Bulletin Board v76

Catholic Church decided not to unfrock priest who abused deaf boys — The Rt Rev Arthur Roche, the Bishop of Leeds, sent letters to the Vatican asking for advice on what action should be taken against Fr Neil Gallanagh, after details of his offences emerged, but decided not to unfrock him. Victims’ support groups said that the Catholic Church’s failure to pursue the toughest possible course of action against Gallanagh seriously undermined its attempts to send a clear statement that priests guilty of abuse have been properly punished.

Church pedophilia scandal grows in Latin America — The detention of an 83-year-old priest in Brazil for allegedly abusing boys as young as 12 in a case involving lurid videotape and a congressional investigation is the latest scandal to hit the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America. The allegations against Monsignor Luiz Marques Barbosa — and two other Brazilian priests — have made huge headlines throughout this Catholic nation and come amid accusations of sexual activity by priests across the region as well as in Europe and the U.S.

Ending his silence — Ashland contractor Randy Ellison never told a soul what the preacher did to him. Not when the sexual abuse started. Not when it ended. Not even when the fallout nearly destroyed his life. “My secret became shrouded in guilt and shame,” Ellison said. “I questioned life and had regular thoughts of suicide until I was 30.” Ellison was 15 when a charismatic youth minister began sexually abusing him. For more than 40 years, Ellison remained silent about the devastation wrought by the trusted leader in his community — a 40-year-old married man with children of his own.

Feminist jurisprudence hurts men and women — For feminism, spring is an aphrodisiac for histrionics and unadulterated stupidity. The University of New Hampshire’s Womyn’s Club spent all of last week fighting the local fire department over the right to burn smutty magazines wherever the “womyn” pleased. Last month Sen. Harry Reid uttered perhaps the stupidest remark by a feminist in history: “Women don’t commit domestic violence.”

In Defense of Male Sexuality — All healthy male sexual expression is criminalized in our culture today. Look around and the examples are scattered about everywhere. Men are said to “think with their penises” and have only “one thing on their mind”. Left leaning feminists consider all men to be potential rapists while their right wing sisters believe all men are potential adulterers. Both sets of grrls consider their thoughts justified by the “visual nature” of men and the fact men typically have a higher sex drive than do women.

Malta: Men say they had to dress as women in Catholic orphanage — Amid a carnival-like atmosphere and very bad music (see video above) Pope Benedict XVI arrived Saturday on the island of Malta, one of the most devout states within the European Union. The island, located south of Italian Sicily, is part of the Euro-zone yet is also the only country left where divorce is not part of the legal system, let alone abortion. So it seems that the location was well chosen for the Pope’s very first travel abroad since the Catholic Church had begun generating headlines over sexual abuses by priests in several European nations

New research reveals a third of boys struggle to find books that interest them — A new study by the National Literacy Trust* of 17,089 pupils aged from eight to 16 has revealed that almost one-third (32.3%) of boys agree with the statement ‘I can’t find anything to read that interests me’. The finding comes as the National Literacy Trust and the Premier League launch the 2010 Premier League Reading Stars (PLRS), an initiative that uses Barclays Premier League players to encourage families to share stories together and particularly inspire boys who wouldn’t normally enjoy reading. Research** also finds that over a quarter of boys (28.3%) say sportspeople inspire them to read. The PLRS project hopes to utilise this finding by showing them their football heroes enjoy reading for pleasure.

News Briefs: Mom reportedly left home during son’s alleged torture — The mother of a 4-year-old boy fatally beaten reportedly left the home during the four days of alleged torture her son endured and did not report the abuse to authorities. Court documents filed by the Department of Human Services state the 25-year-old mother was picked up by her parents for a doctor’s appointment on the day after the abuse of her son, Dominick Calhoun, began, according to a Sunday report in the Flint Journal.

Texas youth prison official on trial in sex case — A jury was selected Monday in the trial of a former state youth prison administrator accused of sexually assaulting young male inmates, more than three years after allegations of widespread abuse first surfaced. Five men and seven women will begin hearing the case Tuesday morning. Ray Brookins, a former assistant superintendent at the Texas Youth Commission’s West Texas State School in Pyote, was indicted in 2007 on charges he had sexual contact with at least one male inmate. His lawyer, Bob Garcia Jr., has repeatedly declined to discuss the case.

Whirl around the wacky, wonderful world of misandry — A blow to the (male) groin is “funny” to men because they know how awful it feels and are glad it didn’t happen to them, says an expert. OK, so then why is it funny to women? Or is the answer something we’d rather not think about?

9 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v76

  1. if ANY non-religious organization was involved in covering up the systematic rape and molestation of girls on such a widespread scale…they’d be taken apart by the government.

    it has just occurred to me…would the reaction to the church be different if the majority of victims were young girls?

  2. Absolutely. There would be a much more concerted effort to reform the church, have officials arrested, and create laws further penalizing those who preyed on girls. Numerous actors would take up the cause, donate money, and campaign on behalf of victims. Human rights groups might even get involved.

  3. Commenting on the article called “Feminist jurisprudence hurts men and women”

    What people forget is that men nd women are the same species. We are the same in everything other than sex organs and body types. We react to situations in the similar ways, we interact with eachother in similar ways. When we have domestic fights, they will sometimes end with each respective sex going to there corner and pouting or worst they could strike out at eachother. In the latters case it doesnt matter who through the first punch (a surprise to some people out there women throw the first just as much as men) its always the mens fault. Sucks

    And of course no ones going to report on Harry Reids comment about women dont commit domestic abuse which is so wrong Im dumbfounded

  4. Im not sure that is true. I just dont believe that its about gender in this case, its the fact that they are an organized religion with ALOT of power, especially sence it the chatholic church, which has a huge congregation that nobody wants to oppose, its just safer politically to let the Vatican handle there business even if its ineffective and wrong.

    As a further example look a Micheal Jackson he was suspect in molesting boys and the public and court system went to great lengths

  5. That’s the wave of the future, Madhippy – you are women’s future. They had beeter start giving you some consdideration, if only for their own selfish reasons.

  6. You know I just remembered something. I laugh at it whenever I think of it but I got in an arguement with a girl in my class, she called men useless and within the decade they would be able to artifically create sperm and completely remove men from the equation. AT which point in the arguement I start laughing so loud the whole class turns areound (lol good times).

    She didnt like my laughter, but I couldnt help it, it was so rediculous to believe a lab could ever properly create sperm without creating mutations, well end of story she didnt listen to my side of the arguement at all because she’s lasbian so all my talking points suddenly become invalid.

  7. I’m not surprised, Madhippy.

    Seems like any lesbian, just because they hold some grudge against men (be it either personal or political), gives them carte blanche to be just as prejeduiced and bigoted as any misoganist. Sadly, feminism also attracted this mindset of bitter lesbians like her in the past and still does.

    Not to say it’s all a lesbian thing. There are women who hold her views regardless of sexual orientation.

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