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Abuse at work farm for troubled kids — Take a bunch of troubled kids — mostly aboriginals — from dysfunctional communities and stick them in a work farm run by a white drill sergeant who ridicules them, treats them differently based on their race, plays psychological games with their minds and beats them with a strap when they get out of line and what do you think you come up with? Mostly a bunch of people with sustained emotional and psychological damage that dogs them the rest of their lives. That pretty much sums up what former ombudsman Barry Tuckett was able to dig up on the Cathedral Valley Group Home, which operated between 1971 and 1983 near Grandview, Man.

Abuse is Abuse, Regardless of Gender — In late 2009 an upscale New York restaurant was hit with a lawsuit by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for alleged harassment against male employees by other male employees. The alleged abuse includes attempts to grab buttocks and genitals, pushing one’s body against another in a sexually suggestive fashion and the verbalization of crude, lewd and obscene comments. In Arizona, another EEOC lawsuit charged that male employees in the kitchen at a food preparation facility abused other male employees—including allegations of simulated rape. That incident resulted in the payout of a settlement benefitting the allegedly harassed workers.

Boy chained up in chicken coop — A six-year-old-boy was found chained by his hands and legs and locked up with chickens in Osizweni township in Newcastle, The Mercury newspaper reported on Monday. A concerned neighbour alerted police after he heard the boy’s cry for help. Inspector Sydney Mtshali of Osizweni police station said he broke the door down and found the boy chained by his hands and legs. He said the boy was kept with chickens. “I heard the hysterical cry for help from the boy, who was locked up and chained in the house by his foster mother who had left home to queue for her pension grant,” the neighbour told the paper.

Child abuse accusations surface in 13 year old boy’s past — Court documents show the parents of a thirteen year old boy charged with killing his father traded accusations of child abuse of the boy during drawn-out, acrimonious divorce and custody proceedings. Authorities allege Michael Crisafulli, 13, shot his father Angelo Crisafulli, 55, in the back of the head Tuesday after the boy had been expelled from school. Records show on Jun. 22, 2006, an attorney representing the boy’s mother alleged Angelo Crisafulli had abused the boy.

‘Culture of Violence’ Plagues New York’s Juvenile Prisons — “The restraints were so bad that I would get carpet burns or I would get dislocated arms,” said an anonymous 17-year-old girl from New York City, speaking of her experience at two state-run juvenile detention centers. “The thing is, the same person who did it to you would be there when you woke up the next day.” Over the last few years reports, by the Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch, the U.S. Department of Justice and a task force appointed by the governor, have found that a culture of violence pervades New York State’s juvenile residential placement centers. A number of investigations have demonstrated that the institutions rely too much on violent restraint, leading to the injury of juveniles, and many of those juveniles are in need of psychological therapy but do not receive it.

Dangers of steroid abuse for teenage boys — Steroid abuse is a growing health problem for teenage boys who are under increasing pressure to look good. It is illegal to supply steroids in the UK but not to buy them. But the internet makes it relatively easy for young people to buy body building drugs. BBC Inside Out found that many young boys trying to enhance their physique are exceeding the recommended dose of steroids to get faster results. Steroid abuse can lead to serious side effects including mood swings, development of male breast tissue, shrinking of the testes, impotence and high blood pressure. If steroids are taken for a long time there can also be damage to the heart and liver.

Delaware crime: Boy urges prison for dad, woman — The 12-year-old boy who was admitted to Christiana Hospital near death last February, suffering from hypothermia with burns and bruises covering his body after being brutally disciplined by his father and a girlfriend, stood in court Friday to see his tormentors for possibly the last time. “I want my dad and Megan [Brazell] to be put in jail for as long as possible for what they did to me,” he said in a letter that was read by his guardian ad-litem, Nicholas Krayer, standing by the boy’s side. “For all the times they beat me with a belt and threw me on the ground. For all the times they made me stand in the freezing cold shower. For all the times they made me lie in the water with ice cubes in it. For all the times they locked me in the bathroom for days with no food or water. … For all the times they told me I was worthless and was never going to be anything in life.”

The Domestic Violence Industry’s War on Men — The industry that has grown up around domestic violence (DV), or, as it is more precisely situated these days in research circles, intimate partner violence (IPV), began in good faith decades ago as a legitimate campaign to help women trapped in abusive relationships. Over the years, as the triumphalist feminist revolution’s long march through the institutions of the West proceeded with eerily unchallenged vigor, DV emerged as a highly politicized touchstone justifying women’s entitlements — legal, economic, familial — at the expense of boys’ and men’s human rights.

Montana woman accused of sex abuse in Wyoming — A 40-year-old Montana woman accused of performing a sex act on a 13-year-old boy at Alcova Lake last summer pleaded not guilty Thursday to second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. With tears in her eyes, Stacy Lee McLaughlin entered her plea in Natrona County District Court before Judge Scott Skavdahl. She faces up to 20 years behind bars if convicted of the felony. Authorities say McLaughlin was with a group of people on a camping trip to Alcova Lake when the crime is alleged to have occurred shortly after midnight on Aug. 7. The victim told investigators his parents had gone to bed when McLaughlin began “French kissing” him and touching him inappropriately.

Ont. boy, 16, devastated as woman accused of luring him online behind bars in Houston — The mother of a 16-year-old boy police say was in the company of a 42-year-old Texas school teacher when he went missing from his Barrie, Ont., home said Wednesday her son is suffering from a broken heart. Lauri Price remained behind bars in Houston after authorities accused her of flying to Canada and luring away the boy, with whom she allegedly had an online sexual relationship for more than a year. The boy’s mother says her son is devastated, having believed he was in love with the woman he had met on the Internet. “(My son) believed he was in love, or believes he is in love,” said the boy’s mother, her voice weary and raw as she described the delicate state her son is in. “He’s devastated. He really, really is. He feels responsible, even guilty.”

Suicidal priest suspected of assaulting St. Charles boy — Two days before he attempted suicide by leaping off a church balcony last week, a Joliet priest was accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old St. Charles boy, police said Monday. Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti also has confirmed that authorities were investigating the Rev. Alejandro Flores, 37, who survived the fall from a 20-foot choir balcony Wednesday at St. Mary’s Carmelite Church in Joliet. The boy’s family had reported the accusations to police Jan. 4, just two days before Flores’ suicide attempt, according to St. Charles police spokesman Paul McCurtain. The matter was then turned over to the Kane County Child Advocacy Center, McCurtain said, declining further comment.

Tom Arnold Sheds Light on the Pain of Sexual Abuse — Tom Arnold, actor, comedian and television host carried a secret for more than four decades. In 2008, the Ottumwa, Iowa native revealed he had been the victim of childhood sexual abuse. He shared details of his painful past during media interviews for the movie “Gardens of the Night.” In the movie, his role was that of a pedophile. Arnold drew on his personal experience for the role and modeled the character after his abuser — even dressing like him. From age four to seven Arnold was sexually abused by a 19-year-old male babysitter. The sexual abuse occurred several times a week. In an effort to keep him quiet the babysitter gave Arnold a candy bar and told him he would hurt his father if he told anyone. Years later as an adult Arnold confronted his abuser.

WHEATFIELD: Town woman gets jail for rape of 13-year-old boy — Kristine R. Kornacki-Miller, 39, of Katherine Drive, Wheatfield, was sentenced to six months in Niagara County Jail and 10 years probation Wednesday afternoon for sexually abusing a teenage boy. In October, Kornacki-Miller pleaded guilty to third-degree rape for a sexual relationship with her friend’s son that lasted more than three years. Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth R. Donatello said the sex started when the male victim was 13. With his mother pleading that Kornacki-Miller be sentenced severely, Judge Matthew J. Murphy III sentenced her to much less than the four to seven years the rape charge carries. He told the court he was following recommendations made by the parole department.

Why the Y chromosome is a hotbed for evolution — The Y chromosome is often seen as the rotten corner of the human genome — a place of evolutionary decline that is slowly decaying and threatening the end of man. Reports of its imminent demise, however, have been exaggerated. Research has indicated that, far from stagnating, the male chromosome is a hotspot of evolution that is changing more quickly than any other part of humanity’s genetic code. In most mammals the sex of offspring is determined by X and Y chromosomes. Females have two Xs, males have one X and one Y — with the Y making them male. The Y was originally identical to the X, but over 300 million years it has shrunk, and is now the smallest human chromosome.

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