A Dose of Stupid v26

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

A thread on Feminist Critics devolved into one feminist poster attacking male victims. No, “devolved” is not the appropriate word. The more accurate statement would be that a feminist poster intentionally hijacked a thread in order to purposefully attack male rape victims. It is one of the more tactless, utterly moronic displays of apathy and abject cruelty I have seen in a while. I can honestly state that of all the truly thoughtless comments I have read over the last nine years since I have been on the internet Julie Herds Cats’ comments are in the top twenty-five, which includes comments made by people support raping children.

It is not a matter of the comments being particularly stupid or insensitive any more than the generally asinine comments Glen Beck makes are particularly unique in their dumbness. Rather, like with Beck’s comments, it is that Julie does not stop, not once, to take a breath and actually read what she has written. Her comments are so blatantly and deliberately dismissive of male rape victims that if no one automatically assumed she did not support women raping boys and men one might actually conclude she does because there is nothing to even remotely suggest the opposite.

It is an impressive display of total self-righteous stupidity, from the minimization of male rape down to the truly special “male rape never happens after boys reach puberty” comments. Like Glen Beck’s comments, Julie’s comments cannot be allowed to slide because some other thoughtless ever-so-human being might take those comments as fact and use them as an excuse to ignore sexual violence against boys and men.

So, purely for edification:

I’m really sorry that INDIVIDUAL men are harmed by people for reasons which have absolutely nothing to do with being men. And I wish that y’all could see that being taunted or abused for having Aspergers, being overweight, having a different accent, or a hard to pronounce name, or any of these things — OTHER THAN YOUR SEX — isn’t “sex discrimination”. The closest thing y’all can come up with is things like the draft, but men make those laws, so how is that “sex discrimination”?

You are incorrect. When my aunt did what she did to me, she did it specifically because I am male. She spouted the same “it’s not wrong because you have a cock” nonsense found in most of your comments on FC. It was never because I was short or small or had poor eyesight or got sick easily. It was specifically because I was a little boy and those were the people she enjoyed, as a woman and as a feminist, hurting. Likewise, when my aunt repeatedly raped my younger brother, she did not do it because he was gay, but because he was a boy. That she considered his being gay the ultimate expression of patriarchy that needed to be forced out of him in whatever way possible was incidental. She did those things to him before she found out he was gay and continued to do them after she found out. I have posted about dozens of other cases like this, so the claim that boys and men are never harmed because they are male is absolutely provably false.

As for the other bit, all acts against people are individual acts. No one person is representative. If a particular group of people are specifically targeted, each act is still an individual act even if it is done due to a group bias against that person.

Using conviction data for “Rape” which shows that 1% of rapists are women, a room with 4 men in it contains 1 statistical “Date Rapist”, while it takes 25 men to have a “Legal Rapist”. To get a statistical “female date rapist” it would take 400 women, and to get a statistical “female legally defined rapist” it would take 2,500.

Conviction data is not an accurate representation of the occurrence of rape because the vast majority of male victims never report their abuse. Likewise, until fairly recently cases involving female rapists did not result in many arrests, trials or convictions. I do not care whether you personally support female rapists anymore than I care about a self-professed childlover’s position on what the legal standard for child rape should be. However, the “facts” as you present them are demonstrably false.  A recent study concerning sexual abuse found that nearly female rapists made up nearly 40% of the rapists of male victims. Other studies place the median age for male victims at 17-years-old, with the majority of the abuse occurring between 12 to 17-years-old, or in others during or after puberty. Again, I do not care whether you personally think sexual violence against teenage boys  does not count as rape. The fact is that the information you posited is demonstrably wrong.

Research into long term trends shows that victimized boys are likely to victimize as adults, while victimized girls are more like to be re-victimized as adults.

Actually, it does not. According to the available information, only a small percentage of both male and female victims go on to abuse others. Spreading the myth that abused boys are nothing by rapists in waiting is a disgusting, idiotic, victim-blaming lie that you should be ashamed to even repeat, let alone have the unmitigated gall to present as fact.

It is that kind of stupidity, that kind of unrelenting, projected hatred that keeps male victims silent. It is that kind of trivialization that leads boys who have been raped to turn to drugs or self-harm or suicide rather than come forward because this trite gets repeated by talking heads, so-called victim advocates and politically-motivated bigoted movements like feminism.

Julie Herds Cats, you and people like you are the reason why male victims do not come forward. You are the reason why female rapists get to walk. You are the reason why coaches and priests tell their victims that no one will believe them. It is your kind of stupidity that keeps the cycle of rape and violence going more anything any pedophile or rapist can, has or will ever do.

8 thoughts on “A Dose of Stupid v26

  1. I still occasionally pop by Feminist Critics and lurk, and Julie Herds Cats’ determined bigotry almost tempted me to resume posting again. Then I remembered the old adage that you can’t reason someone out of a position they weren’t reasoned into.

    It’s another reason why FC is misguided. We’ll never convince the ideological feminists to change their tune. What we should be doing is trying to convince men, and women of good will, that the ideological feminists are full of shit.

  2. Dude, I hear ya.

    Unfortunately, talking about men as victims does not make most feminists want to listen. At best, it makes them want to deflect the issue. At worst, it makes them want to vomit and erupt in ridicule.

  3. Aspergers, being overweight, having a different accent, or a hard to pronounce name, or any of these things — OTHER THAN YOUR SEX — isn’t “sex discrimination”.

    The only way this is not a huge failure on her part is if she actually tells this to females who live under these circumstances. I take that back it would still be a huge failure it would just not be hypocritical.

  4. I think FC’s official stance on the matter is: If you discuss calmly, rationally against positions like Julie’s, you may convince onlookers, if not the person you’re arguing with. It surely helps to convince men and women of good faith to oppose or at least distance themselves from ideological feminism if you can point to instances of what you mean.

    (On the other hand, the more radical your example of an ideological feminist, the easier it becomes for the other one to say “But that’s not representative for feminism”, so it’s still a bit tricky to choose your examples.)

  5. Where FC is failing is not in failing to convince true-believing feminsts. That is like trying to convince Creationists. The failure is in refusing to move in for the kill after the cool, rational analysis EW refers to below exposes them to mockery.

    They will stop coming by to post. Then you go onto their blogs and copy their bigoted, unhinged, hateful comments to expose. That may seem unethical, but who decides ethics in blogdome anyway. You put it in quotes or attribute it carefully and fully, and that satisfies any copyright laws that may apply.

    When they complain that this or that comment is unrepresentative, you challenge them to define what representative would be. When they do, you go back in and find thier own comments that conflict with that standard.

    It’s like cross-examiantion.

  6. Where FC is failing is not in failing to convince true-believing feminsts. That is like trying to convince Creationists. The failure is in refusing to move in for the kill after the cool, rational analysis EW refers to below exposes them to mockery.

    If the goal was only critiquing feminism then I think it is greatly succeeded. There are a wealth of excellent critiques of feminist theories and ideas, most of which are thoroughly explained. The problem is that the goal of Feminist Critics is to engage feminists in critical discussions. The vast majority of feminists simply will not participate in that kind of discussion. This is something feminists do not engage in offline, and in the end we are talking about trying to hold an online discussion with people who delete trackbacks to sites critical of their positions. The blog fails not because of a lack of effort, but because the intended audience is not going to read or participate on a blog that criticizes their ideas and certainly not on a blog that discusses issues like male victimization and invisibility.

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