False Allegation With a Twist

Here is an interesting case of a false allegation:

A high school girl who falsely reported she had been sexually assaulted by a classmate was put on 10 months probation Thursday in Sarnia court.

The 16-year-old pleaded guilty to making the false report to Sarnia police in the spring.

The girl and a male student went to a park near their school for consensual sexual activity before returning to school.

She later told police she had been assaulted by the boy.

A police investigation determined it was a false allegation but not before the boy was interviewed by police and the girl underwent a sexual assault examination at the hospital.

The girl admitted the allegation was false.

The girl’s mental health issues played a large part in the false report, said defence lawyer Noelle Wright.

This sounds like the typical false allegation. A girl/woman has consensual sex with a boy/man. It  occurs at an inopportune moment and in an effort to present an explanation the girl/woman claims she was raped. Later it is stated that the girl/woman has “mental health issues” and she is given a slap on the wrist and allowed to walk away.  Here is the twist:

The boy had developmental issues but the girl did not take advantage of him during the incident, said Wright.

That statement kind of implies that the girl might have taken advantage of the boy during the incident, i.e. she raped him, and she in turned claimed she was raped to cover up what she did. That would not be the first time a girl or woman who assaulted someone else claimed to be a victim. Of course, the quoted claim comes from the girl’s lawyer and may not be an accurate representation of what the actually occurred. It is interesting, however, for that statement to be thrown out there given that it leaves the perception that the girl may have assaulted the boy.

There is no information about the boy in the article, from his age to what his developmental issues are. However, it cannot be said that this was a harmless crime:

The “very disturbing” allegation was a difficult experience for the boy and caused a costly investigation, said assistant Crown attorney Aniko Coughlan.

One could imagine that this would have a very drastic effect on a someone with his set of issues. Just like that, this girl has potentially destroyed the boy’s ability to trust others and may have severely tainted his feelings about sex. Depending on the severity of his developmental problem, it could cause him to view sex or sex acts as something that could get him arrested or questioned again by the cops. That is something he is going to have the live with.

The girl, on the other hand, will have her record expunged after she completes the ten months of probation. At the very least she had to write a letter of apology to the boy.

Thanks to Greg for emailing the article.

10 thoughts on “False Allegation With a Twist

  1. So her “mental health issues” played a part in her false allegations, but not in her possibly raping this boy? And his issues aren’t even being taken into account by the sound of it. More twisted than twist.

  2. So just so we’re clear when a male rapes female there is absolutely no extenuating circumstances that could mitigate away his crime but when a female rapes or falsely accuses a male of rape her mental health (and isnt it odd that all these false accusers just happen to have mental health issues) should be noted.

  3. The mental issues of male victims are rarely taken into account unless they accuse someone of raping them. Then it is fair game.

  4. and isnt it odd that all these false accusers just happen to have mental health issues

    Yes, in the same way that it is odd that all the women who murder children just happen to have mental health issues or God/Jesus/Satan told them to kill. I think the more operative word is convenient.

  5. Yes women are equal to men and do anything they can do…except bad things because women don’t do bad things unless some male made them do it. Doesn’t matter if that male is a 40 year old abuser (which COULD be justified but not ALWAYS) to a 15 year old student (apparently the patriarchy got to him very early and taught him how to seduce and rape adult women, you know those adults who have absolutely no power whatsoever) that male is at fault every time.

  6. It was falserapesociety that drew my attention originally. My thanks to them.

    I do find it odd that the defense called attention to this permutation at all if it was unprompted. I suspect the possibility must have at least been raised somewhere.

    It does continue to nag at me that this was triggered by her fear that he would, perhaps quite innocently, tell others about the act.

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