something which fails to bring a similar level of feminist condemnation.

    I suppose they would argue that it has to do with the agency involved: men have it and women don’t. Unfortunately, the argument is dubious because a woman only seems to lack agency when she does something that a particular feminist doesn’t approve of. The same feminist, of course, would never say that a woman who voices a desire for an abortion (or, say, who wishes to vote for a pro-choice Democrat) is merely acting out subconcious programming which was implanted into her by men. A woman who signs the forms to apply to incorporate her business would never be described by a feminist as signing the forms because she lacked agency. But she puts down the pen and puts-on a lipstick? No agency.

    The feminist argument is infantilizing, which is probably why feminists need to compartmentalize it: If you argue that a stripper is a brainwashed dupe of patriarchy, then it follows that she shouldn’t be allowed to work at a bank or a brokerage because it’s risky to let her handle other people’s money. Her vote in an election probably shouldn’t count. Her signature shouldn’t be binding. She can’t ‘choose’ an abortion. Hell, she should be kept in a padded cell.

    There is a lot of tension between the two ideas that women ought to be treated as if they have their own independent wills and minds, but every embarrassing thing they do is the fault of men. I have never understood how stripping agency from women is good for women.

  5. This is likely the most probable argument. I am always surprised when feminists say that male victims should just embrace feminism, despite that feminists rarely discussion male victimization and when they do they frame it as “whining” or “what about teh menz.”

  6. This is an apalling decision on the court’s behalf. This man explicitly denied consent to the very act that was perpetrated against him.

    This is the same judge who, last year, set free an American woman who travelled to Australia to shag a local boy she had chatted up on the web. (GWA – A woman who was presented to the world as though SHE was the victim!) It culminates a decade in which not one Australian male victim of a female abuser has seen his abuser actually punished. It seems Judge Wood needs some training in the appropriate treatment of sexual assault cases involving male victims and, even more particularly, female offenders. He symbolises an extreme shortcoming in our judiciary at this time. They have clearly been provided with no training or information on the issues surrounding these types of instances. Until this changes male rape victims and victims of female abusers will continue to be denied any hope of justice in this state.

    Words to this effect are being conveyed to two of Victoria’s government ministers at this time.

  7. “I would suspect, however, that some feminists would argue that once he got on stage he gave consent, so there is no issue.”

    Wouldn’t those feminists be logically compelled to accept, then, that a woman entering a bedroom automatically gives consent to a man intending to have sex with her?

    Perhaps the double standard explains why one finds those obnoxious and condescending “No means No!” posters regularly affixed above urinals in Toronto but not in women’s washrooms.

  8. Wouldn’t those feminists be logically compelled to accept, then, that a woman entering a bedroom automatically gives consent to a man intending to have sex with her?

    Unfortunately, many of the rules feminists apply to situations with women do not apply to situations with boys and men. Male consent seems to be an issue that feminists quibble about, at least to the extent that they seem to assume a man or boy’s “no” is always listened to and his boundaries always respected by women.

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