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15 exonerees attend conference at UTA — During a prolonged standing ovation, the Texas exonerees were brought forward one by one. By the time the introductions were done, 14 men and one woman, each having served years in prison for crimes they did not commit, stood together on a stage at the University of Texas at Arlington. “On this panel there is 200 years of incarceration,” one of them, Anthony Robinson, told a large crowd of students, educators, relatives and government officials. “Two hundred years of suffering. Two hundred years of ignoring a problem that is screaming to be dealt with.

Abuse Shelter Watchdogs: See no Evil, Speak no Evil — Domestic violence shelters are rife with mismanagement and fraud. They push a radical gender ideology on the unsuspecting, discriminate against male victims, and employ woefully unqualified staff. And they ridicule traditional religion as “oppressive” to women – all to the tune of $100 million in federal taxpayer money each year. So how do shelters get away with this nonsense? Where’s the accountability? And why are the government-mandated watchdogs giving these shelters a free pass?

Bishop to defrock priest who filmed abuse of boy — A SENIOR Catholic bishop is preparing to hold a secret ecclesiastical trial in his diocese to defrock a priest who filmed himself sexually abusing a school boy on his mobile phone. Bishop of Kilmore Leo O’Reilly has reported the case of Cavan-born convicted paedophile Fr Michael Molloy to the Vatican. The moves to defrock the priest follow the establishment of a similar tribunal to investigate abuse complaints against a priest in the diocese of Cloyne by Archbishop Dermot Clifford, who was assigned by Pope Benedict XVI as apostolic administrator.

Catholic order pays out for abuse — A Catholic religious order is to supply a 161m euros (£145m) package of measures as reparation for child abuse in Ireland. The Christian Brothers said the decision had been taken in response to the Ryan report which revealed decades of abuse at religious institutions. The report, published in May, laid out a picture of systematic abuse. In a statement the order said its move followed its “shame and sorrow at the findings of the Ryan Report”.

Deadline near to file church abuse claims — Native Americans sexually abused by Jesuit priests have eight days left to seek damages from the bankrupt church. The Society of Jesus, Oregon Province filed for bankruptcy protection in February in the wake of more than 200 lawsuits alleging that priests sexually abused children in northwestern states. One condition was that victims have until Nov. 30 to file an abuse lawsuit against the Jesuits. After that, no claims can be brought against them. The Jesuits have since 2001 paid out more than $25 million to sex abuse victims.

Irish Catholic Church hid sex abuse for decades: official — Ireland’s Catholic Church apologised Thursday after a damning new report showed it covered up child sex abuse over more than three decades. The Irish government also said sorry for failing to protect children in the wake of the latest report, published six months after a first landmark study revealed widespread abuse of children in Catholic care. “I offer to each and every survivor my apology, my sorrow and my shame for what happened,” said Diarmuid Martin, archbishop of Dublin since 2004. “I am aware that no words of apology will ever be sufficient,” he said, adding that “the fact that many abusers were priests constituted both an offence to God and an affront to the priesthood.”

Married RE teacher Madeleine Martin jailed after seducing schoolboy, 15, on Facebook — Madeleine Martin, 39, had sex with the boy in the back of her car in a country park, at a shopping centre and inside the mother of two’s family home during a brief relationship. The religious education teacher also persuaded the pupil to have her name tattooed on his arm after they became involved when she was assigned to mentor him at an all-boys school. She was yesterday jailed for 32 months and put on the Sex Offenders Register after admitting ten counts of sexual activity with a child under 16. Manchester Crown Court heard how Martin fell for the boy after she was assigned to help him with his difficulties with school work last year.

Mars Hill woman sentenced to prison for rape — A Mars Hill woman is now an inmate at The North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh after being sentenced to up to 10 years for statutory rape. Amanda Metcalf, 24, formerly of 217 Brook St., Mars Hill, was sentenced to at least 94 months and no more than 122 months in prison when she appeared before Superior Court Judge Philip Ginn last week in Madison County. Metcalf was arrested in April and charged with felony statutory rape after a boy told Madison County Detective Mike Boone that he was 13 when he and Metcalf had sex.

Men demand laws that punish women — Men have been urged to discard their egos and report any form of abuse by their female counterparts so gender-based violence programmes can include them. Because men tend to sweep such abuses under the carpet, it appears as if the available programmes exclude them. During a gender-based workshop on Wednesday male participants who were drawn from BCL and Botswana Prisons indicated that they succumb to abuse by women but because of their traditional upbringing they suffer in silence for fear of being treated as weaklings.

Men’s Rights — Earlier this month DoubleX, Slate’s short-lived female-oriented publication (launched six months ago and about to be folded back into the parent site as a women’s section), ran an article ringing the alarm about the dire threat posed by the power of the men’s rights movement. But the article, written by New York-based freelance writer Kathryn Joyce and titled “Men’s Rights’ Groups Have Become Frighteningly Effective,” says more about the state of feminism–and journalistic bias–than it does about men’s groups.

Military suicides increase as U.S. soldiers struggle with torment of war — The Army and the Marine Corps, which have borne the heaviest burden in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been hit the hardest, reporting a record number of suicides in 2008. This year, the toll is on pace to climb even higher. When combined, the figures paint a stark portrait of loss. More than 2,100 members of the armed forces have taken their own lives since 2001, nearly triple the number of troops who have died in Afghanistan and almost half of all U.S. fatalities in Iraq.

Mother Love / Female Abusers — It was in a high school literature class that I was first introduced to the Oedipus Complex, defined as “a boy’s unresolved desire for sexual gratification through the parent of the opposite sex, especially the desire of a son for his mother”. It was in a college film class that I was shown a famous French film entitled “Murmur of the Heart” which took the Oedipal theme and played it out in a contemporary middle class setting. In this film, the sensitive youngest son of a beautiful, tempestuous Italian woman is ushered into manhood by her as he recovers from a heart murmur at a countryside sanitarium. The film would have you believe that although mother and son both realized that they had crossed a forbidden line, neither was scarred by the experience, and that in fact the son was now able to go on and become a man. At the time, I never questioned the implications of this theme.

Number of men on receiving end of domestic abuse soars — THE number of men in the Lothians who say they are victims of domestic violence has more than trebled in the past decade. New figures show 1,207 men admitted being on the receiving end of domestic abuse last year, compared with just 374 in the year 2000. Statistics for the whole of Scotland suggest a similar trend. Today the Scottish Government said it might consider further research or action.

Shieldstown woman arrested for abusing eight-year-old nephew — A woman of Shieldstown, West Bank Berbice was arrested on Wednesday following reports that she was abusing her eight-year-old nephew while he was in her care. The boy, who was at times chained and locked away, was rescued after his plight was highlighted on Wednesday during a seminar held for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women at the Fort Wellington Boardroom. The Probation Department was contacted and officers subsequently informed police, who found marks of violence on the child’s body. Stabroek News was told that the boy was removed from the home and is staying with an uncle.

The “Battle of the Sexes” is over — and our side has lost — Here is the latest version of our “battle of the sexes” post. We are constantly updating this list, so in the comments below, suggest your own points for inclusion in the next revision.

Trial Begins In Woman’s Molestation Case — A woman charged with having sex with two 12-year-old boys is now on trial. In her opening arguments, the prosecutor called Sheila Granger a child molester who used kindness to prey on both boys. But the defense called the state’s case against Granger twisted. During opening arguments, the prosecutor told the jury Granger had multiple sexual encounters with the boys, who were both boyfriends of Granger’s 12-year-old daughter over a one-year period. The first alleged victim also played on the football team Granger’s husband coached.

Woman Draws Prison Sentence For Sexual Assault — A Rogers woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison Thursday after admitting to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy. Anita Kay Fine, 40, pled guilty to sexual assault in the fourth degree and possession of a controlled substance. She also was charged as a habitual offender. Fine was originally charged with rape, a class Y felony, but agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charged under a plea agreement her attorney Shane Wilkinson reached with Chief Deputy Prosecutor Stuart Cearley.

Youth worker reportedly spent weekend having sex with teen — Thelma Nicole Miles is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy that she was supposed to help care for. The 29-year-old woman remains in the Bexar County Jail. According to investigators, Miles met the teen at the Abraxas Youth and Family Services in San Antonio, a Texas Youth Commission facility, where she worked as a medication technician. The center is meant to help children and teenagers who have been physically or sexually abused or who have had an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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