Boy raped by mother abused by foster family and at school

It is a tragic situation all around. According to the article, the boy’s mother raped him and his younger for “vengeance against [her] husband.” That one of the most sadistic reasons I have heard in some time. To rape a child over spousal conflict is almost unfathomable. Worse yet, once the boy’s father remarried apparently the man’s new wife wanted nothing to do with his son, and so he refused to take his son in. Instead the boy was placed in a boarding school and spent his free time with a foster family. Now:

The boy’s foster mother filed a police complaint against her 51-year-old husband in December at a Rosh Ha’ayin police station, alleging that her husband regularly sodomized the boy. The couple are in the midst of divorce proceedings.

The woman also told police that the boy was sexually assaulted by his councilor at the boarding school.

The councilor, 30, has confessed to police and is expected to be indicted by state prosecutors this week. The boy’s foster father was arrested on Sunday night after having disappeared and apparently evaded police. He has denied all charges.

The woman who lodged the complaint is suspected of not reporting the alleged abuse for several months despite being aware of it.

Police say the boy is facing extreme emotional hardships. He has been sent to a new foster family in a different city.

That may not work out very well if no one bothers to address how horribly adults have treated this boy. He has lost his brother, his mother raped him, his father abandoned him, and the two other places where he should of been able to feel safe resulted in more abuse.

Emotional hardships is an understatement. It is likely this boy’s trust in people has been shattered. Hearing about things like this reminds me of how cruel and self-interested people really are. When given the opportunity to do harm it appears humans cannot help themselves unless the situation is incredibly drastic. There is no purpose to hurting this boy. Those who preyed on him probably did not care who it was they hurt. Hopefully someone will take the time to at least try to show this boy all people are not necessarily like the ones he knows most, or he will end up quite the cynic like me.


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