On Being

I received an email from a reader concerning the posts I wrote about being a boy and a man. Instead of having people try to hunt through the categories to find them I decided to group them all together on a page. Some may notice there are a few more posts included in the list. The new additions are other posts that I felt fit into the theme. I also included a few related posts that discussed issues related to sexual abuse and the after effects. The page can be found above the blog header or on the right sidebar.  The posts are also included below. Special thanks to Chris for the email.

A Boy:

Being a Boy: 101
Being a Boy: 202
Being a Boy: Accepting It
Being a Boy: Controlling Boundaries
Being a Boy: Sexual Abuse Often Taboo For Black Boys
Being a Boy: The Only One
Being a Boy: What did it mean?

A Man:

Being a Man: 101
Being a Man: 202
Being a Man: 303
Being a Man: Getting the ‘Man’ Out
Being A Man: Rage Cage
Being a Man: Speaking Out
Being a Man: When The Political Is Personal

Related Posts:

A Little Light
Good Touch, Bad Touch
How Much Is Too Much
One Survivor’s Story
They Won’t Believe You and Other Lies
This Is What It Looks Like
This Is What It Looks Like Too

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