Bulletin Board v70

A Misandrist Mistake — As I read “Too Few Good Men” (Feb. 22) by Blair Sullivan ’10, I came upon the statement, “males have never been the victims of systematic discrimination.” Such a boldly stated assertion must be true, even if it invalidates the gross injustice that men have faced historically and continue to face today. Never mind the massive inequities in our country’s system that challenge the male gender — according to Sullivan, men have never suffered the brunt of institutionalized inequity.

Convicted serial child molester allowed to teach — Magistrate Adriaan Bekker found Stephen de Wet guilty on six charges relating to the sexual abuse of two boys at schools in Pretoria in 2008. Handing down his judgment in the Pretoria Regional Court, Bekker convicted De Wet on three charges of sexual assault, two counts of exposing a child to pornographic material and one charge of exposing his private parts to a child.

‘Cookie-cutter’ plan failed child in abuse case — The case file contained standard recommendations: To be reunited with her son, Franklin County Children Services said, the abusive mother should attend parenting classes, maintain an appropriate living environment and visit the boy at least once a week. But that plan – one often written in child-abuse and neglect cases – did not fit the reality of the child’s life. His mother was in jail and was to have no contact with her son. He was moving thousands of miles away to stay with grandparents in Washington state.

Court Awards Custody of Hidden Boy to Dad — A Franklin County judge has ruled that custody of the boy found hidden in a secret room goes to his father. The state will maintain guardianship. Friday’s decision came as no surprise. The seven-year-old’s mother, Shannon Wilfong, faces criminal charges.

Domestic violence on men increase — REPORTED domestic violence incidents against men have soared since 2007 but a former police officer puts the increase down to more victims having the confidence to get help. A freedom of information request to Cheshire Police revealed that 1,020 incidents of domestic abuse involving male victims were reported across Cheshire in 2009. The figure shows an increase of nine per cent since 2008 and 36 per cent on the 2007 statistic.

I am an MRA — Y’know this is going to be an unpopular post, if for no other reason than the majority of America is unprepared to admit that in addition to the historical problems of race, class, and gender, we’ve got a whole new slew of these issues in different variations cropping up like weeds that are all the more insidious due to the ignorance in which they breed.

“I was blessed” — Male criminal domestic violence survivor speaks — Dale Wells says it was love at first sight for him when he met Denise. “Click is an understatement,” said Wells. “When I saw her, talked to her, it was magical. I immediately knew she was who I wanted to be with.” Wells had hired Denise to work at the Waffle House he managed. She was a student working on her master’s degree and looking for part-time work.

KSU expert says male college students also victims of violence at girlfriends’ hands — Thinking about a typical victim of college dating violence, you’re probably imagining her, not him. Researchers often think the same way, according to a Kansas State University expert on intimate partner violence. Sandra Stith, a professor of family studies and human services, said most research has looked at men as offenders and women as victims. “In the research on college students in particular, we’re finding both men and women can be perpetrators,” she said. “In our growing-up years, we teach boys not hit their sister, but we don’t teach girls not to hit their brother.”

Md. woman who froze girls’ bodies guilty of murder, abuse — A Maryland woman described by prosecutors as a torturer and maimer of her adopted girls was convicted Monday of killing two of them and stuffing their bodies into a freezer and inflicting more than 80 injuries on the third. “What she did was absolutely horrendous,” said Laurence Foley, foreman of the jury that deliberated for about 90 minutes inside a Montgomery County courthouse. “There was an overwhelming amount of evidence.”

Officials concerned about protecting youngsters from predators in child welfare system — Four times recently adult women have been investigated on allegations of sexually abusing some of the state’s most vulnerable teen boys— those living in child welfare facilities where they were seeking treatment for abuse, neglect or behavioral problems. A 29-year-old teacher faces charges of having sex with a 15-year-old in Chicago. A 40-year-old instructor was convicted of having sex with a 16-year-old in a Mundelein institution. A 26-year-old Lake Villa therapist is scheduled to go on trial in April for accusations that she sexually assaulted a 14-year-old.

‘Scottsboro Boys’ Case Gets Renewed Interest — To young African-Americans, the “Scottsboro Boys,” may sound like the name of a country and western band. But to older Blacks, the “Scottsboro Boys” symbolize the most Southern of Southern taboos during the early 1900s: the allegation of an African-American raping a White woman – even if untrue – was certain to end with the accused being imprisoned or, more often, lynched.

2 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v70

  1. from the hidden boy news article, in reference to the mother: “”[Wilfong] doesn’t seem to be a monster that I think she may have been portrayed in the press. She doesn’t appear to me to be out of touch with reality,” Dirnbeck said. “She seems like a normal mother who’s extremely concerned about her son.””

    seriously. she hid the boy in a room, for 2 years.

    just re-read that statement above…..normal, concerned…not a monster. just wow.

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