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AGAINST ALL ODDS: Church fails to resolve sexual abuse cases — It’s hard to have faith in a justice system that seems to ignore the cries for help coming from hundreds of churchgoers who claim they were the victims of sexual assault during their youth. Sexual abuse of minors in the church has gone on too long and without due punishment. It’s time we start talking about the issue and push for reform of how these cases are handled; that way dangerous priests can be rooted out before they turn more children into victims.

Alabama Inmate Details Sexual Abuse by Former Judge — A former Mobile jail inmate testified Wednesday that then-Circuit Judge Herman Thomas spanked his bare bottom severely three times, rubbed it once and, on another occasion, grabbed his crotch while clothed. Under questioning by Thomas’ attorneys, the former inmate also said the judge found him a job, which he never reported to, and got him into a drug treatment program, which he fled. Thomas, 48, is in the second week of a trial accusing him of severely paddling or sexually abusing 14 present and former inmates in return for leniency. He is charged with kidnapping, extortion, sodomy, sex abuse and assault.

Alleged victim of Nova Scotia church abuse to reject settlement — A former altar boy who claims he was sexually abused by a now-deceased pastor is expected to announce Thursday that he will reject a class-action lawsuit settlement that was negotiated by former bishop Raymond Lahey. The alleged victim’s main reason for rejecting the settlement is because he wants more investigation into what the diocese of Antigonish knew about the priest and what policies were in place to protect the victims of sexual abuse.

Boy wanted to live with sister, not ‘monster’ mother — A daughter described her mother as “a monster” as she told the Dunedin District Court about seeing her mother beating her younger brothers with a belt and screaming abuse at them. The adult sister said her 9-year-old brother begged her to let him stay with her and her husband, telling her “he promised he would be good and he wished that she [his mother] would die in a car accident”. The woman was giving evidence yesterday on the second day of the trial of her 41-year-old Invercargill mother, who faces 14 charges of assault against three of her children, aged 3, 9 and 12.

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women: Jan Brown Interview — The following is a summary of some of the Q&A between Mr. Custody Coach representatives, Michael and Lexi Ambrose, and Jan Elizabeth Brown – the Founder and Executive Director of the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women.

Domestic Violence, Gender Neutrality, Obama and feminists — One problem male victims of DV have is their invisibility. DV is seen as something men do to women. This stereotype gives men are hard time to come forward. This also limits access to resources helping those victims. That those victims exists has been proven time and time again. Professor Fiebert of the University of California has an impressive selection of studies online: This bibliography examines 256 scholarly investigations: 201 empirical studies and 55 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 253,500.

Florida juvenile justice officials tout changes at Dozier School for Boys, but don’t show them — A hundred years of nightmares were born here at the state’s oldest reform school, inside the boarded up buildings, in the White House and in the isolation unit and in the old cottages between the pines. But the woman who runs the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys now wants you to believe this is a different place. She can turn on a computer and peek inside nearly every building on campus. She can check her Blackberry and see what kids are complaining about. She can inspect data trends that identify spikes in the number of conflicts between staff and kids.

Male victim of domestic violence shares story — It was Dale Wells birthday and when the woman who verbally abused him, destroyed his furniture and threatened his life called wanting to see him, he thought nothing of it. After all, he hadn’t seen his ex-girlfriend since he called the police on her and had her leave his Columbia apartment months earlier for destroying his furniture and family pictures. And Wells saw no evidence of animosity when Denise Moss leaned into the driver’s side door of his car and gently kissed him on the cheek.

OUR VIEW: ‘Murder-murder’ and ‘rape-rape’ — A child has no power over a man who rapes her. That is, until she points a gun. In Colorado Springs, prosecutors are trying to decide what to do about a 15-year-old girl they believe shot and killed 43-year-old Jon Hazard, a man they believe sexually assaulted her routinely for years. They were prosecuting him, and found multiple pictures and videos of the girl on his computer. If charges against Hazard are true, he probably ruined the girl’s life. If he constantly raped the girl, he took her dignity and spoiled an irreplaceable childhood to indulge his own urges. Police say the girl gunned down Hazard in a picnic area of Palmer Park nine days before his trial.

Rabbi Accused of Child Sexual Abuse Previously Molested at Chabad Shul, Was Convicted, Head Chabad Rabbi Says He Was Not Involved In These “Rumors” — A rabbi living in Northeast Philadelphia has been charged in Boston for allegedly sexually abusing two students at a day school there more than 30 years ago. He was released on $5,000 bail following his arraignment on Oct. 7 on four counts of indecent assault and battery on a child. His trial is scheduled to begin July 12, 2010. In the past decade, Rabbi Stanley Z. Levitt, 63, has faced similar charges here in Philadelphia.

The Prison-Rape Double Standard — As terrible as the alleged attacks in Oklahoma were, however, they are the exception. Most prisons with female inmates carefully monitor male guards and severely discipline those who so much as wink at inmates. When attacks do happen, they’re dealt with harshly. All this makes sense. But if the reaction to sexual abuse of female inmates is basically sensible, the nation’s ability to deal with similar things that happen to men in prison still needs a lot of improvement.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews No Longer Ignoring Child Sex Abuse — New York’s Ultra-Orthodox Jewish population is beginning to see the limits of traditional proscriptions on talking to authorities outside the faith about certain matters, such as crimes against members of the community itself. Case in point: child sexual molestation, a crime that for years, an Oct. 13 New York Times article said, saw a number of arrests made annually in every demographic in New York except for the Ultra-Orthodax. But recent headlines and efforts by DA Charles J. Hynes have helped convince the Ultra-Orthodox of something they simply did not used to believe: that there could be child molesters in their midst.

Woman says she has no memory of alleged rapes of teenage boys — Kourtney Joy Babcock, 19, formally was charged Wednesday with three counts of third-degree sexual abuse. Each carries a potential penalty of 10 years in prison upon conviction along with other special sentencing guidelines such as lifetime supervision and sex offender registry requirements. According to a July 16 interview with Des Moines County Sheriff’s detectives, Babcock said she was under the influence of Oxycodone and Oxycontin and alcohol during the visits with the boys earlier that same month. She could not say “if they did or did not happen,” but recalled she kissed and made out with the 13-year-old, authorities said.

Woman teacher exposed as ‘predatory paedophile’ who sexually abused young children she followed into public toilets — An apparently respectable woman teacher has been exposed as a ‘predatory paedophile’ who sexually assaulted children 100 times. Carole Clarke, 46, has told police that she systematically attacked boys and girls over a 17-year period by following them into public toilets. The offences were primarily committed against youngsters aged between four and seven and she always acted alone, Grimsby Crown Court was told.

Writer gets suspended sentence for abuse of boy — PROMINENT WRITER Desmond Hogan has been given a two-year suspended jail sentence, placed on the sex offenders register and ordered not to have unsupervised contact with children after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. Judge Carroll Moran noted the risk of Hogan reoffending was “moderate to low” and said he believed that society would benefit more from Hogan continuing with therapeutic treatment that he was currently receiving than from the writer being imprisoned.

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