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Bullies Also Abuse Siblings at Home — Scientists have determined that children who bully their schoolmates also tend to abuse their siblings at home. The conclusion belongs to a new study, which sought to investigate the links that appeared between bullying in school and at home. The investigation also aimed at discovering causal links that binded the two, such as the age and gender of siblings. The results appear in the November 30 issue of the British Journal of Developmental Psychology, AlphaGalileo reports.

Can we generalise feminism? — I have been involved in an email dialog with a feminists, Jen, who bills herself as a “real feminist”, by which she means she is not like those radicals. Great. Her criticism of me is that I criticise feminism as some kind of monolithic entity and don’t pay enough heed to the real feminists like her. This discussion is so common in my email inbox that I feel it would be useful to include it on this blog. It is still ongoing so expect updates.

Feminists Psychoanalyze Themselves — The feminists are going through one of their periodic soul-searching psychological examinations of what the women’s liberation movement did or did not do for them, and why they are not happy with the result. Feminist dominance in newspapers, magazines, book publishers, television and academia makes it easy to command a full media rollout for their agonizing. The media are glad to divert public attention from the failure of Barack Obama’s Stimulus to create jobs. So, we have ponderous discussions: Maria Shriver’s report (with help from a liberal think tank) called “A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything,” a Time Magazine cover story headlined with the double entendre “The State of the American Woman,” Gail Collins’ book When Everything Changed, and articles from all the feminist columnists.

‘Myth’ of Mr Useless: Why women breadwinners exaggerate partner’s faults — Working women have long complained that their man doesn’t pull his weight on household chores. But his lack of effort on the domestic front could actually be a myth created by his partner, researchers have found. According to a major study, female breadwinners exaggerate their partner’s uselessness around the home because they feel guilty about devoting too much time to their career, and not enough to their role of wife and mother. By nagging their man over his alleged shortcomings, women feel more feminine because they can control the traditionally female role of maintaining the home and family, experts say.

Prison officials hearing more reports of male rape — Idaho Department of Correction officials expect more charges of male rape to be filed against inmates after a former Magic Valley convict became the first Idaho prisoner to ever be found guilty of the crime from behind bars last week. An Ada County jury on Nov. 17 found inmate Cody Vealton Thompson, 31, guilty of male rape and attempting to intimidate a witness, after assaulting his cellmate on Sept. 15, 2008, at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution, according to IDOC.

Rape Law: YES can mean NO — A woman in Chennai happened to notice a missed call alert in her mobile phone and returned the call. The recipient of the call was a man. What started off as a matter of curiosity quickly turned into regular phone conversations which, after a few weeks, culminated in a face-to-face meeting and, finally, a whirlwind romance. A few months later, the man’s name and picture were flashed in a widely circulated newspaper, along with the news that he was charged of rape and arrested under sections 366 (Kidnapping) and 376 (Rape) of the Indian Penal Code. The woman’s version of the story was published in detail but her identity was kept secret for “security” reasons. The editor seemed to have run out of space or forgot to fill in the man’s version.

School sex abuse complaints ignored, court hears — A Sydney court has heard that a leader of an order Catholic brothers knew about an alleged abuse of a teenage boy but did not report the case to authorities. William Irwin, 54, has been charged with two counts of gross indecency with a boy. He was arrested last week by detectives investigating sexual abuse at two secondary schools in Bathurst between 1960 and 1993. The court heard that the case involves a then 17-year-old boy who went on an interstate trip with Irwin to Saint Stanislaus College in 1986.

Scout leader jailed for boy abuse — A former scout leader who “groomed” a teenage boy for sex while taking him away for kayaking trips has been jailed for four years at Norwich Crown Court. Julien Pike, 37, of Northcote Road, Norwich, began the abuse when the boy was 13 and it lasted for almost three years, the court heard. Pike admitted five counts of sexual activity with a child. Judge Peter Jacobs told him: “It is very sad you used the boy’s interest in kayaking as a means of seducing him.”

Spousal abuse: Not a joking matter whether the victim is male or female — I find it so incredible offensive that today’s news that Tiger Woods may have been the victim of domestic violence has drawn out a host of “jokes”, as though the idea of a man being beaten or attacked by his wife or girlfriend is some how “funnier” than if he had hauled off and beaten her. I think, instead, that if she DID attack him the fact that he left the house without retaliating should be commended instead of made the butt of jokes.

The Myth of Women’s Oppression — Forty some odd years ago, feminists bellowed their way into mainstream attention, launching a major offensive on what they called a patriarchal system that had oppressed women for centuries. Painting women as downtrodden and powerless, they railed against men with the missionary zeal of abolitionists and with largely the same message. In short, women were slaves and men were their masters. They demanded liberation and have been making demands every since. They did a magnificent job of pitching all this. That could be a testament to the inherent truth in their ideas. Or it might be something else, like the fact that they already had so much power that few were willing to question anything they said in the first place.

‘Time is right’ for first male refuge to set up in Cornwall — MALE victims of domestic abuse in Cornwall are speaking out for the first time thanks to a new Truro-based advice and support service. Michael Sampson, who claimed he was punched, kicked and even stabbed by his former wife after 25 years of marriage, said he owes his life to Esteem. Managers of the scheme, established in March, believe demand for its service is now so high that it needs to open the county’s first ever male refuge. Speaking during National Domestic Violence week, Andrew Baker, a counsellor and advocate with Esteem, said more men are coming forward and speaking out about the abuse they have suffered.

Wentzville woman charged with raping 12-year-old boy — Priscilla M. Pongspikul, 23, of the first block of Juno Drive, was charged today with statutory rape and statutory sodomy. Police said she had sex with the boy at her home in Wentzville the evening of Nov. 26. On Tuesday, a doctor diagnosed Pongspikul with a sexually transmitted disease, police said. She told one of her friends to warn the boy’s mother he could have an STD. The boy’s mother then called a hospital and police.

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