Ignored by society, Afghan dancing boys suffer centuries-old tradition

I posted about the plight of the bacha bereesh two years ago. Boys in Afghanistan are kidnapped and forced to dress as women and dance, but it more often leads to the boys simply being sex slaves who are routinely raped by tribal warlords or whoever owns them. In the two years since the first article I read about this there has been very little mentioning of it. I have not once seen a news segment about it, nor have I heard it mentioned in any of the discussions about the conditions in that country.

It appears that, like in many other instances, the rape and abuse of boys goes largely ignored.

That was why I was rather surprised to see an article featured on CNN about this, and more surprised that it included victims. The overall situation is fairly bad because rape victims are treated horribly in that part of the world, including male victims, and because some of the boys may end up looking and behaving more like women than men, which puts them in greater danger. One of the boys described his experience with police:

Farhad said that he was taken from a party by four police officers one night and almost gang raped at the station Before their commander walked in and stopped the assault. But then, “He said if I wanted to be set free I should give him my money and my mobile,” Farhad said. “I had no real choice, so I gave him my money and mobile.”

Despite the society finding the rape and abuse of these boys terrible, very little is done and very few organizations reach out to help the boys and men who were victims or who remain victims (like the two young men interviewed). They are generally stuck in the abusive situation, having nowhere to turn or go.

Hopefully the CNN report will help raise awareness about this problem so that boys and men do not continue to suffer in silence.

8 thoughts on “Ignored by society, Afghan dancing boys suffer centuries-old tradition

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