Bulletin Board v65

Another child sexual abuse lawsuit targets St. John’s — A second civil lawsuit has been filed in Stearns County Court against the Benedictine Order at St. John’s Abbey in St. Cloud. It accuses members of the order of covering up the alleged sexual abuse of a teenage boy in the 1980s. The late Rev. Bruce Wollmering, the Rev. Finnian McDonald and Brother John Kelly are named in the suit. The alleged victim’s lawyer, Patrick Noaker, said his client now lives on the West Coast.

Boarding school aide faces more sex abuse charges — A Duchesne County boarding school employee accused of sexually abusing boys now faces more charges. Geary David Oakes, 57, was charged with an additional six counts of forcible sexual abuse of a child and six counts of distribution of a controlled substance. Those come after two charges each of forcible sex abuse and forcible sodomy were filed earlier in December.

Inquiry draws no firm conclusion on abuse ring claims — After five years of intensive and controversial probing, an inquiry into rampant sexual abuse in Cornwall, Ont. has not reached a firm conclusion about whether or not a pedophile ring was at work in the eastern Ontario city. Commissioner Normand Glaude’s 1600-page report made numerous intricate observations about the credibility of alleged pedophiles and their victims, but declined to answer the central question that led to it being set up by the Ontario government in 2005.

Irish bishop resigns over Dublin sex-abuse scandal — A Roman Catholic bishop in Ireland has resigned after an investigation into child sex abuse by clergymen accused him of ignoring reports of crimes by priests in his diocese, the Vatican said Thursday. The one-line announcement that Bishop Donal Murray had resigned did not mention the scandal. But a statement that Murray read to colleagues and curates in the western Irish city of Limerick left no doubt that he was going because of an Irish government investigation’s damning findings about his time as an auxiliary bishop in Dublin from 1982 to 1996.

Ontario government apologizes for how it handled sex abuse allegations — Police, government, the Catholic Church and other institutions failed miserably to respond to decades of alleged and real child sexual abuse by Cornwall probation officers, clergy, teachers and others, a public inquiry has found. In a devastating 2,400-page report, Cornwall inquiry commissioner Normand Glaude found a combination of systemic failures, insensitivity to historic abuse complaints and an official reluctance to act. The situation was compounded by well-intentioned but misinformed politicians and shallow, inadequate media coverage that fuelled public mistrust, speculation and innuendo.

Priest jailed for two years for abusing boy — FR THOMAS Naughton, who was previously convicted of indecent assault in 1998, has been jailed for two years for indecently assaulting an altar boy in Valleymount, Co Wicklow, in the early 1980s. The 78-year-old St Patrick’s Missionary Society priest pleaded guilty to five sample counts of indecent assault and yesterday he received five three-year sentences, to run concurrently, with the final year suspended in each case. Handing down the sentences at Wicklow Circuit Court in Bray, Judge Michael O’Shea said the abuse was “appalling, shocking and horrifying”.

Shasta boy, 7, treated at UC Medical Center after ‘horrendous’ abuse — Last Friday, while many children were dreaming of Christmas morning and the presents it will bring, one 7-year-old boy was being flown from a hospital in Redding to the UC Davis Medical Center. The little boy, who has come to be known as “Junior the Christmas boy” in and around his hometown of Cottonwood in Shasta County, had spent most of the previous week at the base of a bunk bed. He had been lying on a fold-out mattress that was pulled out 12 inches. The mattress had no sheets or blankets.

Twin Cities lawyer accused of raping boy — A prominent Twin Cities lawyer who was in line to become president of the Minnesota State Bar Association was charged Monday with plying a teenage boy with alcohol at his home and then raping him. The charges against Aaron F. Biber, of the Gray Plant Mooty law firm, say he arranged in a phone call to meet the boy for more sex, unaware that police were listening.

Two year old boy has over 40 needles pushed into him for superstitious black-magic “reasons” — Doctors will remove most of the needles, leaving those that are too close to vital organs. Two of the needles are lodged in the boy’s heart. The boy’s stepfather would take him on the weekends to a woman named Angelina who ordered the stepfather to insert the needles into the innocent and helpless child. When one of the needles perforated a lung which cause vomiting and the child to complain of stomach pains. This caused his mother to seek medical attention and the disgusting religious practice and abuse was uncovered.

WA prison sex assaults ‘ignored’ — It’s been talked about, and seemingly everyone knows it goes on, but one of the darkest hidden secrets of prison life – sexual assaults behind bars – has finally been measured to some degree, in groundbreaking new research. The study of 150 male ex-inmates of prisons in and around the Perth metropolitan area was done by researchers Dot Goulding and Brian Steels from Murdoch University’s Social and Community Research Centre, who say it is the first such study of its kind in WA.

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  1. Awful stuff that. Brings me to tears. If only I could disbelieve like some other people, but doing that would be an injustice all it’s own. Keep up the good work TS.

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