A Dose of Stupid v32

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

Impromptu Meeting of the Male Studies Department

For context, Amanda Hess wrote a blog post about the Male Studies Conference that was held on April 7th. Like other feminists who have heard about the conference, Hess did not take it seriously. She did not attend the conference, which could be done online, or even talk to anyone who had. Instead, she chose to mock the conference and the concerns discussed at the two-hour event without any knowledge of what actually occurred. She also held an incoherent stream of consciousness discussion with another blogger, again mocking men and boys for wanting to discuss issues that concern them, which in turn leads to:

Important Announcement: I have ceased all productive output this afternoon because I’m too busy making up fake names of Male Studies scholars on Twitter. For the uninitiated, “Male Studies” is the answer to “Men’s Studies” dedicated to studying the male . . . “as male.” Revolutionary.

None of our imaginary professors’ names will ever beat the inherent manliness of real Male Studies scholar Lionel Tiger, but we can dream. Oh, can we dream. A selection of uber-masculine names submitted via Twitter hashtag #malestudiesprofessors so far:

Prof. Mann S. Plainer, Linguistics

Prof. Guy Chauvin, Bromance Languages

Dr. Big McLargeHuge, author of the bestselling ” The Overcompensation Myth”

Uhgard De Rectum, Self-Defense

Tallywacker P. Smegmadorian, Asst. Professor of Hygiene

Dr. X. Boddyspray, Chemistry

Professor Slapass B. Tweenguyz, Dept. of Homosocial Bonding

Lapdance Feelcopper, Head of Security

Prof. Haught Bol O’Dicks, Culinary Arts

John Q. Buttslap, Athletic Director

Professor Ev Syke, Chair of Naturally Endowe

Beefwhiskey Quarterback, Ph.D.

Professor Grilling Q. Fetchmebeer

It is funny because it is clever, just like “Barack the Magic Negro.” Why take the concerns of the people from the Male Studies conference seriously? It would be much easier to just draw a Hilter mustache on them rather than address any of the issues they brought up.

As one person noted, any attempts to write clever names mocking women does not make it past moderation, so there is a wonderful element of irony, and utter stutpidity, at play.

20 thoughts on “A Dose of Stupid v32

  1. I dont know how I feel about this, offended by the sheer audacity, or laughing because I think Im about to name my first son slapass

  2. The writing and complete dismissal of the men’s group reminds of all those cliques of high school girls who use valley-girl language and mock whomever doesn’t fit their standards of “Popular”.

    Seriously, this writing is a perfect example of how the author seems to be stuck in some high schoolgirl mindset. All she needs now is to sprinkle “Oh my gaawd!” and “Like, totally!” into the sentence structure and voila!

    And some of the commentators are basically her cliquesters following her at every beck and call. But I know the pattern of those commentators:

    -Don’t address the topic

    -Speak as incoherantly as possible.

    -Call the men sexist, immature.

    -Call all the men commenting sexist, immature.

    Thankfully, the majority are calling her out.

  3. I tried asking a question as to why, when women’s issues are discussed men are told to shut up and listen (which I think is fair, for the most part) but when men’s issues are discussed, men are still told to shut up and listen.

    The comment got modded out of existance. Now, there was a snarky PS attached, so I took that off and tried to post again, we’ll see what happens but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. One thing I find exasperrating beyond belife is one feminist commentators translation of “Men as privledged”.

    You’ll likely won’t find this comment in the main article posted, but in the mock interview article from the same source. I paraphrase:

    “This priveledge doesn’t always mean they live a ‘priveledged’ life in all ways, just they don’t have to think about certain things very hard”.

    Now, this commentator included feminists as well.

    But I have to say this:


    This is “privledge” to feminism and feminists now? Not having to think about certain things very hard? Millions of taxpayer dollars to fund their movement, countless articles and scholarly thesises and theories on the subject of “Privledge”, just because some people not having to think about certain things very hard?

    That’s not priveledge. That’s BEING HUMAN! Not all human beings think hard about certain things. Not even feminists with regards to male fears and problems.

    Of all the things to find out, this just makes me so disgusted with feminism even more nowadays. The old feminists are rolling in their graves.

  5. I say, I am offended beyond all belief. To see feminists reduced to making gay jokes whenever someone disagrees with them, ’tis truly disgusting.

  6. What do you mean “reduced”? Shaming mens’ sexuality is the pinnacle of intellectual achievement for most self proclaimed feminists over about the past three decades.

    The majority of the commentors we see across these various articles are not really feminists. It’s the normal spread of bigots present in any of these productions. The label itself – feminism – is vastly over-used because of it’s feelgood nature and the inclination to ride on the coattails of others.

    Arguably there is no feminism. The label has been attached to so many disparate ideologies that it’s ceased to have any real meaning.

  7. I said this somewhwere else, so pardon me if you heard me say it before, but it was heartwarming to see the swarm of commenters from Spearhead and Men’s News Daily swopp in there and shred the article and some of the of the commenters. They didn’t let the slightest bitt of misandry go unchallenged. Amanda and her supporters are completely unused to that kind of confrontation.

    The best they could say was that the article was a parody – and then people ripped them open over that.

  8. I always wondered why really feminists never outright, condemn things that bigots that call themselves feminists say. I guess there is no harming your own

  9. Calling others out would put those feminists in the cross-hairs. It may also be the bystander effect. In some instances people may be hesitant to be the first because of the potential ostracism.

  10. Then they’re cowards. The lot of them.

    Expecting men to police themselves, calling them out on it then turning around and saying “We’re not a monolith”.

  11. Yeah, it’s the old “It was all a joke. Nothing to be taken seriously.”

    They wouldn’t accept that excuse if a male blogger wrote such a piece about women. I guess if you’re putting men down, labeling it a parody gives you carte blanche to get away with things men can’t.

  12. Sort of like these sitcoms where the husbands are depicted as morons. “It’s just a show! You can’t take it seriously!” Just try saying that about a show where the women are depicted as neurotic twits.

  13. Ah, but Duane, they’ll just tell you the sitcoms are written and made by men so you should direct all concerns towards them.

    Nevermind the fact that men have made them, but the market that pays to have these shows on the air is primarly female. So, it would best to direct it at both parties: The makers and the consumers.

  14. It seems that there are more deaths of US Military personnel by suicide than Combat Operations is not important. That 38 Miners died in W.VA. recently is a non event. Men are simply disposable to Feminists. We are like furniture or an income producing asset to be used and discarded as they see fit.

    The dismissive attitude is arrogance and narcissism. Since there are over 700 Women’s Studies programs in the US. This is a sign of extreme hatred of Men. Amanda Hess in a journalistic fraud.

  15. I don’t know if anyone is obscure enough to know this, but “Big McLargeHuge” was a name once jokingly used in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    So in addition to being a hack, Ms. Hess is something of a plagarist as well.

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