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Abuse network ringleaders jailed — The two men at the centre of Scotland’s largest known child abuse network have been jailed for life. Neil Strachan, 41, attempted to rape an 18-month-old boy while 38-year-old James Rennie sexually assaulted a three-month-old. Strachan was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in prison, while Rennie was ordered to serve at least 13 years. Police said the operation had led to more than 200 suspected paedophiles, 70 of them in the UK, being identified. Six other men had already been sentenced for their involvement in the network.

‘Abuse rabbi’ returns to Israel — The leader of a Jewish sect has been extradited from Brazil to Israel to face charges of abusing children in a purification ritual to expel demons. Elior Chen fled in 2008 after two boys, aged 3 and 4, were taken to hospital with severe injuries. One is in a vegetative state with brain damage. It is alleged young children were beaten, burned and made to eat faeces at his home in the occupied West Bank.

Archdiocese didn’t publicize priest’s abuse cases, group says — The head of a group that fights child abuse by priests said today that Catholic officials in Detroit failed to publicize the abuse cases of a Catholic seminarian from Detroit who had previously abused children, but is now working as a priest in the Philippines. And it said that a former member of a Detroit-based religious order continued to teach in classrooms despite allegations of abuse.

Bruised, burned boy, 5, dies; mother beat him, police say — A 5-year-old boy who police believe endured years of abuse died Saturday, one day after being hospitalized with head injuries and cuts, bruises and burns over his entire body. The boy’s mother, who gave birth to Arshon Baker while she was in prison, was arrested and was being held on suspicion of felonious assault. Police said more-serious charges could be filed against Angel Glass, 24, when they complete their investigation. Glass told police on Friday that she beat her son because he pulled on her dress to get her attention, said Lt. Thomas Stacho, a police spokesman.

Dayton woman admits to sex with boy — 55-year-old Gloria Murphy pleaded guilty to one count of gross sexual imposition of a person under the age of 13. The charge is a third degree felony and is punishable by up to five years in prison. A very frail looking Gloria Murphy answered to the charges in Judge Mary Katherine Huffman’s courtroom on Friday, October 23. Her other charge, rape of a child, was dropped under a plea agreement.

Families of boys who burned teen were all troubled — By the time they reached Deerfield Beach Middle School, four of the five young teenagers accused of setting a classmate on fire had already grown up in a fractured world where crime or violence was a fact of life. Most were raised in families in which one or both parents have numerous criminal arrests and a history of domestic abuse. In several cases, court records show the parents have drug or alcohol problems. And investigators say all five boys, ages 13 to 16 — have had brushes with the law.

Rape and the culture of fear — Rape is a serious, pervasive problem, and I’ll get back to discussion of the crime itself in a little bit, but first I have to address the societal response: the culture of fear. In several of these diaries and many of the responses, men posting about male victimization are dismissed or marginalized because men do not have to live their lives in constant fear that some stranger will rape them.

South Plains has state’s second-highest per capita rate of child abuse — The South Plains region holds the second-highest per capita rate of child abuse in the state. Lubbock led all Texas counties with 1,540 of the 70,589 child abuse cases statewide last year, according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. “Child abuse is a huge problem,” said Johana Scot, executive director of the Parent Guidance Center, an Austin-based advocacy group. “And it is not just in Texas, it’s everywhere.”

Texas Polygamist Women Called “Pimps” — [Flora Jessop] told “The Early Show Saturday Edition” co-anchor Chris Wragge “it really doesn’t” surprise her that the men are being put on trial, “because of the nature of the abuses that we’ve been talking about for years. And I’m just happy to see that they are going to trial. What I’m upset the most about, I think, is the fact that none of the women have been indicted, as well. ” … I think that the women were nothing but pimps on that compound and giving their daughters over to these perverts knowing what was going to happen to them.”

The Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project — A poster of a domestic violence victim stares at passersby from inside the Family Justice Center on Commonwealth Avenue with the words “He Loves me . . . Not” in black block letters surrounding the man’s eye. A quick glance will not reveal the most important part of the poster: the eye belongs to a man. Inside the Family Justice Center, a door with domestic violence informational pamphlets posted on it opens into the public office of the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project. The nonprofit GMDVP has been supporting victims and survivors of abusive relationships since a gay male survivor started it in 1994.

West Jordan teaching aide faces sex abuse charges — A former West Jordan Middle School teaching aide faces sex abuse charges after she was arrested on suspicion of having sexual relations with two 15-year-old male students. 31-year-old Andrea Billingsley was arrested on Tuesday and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail, suspected of 2 counts of felony sodomy, 3 counts of sexual abuse and 2 counts distribution of harmful materials to minors.

Woman admits to rape of boy — A former Fort Gibson woman entered a blind plea Tuesday to rape of a 14-year old boy. Melissa Jo Wilson was 33 when the rapes took place between June and August 2008. A blind plea means prosecutors did not offer a plea and Wilson chose to leave her fate up to a judge rather than face a jury trial.

Yorktown woman sentenced for sex with teen, other crimes — A Yorktown woman could spend as few as 145 days in the Delaware County jail after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct with a minor and three other felony charges on Monday. Lana Kay Elsworth, 25, was arrested in August 2007, accused of having sex with and providing drugs to a 15-year-old boy who told police that he and other juveniles went to Elsworth’s house to consume alcohol and drugs.

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