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A sexual abuse survivor speaks out — “I’m a 38-year-old person, and my life has been riddled with drug abuse and crime directly related to what happened to me as a kid,” said Scott Kimball in his Southie accent, talking on the phone from his new home in New Hampshire. “It seems like my past somehow always becomes my future.” What happened to Kimball is that, at age 13, he was sent to Jamaica Plain’s Nazareth Child Care Center and met Brother Edward Anthony Holmes. “Brother Tony” was a child rapist who is now in prison for sexually molesting three children. Those abuse survivors include Kimball, who told his story of pain, crime and quest for redemption for the first time publicly to the Gazette.

Boy, 3, died from ‘horrific abuse inflicted by carers’ — A three-year-old boy died on Christmas Eve from a catalogue of horrific abuse inflicted by his carers, a court heard yesterday. Ryan Lovell-Hancox suffered 54 separate injuries to his body after being battered to death by Kayley Boleyn, 19, and her boyfriend Christopher Taylor. Just hours before Ryan was taken to hospital a council housing officer called at the flat and saw his leg sticking out from under a duvet. The jury were told the officer heard the toddler moaning but believed he was simply waking up and ignored the incident.

“Feminist” Jessica Valenti Makes a Young Girl Cry — Feminism may be dead in the minds of thoughtful Americans (on both sides of the political spectrum) who are too busy working and raising families to whine about perceived injustices in a supposed patriarchal society — but in certain very powerful circles, feminism is very much alive. March is Women’s History Month, when all good feminists salivate for 30 days trying to convince Americans that women are oppressed.

The feminist mystake — Foreword: I know after seeing the word “feminism,” you’ll be tempted to stop reading, but please don’t. It won’t be what you’re thinking. American feminism has achieved a lot of wonderful things — suffrage, equal opportunities in employment and education, and countless other liberties generations of women before us weren’t privy to. Unfortunately, the word “feminism” no longer refers to true equity feminism, but conjures up images of bra-burning, pro-choice rallies and The Vagina Monologues. Modern feminists like to divide the movement into three waves. Early feminists, now called “the first wave,” fought against slavery while demanding the right to vote and hold office.

Group for sexually abused men planned — Officials with the Silence to Hope project want to start a group in Sarnia for male victims of sexual abuse. The project has received funding from the Diocese of London since 2007 and just recently received another $80,000. That funding, which has increased each year, will allow the project to continue assisting male sexual abuse survivors in nine southwestern Ontario counties, including Lambton. “In Sarnia, right now, we do some work with education and awareness programs,” said project co-ordinator Tom Wilken. But men from Sarnia-Lambton seeking to join a group for sexual abuse survivors must travel to Windsor or London, he said.

More priests’ abuse victims speak out — They were recruited from large catholic families, tempted with visions of an adventurous life as a missionary in Africa. They left their parents’ homes at age 11 or younger, looking to realise their dreams under the guidance of the priests of the Salesian Order of Don Bosco, at the Don Rua boarding school in ’s-Heerenberg. At least 15 saw their dreams shattered within the walls of that boarding school, losing both their youth and their innocence there. Spurred by the first testimonies of possible abuse at the hands of the Salesians in the 1960s and 1970s, reported by NRC Handelsblad and the RNW last Friday, they all shared their stories with NRC in recent days.

Mother gets 6-12 years for abuse of young son — The young man looked dapper in his black, pin-striped pants and vest, light shirt and dark tie. But his face — so fragile and broken — betrayed him. The 14-year-old stood next to the assistant district attorney who prosecuted his mother for child abuse — the man’s hand softly placed in the middle of his back for support. Prosecutor Christopher Hoffman was about to ask the judge to send Sharron E. Watson to prison for what she did to him. But the boy, who had been beaten so badly that he could have died, asked Judge Randal B. Todd to spare his mother.

NOW Fires Back at Fathers & Families over Our Campaign to Ask DSM to Include Parental Alienation in Upcoming Edition — A group of 50 mental health experts from 10 countries are part of an effort to add Parental Alienation Disorder to the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V), the American Psychiatric Association’s “bible” of diagnoses. This scientific coalition is led by psychiatrist William Bernet, who explains that adding PAD to DSM “would spur insurance coverage, stimulate more systematic research, lend credence to a charge of parental alienation in court, and raise the odds that children would get timely treatment.”

Sex abuse case aims at Boy Scouts — Two local families are suing the Boy Scouts of America, a Scout and St. Johns United Methodist Church, saying that lax supervision enabled the Scout to sexually abuse their sons during overnight camping trips. The lawsuits also allege that the organizations ignored warnings of abuse and bullying in the Southwest Florida Council’s Troop 23. One of the lawsuits states that teenager Robert Brehm, a Scout given authority over younger Scouts, held a knife to a 12-year-old boy’s throat and forced him to perform oral sex on him during a 2007 scouting trip to Florida Caverns State Park in Jackson County.

Sex Abuse Scandal Hits German Catholic Boy’s Choir — For Pope Benedict, the scandal surrounding the abuse of children is not something that is going away anytime soon. In fact, it appears that it is slowly growing. While cases in the United States and Ireland have gotten the bulk of the attention, the scandal has hit many Catholic nations, including Italy. Some traditionally Catholic nations have been slow to recognize the sex abuse problems within the Catholic Church. Germany becomes one of the latest nations to have a major scandal over sex abuse within the Catholic Church hit it.

Study: 200 mothers kill their children a year in the U.S. — The cases shock us: Andrea Yates drowning her five children in the bathroom of her suburban Houston home, Susan Smith letting her car roll into a South Carolina lake with her two sons strapped into their car seats. But mothers kill their children more often than many people realize. One study by the American Anthropological Association put the number at more than 200 cases each year in the U.S.

1 thought on “Bulletin Board v71

  1. I was reading that NOW statement on parental alienation and, man, is it chock-fulla military-grade dishonesty.

    “This gender specific, abuse excuse, junk science can not be allowed to enter into the scientific community as there is nothing scientific about a syndrome/disorder whose only symptoms are a uterus, divorce papers, and bruises.”

    1. I don’t believe parental alienation IS gender-specific; never have I see anything in the literature on the subject which says that only one sex does it.

    2. I don’t think the term “abuse excuse” means what this author thinks it means. (To wit: it does not mean an exculpation of an abuser, it means someone who commits an illlegal act and claims they did so BECAUSE they were abused. And, if I’m not mistaken, feminists pioneered this tactic of exculpating women who kill their partners.)

    3. If PAS is “junk science” and if the better facts are on the side of the feminists, then it would be in their best interests to, you know, actually REFER to the facts which supports their position and refutes the evil MRAs.

    4. The sympoms of PAS manifest IN THE CHILD, not in anyone else.

    Did the author put even a little thought into that, or was she just ranting?

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