Woman Who Raped Boy Almost 200 Times Sentenced to 9 years


Obviously, that is not the actual title of the article. The article frequently uses “seduced” and “affair.” Of course, when one reads what actually occurred it becomes fairly clear that this was hardly “consensual” sex:

A single mother had sex with a 12-year-old boy almost 200 times – marking each encounter with a star in a sordid diary.

Angela Sullivan, 36, could face an indefinite jail sentence after admitting ten child sex charges.

Sullivan even bought the youngster a pair of trainers as a reward when the pair slept together for the 100th time, Teesside Crown Court heard.

She first seduced the boy by plying him with alcohol and performing a sex act on him, the court was told.

The pair went on to have a ten-month affair, which was only uncovered after rumours circulated at the boy’s school about Sullivan being pregnant.

Investigators also discovered the schoolboy had been boasting to friends in internet chatrooms about his relationship.

The mother would often have sex with the youngster in her Middlesbrough home after sending her own son to stay with his grandparents.

When police arrested Sullivan in October, they found a diary filled with childish entries and 191 stars to mark each encounter.

Her entries were far from childish. Rather, they are classic pedophile tendencies to keep track of the abuse so they can relive it. And that appears to be exactly what this unemployed single-mother is: a pedophile. She fits the profile very well, sans being female, and it appears she engaged in the common behaviors used to gain the boy’s trust after clearly raping him the first time.

Of course, the woman is not actually charged with rape or sexual assault or even sexual battery. Instead, she plead guilty to ten counts of “causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.” That is interesting phrasing, specifically because technically absolves the woman of any real responsibility for her own actions. She did not cause or incite a child to engage in sexual activity. She got her victim drunk and raped him and then groomed him for ten months so she could continue to rape him.

Whether this woman will actually receive a long sentence or just the bare minimum is anyone’s guess. The recent Vanessa George case involved infants, whereas this case involves a preteen boy. There is a possibility that this woman will be allowed to slide, and one should not be surprised if the reason revolves around her being a single-mother. Of course, her attorney is playing the “she’s nuts” angle by asking for a psychiatric report. Some psychiatrist will likely claim this woman was abused or thinks like a child or was damaged by past relationships with men. None of that changes her obvious predatory nature. It is just a matter of whether the court buys into it. Let us hope the court does not.


Sullivan was sentenced to nine years in jail. Of course, the excuse making for her actions continued despite the sentence:

Jailing Sullivan for nine years, Judge John Walford described the case as ”shocking”.

”You took advantage of this boy’s age,” the judge said.

”While I accept from the papers that you did not ply him with drink, the fact of the matter is that to allow a 12-year-old boy to drink, such that he did become intoxicated, is in my judgment shameful.”

The judge condemned Sullivan for the psychological effect her conduct would have on the victim and her own son.

”But having read the pre-sentence report and the psychiatric report upon you I am prepared to accept this was an aberration, albeit one that was long lasting, rather than anything more serious,” he said.

Looking at Sullivan’s actions, the fact that she intentionally allowed her victim to get drunk before raping him, that she kept notes about raping him, that she bragged to her friends about raping him, that she would send her son (who may have been a victim of hers, assuming anyone checked) away in order to rape her victim, and the fact that she raped her victim nearly 200 time clearly demonstrates that Sullivan’s actions were anything but aberrations. To rape a child repeatedly in a handful of months and brag about it constitutes a very serious problem. This idea that when women rape it is harmless or more harmful to them than their victims is absolute nonsense.

Child rape is always serious, never an aberration.

36 thoughts on “Woman Who Raped Boy Almost 200 Times Sentenced to 9 years

  1. Of course, her attorney is playing the “she’s nuts” angle by asking for a psychiatric report. Some psychiatrist will likely claim this woman was abused or thinks like a child or was damaged by past relationships with men. None of that changes her obvious predatory nature. It is just a matter of whether the court buys into it. Let us hope the court does not.

    As soon as those excuses are allowed for a 36 year old man having sex with a 12 year old girl, who the first time he got her drunk and performed a sex act on, then this should be allowed as a usable defense.

    It galls me, that we just can’t seem to treat women as fully functioning adults when it comes to sexual issues.

    This woman should spend the rest of her life in prison. Hands down.

  2. Great post. And I agree with Steve, of course.

    Steve says: “It galls me, that we just can’t seem to treat women as fully functioning adults when it comes to sexual issues.”

    But that’s the whole trick, isn’t it, Steve? Any why stop at sexual issues? In criminal sentencing for virtually every crime, in Title IX, in family law, in deciding whether rape supposedly occurred, in giving women financial incentives to start a business that we don’t give men, in concocting sexual discrimination laws, in having “women’s centers” but not “men’s centers” on college campuses already dominated by women — it’s the same in every facet of life: we “empower” women by pretending they are powerless. Keep repeating it, because it explains everything you need to know about gender relations in 2010. All of Western Civilization resembles your local golf course where the women’s tee box is typically a generous 50 yards closer to the hole than the men’s tee box.

    The reality, of course, is that the more we manufacture special rules favoring women in order to “level the playing field,” the more it is obvious that there really is no equality, and that saying men and women are equal is a lie.

  3. @Pierce and Steven…

    It bears repeating…In any act of sexual impropriety any woman involved must be viewed as a victim. Even if she is the perpetrator. Even if she is the only adult in the exchange.

    Pierce, I particularly like your use of the golf course analogy.

  4. I’m not surprised they prefer to label the abuse an “Affair” and her assault as “seduction”.

    This a FRIGGIN’ boy we’re talking about. He’s still a kid! For goodness sake, what is it with treating boys as incapable of being abused and telling it like it is?

    Oh let me guess, it’s a “rite of passage” isn’t it? He should feel lucky.

    Ever have one of those days where you wish the whole world got cancer and died? Everytime I read such baseless justification of abuse of a boy from the media, men, women, and society as a whole, it makes me wonder if the human race deserves to breathe anymore.

    I’m as eglitarian as they come, but these bozos who continue to make all sorts of excuses for women who commit such a reprehensible crime makes me want to take up a machine gun and go all “The Punisher” style on them.

    Sorry, but the continued use of “Affair” and “Seduce” when it should read “ABUSE” infuriates my concious.

  5. Many people still treat sexual violence against boys as a novelty. Part of this is because people generally do not like discussing traumatic acts. However, the major problem is that there is less advocacy in the media about sexual violence against boys. We see far fewer instances of it being reported, of male survivors being allowed to speak about their experiences and of victim advocates talking about the impact. The result is that media outlets will still use words like “affair” and “seduction.”

  6. This sentence quoting the judge popped out at me:

    ‘”But having read the pre-sentence report and the psychiatric report upon you I am prepared to accept this was an aberration, albeit one that was long lasting, rather than anything more serious,” he said.’

    It occurs to me now that common attitudes towards individual female perpetrators of sexual violence committed against men and boys is a microcosm of the attitude towards female sexual violence as a whole: Whatever horrors may occur, it is always treated as an isolated, unfortunate event that tells us nothing of interest. No matter how many people a woman rapes and abuses, it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. No matter how savage our society’s treatment of male victims, it never means there’s something immoral or cruel about that society’s attitudes towards male sexuality and vulnerability. It’s as if it all happens in some sort of hermetically sealed chamber, neither affecting nor affected by the society in which it happens.

  7. What annoys me is the claim that what Sullivan did was an aberration, as if it only occurred once. She raped the boy nearly 200 over the course of a handful of months. The judge, despite the sentence he handed down, essentially excused what she did and as you stated basically implied Sullivan is not a bad person. I am not saying the judge should have called her a monster, but he could and should have acknowledged how serious and predatory this woman’s actions were.

  8. I think the socialization of “boys are always trouble, girls are sugar and spice” at least partly deserves blame as to why these atrocities happen.

  9. I am a male…Without going into details, I was ‘seduced’ by a 17 year old female babysitter just before my 10th birthday. My parents went on a two day holiday and this babysitter had been hired in the past, so they were comfortable leaving me in her charge. The babysitter ‘taught’ me just about everything one can imagine. She told me that she learned everything from her older ex-boyfriend and was missing the experiences.

    Due to a snow storm, my parents came home 1/2 day earlier than planned and we got caught in one of the acts. The babysitter’s parents were contacted and they in turn, contacted the police. True to societal and police norm, I became the ‘bad’ person and the babysitter became the victim. The girl was allowed to go home with her parents and I went to juvenile hall for 6 months. The juvenile officers raked me over the coals for as long as I was there and then they let me go home without any other word.

    My real problems started around 6 months after the babysitter incident. A woman, about 26 yrs old, that lived 3 blocks from where I lived, asked me as I was passing her house if I would like to make a couple of dollars helping her with yard work. She even asked for my phone number, called my mother and asked permission to pay me for the help. My mother said it would be good for me to do some work. She and my mother later became friends. I helped her for a time by pushing around a lawn mower or raking leaves or picking up trash.

    After a few months of doing work for her, she asked if I want to come into her house for a soda and a sandwich. Once I was seated and began to eat, she sat down beside me and said that she heard about me and the babysitter and what we had done. I said that I had better leave to which she said that I might end up in the juvenile home again if I left, all it would take is one phone call. I didn’t want to go through that again, so, I sat down and she began……………………..

    The first week, she wanted me to describe in full detail all of the things that the babysitter and I had done. What I thought of those things and how they felt. She told me to come back next Saturday for more ‘yard work’ and not to tell anyone or I would definitely end up back in the juvenile hall. The next Saturday, she wanted me to show her what I had learned. This went on for the next 4 years. Since she was now friends with my mother, a few two and 1/2 day weekends were included because my parents felt they could trust her while they went on any trip.

    About half way through my 14th year, I showed up at her house for the usual Saturday ‘yard work’. When I was let in, I saw another, older woman, sitting on the couch. She introduced herself and the told me that she has been told about me and what I could do. So, for the next two years, I had to do double ‘yard work’. The younger woman lost her job and had to move away. The older woman had me come to her home for a few months then said I didn’t have to see her any more.

    I spent 6 years being a plaything for one, then two women and all the time scared as can be that I would be the one going to jail.

    While in high school, there was a female teacher that was having sex with male students, nothing ever happened to her, yet there was a male teacher that was accused of approaching a female student and even though it was later proved that the girl made it up, he still lost his teacher’s credentials and couldn’t get another job at anything all. He finally had to leave town. There was also a mother/15 year old daughter pair that I met that was having sex with students and friends of the daughter. It seemed everyone knew about these two yet they kept on going without any problems.

    When I was 17, I met a young girl in a movie theater. After awhile, she began talking suggestively. When we walked out of the show, her parents were there waiting. The girl introduced me to them and the father asked if I wanted to come to their house for some ‘fun’. When I said “No thanks”, the mother quipped, “Suit yourself, you don’t know what you’ll be missing…” and they turned to leave.

    Other kids have told me of having sex with maids, older sisters, next door neighbors, etc, etc. One kid shown me some hard core stories that his mother had written about sex with kids along with drawings and photographs.

    I never told anyone of this with exception of my wife of whom I have no secrets. The only reason that I post this is that, at least in my experience, adult sex relations with kids is more prevalent than most imagine and even though these things happened 50 years ago, maybe it is a psychological mending to tell of these experiences even if it is more or less anonymous.

  10. You guys are missing the bigger picture– this isn’t simple gender-hypocrisy for no reason other than playing favorites to women..

    It’s POLITICAL– i.e. men are conditioned to accept being treated expendible, despicable and worthless, so that they won’t fight back against such injustice.

    Meanwhile women are protected so that they can be bred like cattle and will vote for the two-faced politicians who engage in such double-standards.

    The way to fight this, is also simple: DON’T PLAY THE GAME– WIN THE WAR.

    Treat women as the enemy and as inferior sex-objects,, and vote against any politician or judge who talks about “women’s rights–” or who is a woman.

    And don’t EVER get married, move in with a woman, or have kids, or give a woman ANYTHING– even in exchange for something else.

    “Equal rights” is simply a ploy by society, to further break down men into slaves; the only way that a man can be forced into giving up his probperty and freedom today, is through domestic cohabitation and paternity.

    Any man who today who lives with a woman, or god forbid MARRIES one and impregnates her, is a fool for doing so in the full knowledge of today’s double-standards.

    When the law treats men equally with women, THEN and only then perhaps men can treat women as equals– but before then, they’d be fools to do so.

    And that’s exactly what the politicians want– for men to be fools who work like slaves rather than shrugging like Atlas.

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  12. “I went to juvenile hall for 6 months”

    At the age of nine? For having a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl? Sorry – but I find this incredibly hard to believe. Are you sure your memory of events isn’t letting you down a little bit here?

  13. ‘Thommo’ – You’re first reaction a man that has just described an ordeal that he went through growing up is to pick a sentence out of it and poke a hole in it? He said it happened 50 years ago, so the details might be sketchy, perhaps that’s what they did 50 years ago!
    The underlying message still remains: if a 30yo man has sex with four 10-14yo girls dozens of times over a 5-year period he’d be sentenced to a minimum of 15 years jail. A 30yo woman does the same, only with 10-14yo boys and she gets a minimum sentence of 5 years.
    Males are fundamentally programmed to believe that we are the usual perpetrators and therefor, on the whole, any perpetrations again men for whatever reason are somehow justified and subsidized by law.
    Reverse the situation of ‘duck’ and change all the females to male and males to females and:
    1 – the babysitter would have been thrown in jail and registered as a sex-offender for life. Period.
    2 – the neighbour would have been thrown in jail and labelled a pedophile and registered as a sex-offender for life. Period.
    3 – the neighbour’s friend would have been thrown in jail and labelled a dirty old man and pedophile and registered as a sex-offender for life. Period.
    4 – the passing of the underage person between adults would have been classed as a “pedophile ring” and, due to public pressure, both “participants” would have had their sentences increased. Period.
    The points made above is that if a man has sex with an underage girl it’s deemed “statutory RAPE”, if it’s the other way around it’s “seduction” or “coercion”.
    You just epitomized society by listening to a male speak out about what must have been a stressful time in his life (ie gratify me or I’ll have you sent away) and you chose to pick holes in his story, just as the rest of society has been trained to do.

  14. Perfect example of the double standard that exists in Australia in the SAME WEEK two cases:
    A 59yo man “repeatedly raped” a 13yo girl over a five month period and because his actions were “predatory” and he “abused trust” he was sentenced to 15 years jail with a minimum term of nine years.
    A few days ago a 38yo woman “seduced” several 11-12yo boys over a five year period and gets a minimum jail time of five years.
    The media reported that the “abuse had a “substantial” impact on the girl’s psychological well-being” yet the “psychological well-being” of not one of the boys is even mentioned.
    So a single girl is raped multiple times over a five-month period is twice as bad as four boys being “seduced” multiple times of a five-YEAR period!?!
    Perhaps they’ll go on to being unable to have meaningful relationships. Perhaps they’ll go on to “rape” girls that were the same age they were when introduced to sex.
    Why is it that quoted individual cases for women are passed off as “isolated incidents” with mitigating circumstances with underlying causes like bi-polar disorder or depression yet a male rapist is a rapist whether he’s depressed, bi-polar, normal or just stupid regardless of whether the victim was physically forced or actively participated but was simply underage?
    And don’t say something derogatory like “that’s just in Australia”, but as we have ALL observed over the years in every country the double standard the same or worse as above.
    Don’t think that I’m suggesting we should bring men’s punishments in line with women (ie lowering them) I’m suggesting that the punishment for women doing fundamentally the same thing in the eyes of the law be brought into line with those of their male counterparts.
    Like women’s lib wanted: equality for all regardless of gender!

  15. @ Brand Anderson…….ummmm…..women are inferior sex-objects? guess i will be googling your name in the sex offender registry. that sort of gender hating (on either side) is what makes it okay for ANYONE to be raped! hope you don’t have any women or girls in your life. goodness knows they won’t be protected from your gender values.

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  17. Only 9 years? Should be far more than that. Well have fun being big berthas bitch for 9 years you piece of feces.

  18. If you’re an adult and you have sexual encounters with someone who is legally a child, you have betrayed a trust and acted wrongly. End of story. Your gender doesn’t matter. Allowing for a little leniency between an 18 and a 16 year old is one thing. But a 45 year old adult, man or woman, having sex with a 12 year old, boy or girl, is wrong. Ignore gender. These are PEOPLE. People have a responsibility to not damage children. This shouldn’t even be a debate.

  19. I think Jack Nicholson’s character in “As Good As It Gets” said it best. When asked how he was able to “write female[s] so well”, he said “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.” Cynical? Yes. Spot-on accurate? Again, yes.

  20. Death sentence always come to mind when I think of the word “pedophile”. A life for a life. As a victim of a pedophile I know that the long term effects all too well. I can’t say I’ve grown up with anger and rage because of it, but it has had an effect on my ability to form a normal relationship with a woman. It steals so much more from you than you can imagine. It would have been better if I were murdered after the attack than live on as I do. But I am no cowered and I refuse to give up, that’s the ONLY thing that sets me apart from others like me. As I said, a life for a life. That’s what pedophiles take from you.

  21. I’m up tonight browsing items I should have a long time ago. I can’t sleep, because the night before I had horrible nightmares about my adoptive mother. I had them because of my therapy session that day, with my trauma therapist. The dreams of the drownings in the tub, the ice cold showers with chili in my mouth, the drops down the stairs, her suffocating me sitting naked on my face, more too unpleasant and long to tell here, and I have marks still. I’m 46, and just learning how much of an obvious target I am to someone like that. I’ve never done a single female any wrong ever. Yet her, my ex-wife abuser, and all the female bosses that have preyed on me get away scot free for abusing me. I’m working through my horrible fear of misandric females, I just never know if the next friendly woman is or not, at first. I’m robbed of a normal family life, and have no social life. I am a wreck, created by individuals who loudly vocalize violence against women is wrong, and defend the right and privilege to do it to me. That part is sick. My “momma” should be in jail, like the 70 yr old priest. I am preparing to take her to court, and I doubt the court will do it on my behalf, as they would if I were the opposite gender, and her as well. I doubt I’ll win, she is a good bully too, my younger sister agrees, she knows well. And, further, I wonder why they are allowed to bully everyone into giving in to them. Are not women right now perpetuating anit-bullying campaigns? It will take me some time to understand this two-faced position…you have to bully to stop bullying? I’m just coming to grips with the fact that I have more to fear about misandry, and male-hate than I realized as it is. It is the only way to move forward with what I have left of my life. Certainly women will never give me a try. My therapist is right, however. Speaking to others does help one to not feel totally alone. Thanks to any braqveheart who steps up to tell the truth. Yep, definitely cannot sleep.

  22. You are a brave soul, thank God they didn’t take that. I really feel convinced that sexual predators have more male than female victims. Somebody need to hear their cries. We talk about females treatment in other countries, and we sit on our hands and let everyone that has a desire to rape and molest boys get away with it. Most boys are molested by female family members. I get disgusted by the treatment of boys in America!

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  25. if a preteen girl raped by a man nobody take care of it. there is lots of pic and movie on the net about preteen girl raped but if the preteen boy raped by woman everyone became angry Interpol delete the vids and pics on the net ,reporters spread the news all over the word, is this the way….? ow god 😦 …..

  26. Ario, if a girl is a raped by a man, plenty of international government agencies do everything they can to find who took the pictures and videos and arrest anyone trading them.

  27. Wait,Stop!

    All these problems got it’s start from one, the MALE/FEMALE GENDER DISPARITY.

    A person is categorised in the he/she list just by that great thing down there( it’s also the cause of many problems). Apart from this, both of ’em has got eyes, ears, brains and all. None of them need any special status/support unless that person’s disabled. We’ve got many issues in this world to bother. Our lives’ future are unpredictable. This wonderful dream could be could be ruined in a matter of seconds by an unexpected,uninvited visit of a meteorite or by some great catastrophe. Recall the sudden extinction of those dinosaurs ages ago. This earth and it’s children are vulnerable to any disaster. Stop all this nonsense talk and think how life on earth can be made wonderful, until it lasts.

  28. This makes clear that the society and law is encouraging crime in the form of sex. Many people view forced sex as humor rather thab crime. If we could bring the adult age from 18 to 21 that could make teens in porn illegal.

    Porn has brain washed people to thinking teens and children as sex objects. The real age of the “teen“ actors in porn is the ultimate mystery! Ban teens in porn.

    Honestly until the age of 25 I myself could not decide and act upon violence and abuse on myself.

    I only can imagine how hell raising it would be for teens and children who work as sex slaves.

    Do you really identify these naked models and axtors as teens or preteens in porn?

    Thank you for giving the real picture of crime hapening in our own homes!

    Hope the law bans child abuse and teen and adult abuse.

  29. The boy’s parents were completely oblivious to the child abuse, which took place while he was 12 and 13. It badly affected his behaviour.

    Sullivan’s friends were shocked and disgusted when she told them about the liaisons.

    Information was passed to police and social services and Sullivan’s text messages and chat logs were probed.

    The scared boy initially denied there was a sexual relationship, but later told officers the full extent of the abuse.

    When interviewed by police, Sullivan denied any sexual activity took place and claimed the boy had behaved inappropriately towards her.

    Sullivan, of Cavendish Road, Middlesbrough, last month admitted 10 sample charges of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

    She had no previous convictions, but was assessed as posing a high risk to children.


    National Offender Management Service (NOMS) – Polygraph Examinations: Instructions for Imposing Licence Conditions for the Polygraph on Sexual Offenders

    1.3.8.i Female Sexual Offenders

    RM 2000 cannot be used to assess sexual reoffending for female sexual offenders so all female offenders will fall outside of the “must be tested” criteria. Generally, the condition should be considered where the OASys ROSH is high/very high and other information indicates they are also a high/very high risk of reoffending.

    The OASys RoSH assessment should be completed after the NOMS Framework for Assessment and Work with Women Sexual Offenders (WSOs) has been worked through with the woman. Where this has not been done pre-release, it may on occasion be necessary for the Offender
    Manager to approach the prison/Parole Board after the offender has been released, and after assessment using the WSO Framework, if a polygraph condition is considered a necessary and proportionate way of managing the risk.


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  31. When I was 12, puberty came on like gangbusters with a flood testosterone. Same deal with a lot of other 11, 12 and 13 year olds on my block who struggled with raging hormones. God, we wanted sex so much! Talked about it, leered at the neighborhood housewives, “accidentally” bumped into well-endowed ladies in supermarkets, imagined what different women around town looked like naked and so forth. We weren’t delicate and vulnerable little Lord Fauntleroy types that a lot of naïve adults imagine 12 year olds to be, but sex crazed horn dogs craving a piece of ass.

    One key comment re the above-mentioned kid was his “bragging” about the ongoing encounters. Which is understandable. Indeed, if I could have gotten laid at his age, I’d feel so lucky and proud, I’d have been bragging my ass off too! And jealous, because this guy got what so many of us hungered for: a fully developed woman to fuck! Indeed, he didn’t sound at all like he was traumatized or exploited, or a victim of rape. To call him that does a disservice to people — especially women — who have actually been raped.

    From the view point of guys dealing with raging hormones in early adolescence, the only victims in scenarios like this are the classmates who lost out on getting some pussy themselves because their potential Mrs. Robinson was ratted out. After all, physiological studies indicate that a male in his early to mid-teens and a woman of about 30 years of age are at the peak of their sexual responsiveness. I say let nature take its course. (But with condoms.)

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