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Abuse victim lobbies for more counselling — A Fort Augustus, P.E.I., man wants more counselling available for male victims of sexual abuse. Mike Avery said he understands why recent victims get immediate help, but doesn’t understand why those who were abused years ago must wait months for help. “When they reach out, at that moment it’s a crisis, usually,” Avery said. “If they don’t get help right away, they may not ever search again.” Avery, himself a victim of sexual abuse, said male victims should have the option of speaking with a male counsellor because it may be easier for them.

AP Impact: Italy grapples with priest sex abuse — For decades, a culture of silence has surrounded priest abuse in Italy, where surveys show the church is considered one of the country’s most respected institutions. Now, in the Vatican’s backyard, a movement to air and root out abusive priests is slowly and fitfully taking hold. A yearlong Associated Press tally has documented 73 cases with allegations of sexual abuse by priests against minors over the past decade in Italy, with more than 235 victims. The tally was compiled from local media reports, linked to by Web sites of victims groups and blogs. Almost all the cases have come out in the seven years since the scandal about Roman Catholic priest abuse broke in the United States.

Colorado woman accused of local sexual abuse — Kristin L. Knotts, 33, originally is from Springfield. The three alleged sex acts took place in Sangamon County between June 1 and June 12, according to the indictment. Knotts is a former prosecutor in Sterling, Colo., and more recently prosecuted methamphetamine cases for the Mesa County district attorney’s office in Grand Junction, Colo. She was employed there from August 2006 until resigning in late November 2008, according to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

Mums lead abuse shame — Child abuse is rising dramatically in Australia, according to the first in-depth study to be released on the issue in a decade. Data shows cases of abuse against children rose more than 50 percent between 2006 and 2008. In the 37 per cent of cases in which a parent was the perpetrator, mothers were responsible for 73 per cent of abuse cases while fathers were the cause of 27 per cent. The data, the first of its kind to emerge since 1996 and obtained under Freedom of Information (FoI) laws, was compiled by the Western Australia Department of Child Protection.

OPINION: The unique power of crying rape — The recent incident at Hofstra University, in which a student claimed that she was gang-raped in a men’s room, has reignited the ongoing and often bitter debate about false accusations of rape. Are false rape charges a serious problem exacerbated by feminist claims that women don’t lie about rape? Or is the issue being blown out of proportion to discredit feminists and cast doubt on the credibility of rape victims? Should women who bring false accusations be prosecuted or treated as troubled people who need help?

Reports of boys’ abuse at Arthur G. Dozier School come as no shock to some — Roger Kiser is appalled, but not shocked, that the violence continues. He was beaten and bloodied at what is now called the Arthur G. Dozier School back in the 1960s, but reports this week from the Department of Children and Families confirm that abuse at Florida’s oldest reform school is not just an ugly chapter in the past. “I’m not surprised,” said Kiser, 63, of Brunswick, Ga. “I can almost guarantee that for every incident that is known, that there are 20 or 30 that are not known.”

Scout leader’s swimming lessons used to abuse boys — Wilson was chairman of Lochardil Scout Group and was also secretary of the Inverness-Nairn Link of the Chernobyl Children Lifeline charity, which brings sick youngsters from Belarus for holidays in the Highlands. The court heard that parents of the abused boys trusted Wilson – a former managing director of a construction and demolition firm – because of his involvement with the two groups.

Sexual violence….the forgotten victims — Rape is something men do to women. This is a common theme. Once you look a little closer though, you find the victims who do not come forward that easily, in a society that is very strict with applying the role of victim and perpetrator. Now more about those forgotten victims.

‘Terrorizing’ letter writer going to prison — A woman accused of “terrorizing” several Naperville School District staff member with an anonymous letter-writing campaign is headed to prison. Rita Mueller, 50, a school psychologist from Naperville, was found guilty of felony disorderly conduct by a jury in February and was sentenced Friday to two and a half years in prison.”This defendant wrote these letters with the intent to terrorize these people,” said Will County Circuit Court Judge Edward Burmila. “This is a defendant who is highly educated. This defendant was particularly familiar with the workings of schools. What’s particularly shocking is the lengths the defendant went to to find information about the victims in this case.”

Woman indicted for rape, sodomy — A Madison County grand jury returned a rape indictment Thursday against a woman accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy. Jaclyn Dawn VanWinkle, 26, of Boone Way, was indicted on two counts of third-degree rape, one count of first-degree sexual abuse, one count of third-degree sodomy and one count of third-degree unlawful transaction with a minor.

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